OG in Sotji


01.06.2015 17:57

OG in Sotji

What I will remember of Russia's Olympic Games is the 100,000 construction workers who built the stadiums and other buildings. They were tricked on their salary. The most expensive Olympic spectacle fooled most of the workers who made this event possible, on their hard-earned wages. One of the workers who protested was beaten and had an iron rod pushed up in the anus. All were deported when their work was finished. This is nothing short of slave labor.

A great shame to Russia! Despite all invested billions it was a flop!

Corruption and abuse of power on a scale that a democracy had prevented.

A source:

Mardros Demirtjan blev misshandlad när krävde att få sin lön.

FIFA World Cup

Slave workers

01.06.2015 18:31

Qatar has, according to documents published in the Sunday Times, paid bribes of five million dollars to stage the FIFA World Cup 2022. As if that would not be bad enough, the workers who are building all the facilities necessary for the World Cup are treated terribly bad. As early as winter 2013 The Guardian presented data on the slave-like conditions of the workers who now build the country's stadiums and infrastructure. According to the Guardian 362 people have died only during the years 2012 and 2013. The construction workers come from poor countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines. They work in the world's richest country, the oil nation Qatar. They will be deprived of her passport upon arrival in the country and can not leave the country without the employer's permission. They are forced to work 14-16 hours a day in 40 degree heat. They have very low wages and many have not received their salarys for 6-7 months. Now more than 1,400 workers have died in work accidents. International Trade Union Confederation has warned that over 4,000 construction workers are at risk of dying because of vile working conditions before the football feast begins. The charges of bribery and the inhumane treatment of the workers will put pressure on FIFA to move the championship from Qatar.


Bedrooms and kitchens:


      Who will enjoy a FIFA World Cup when you know that it caused 4,000 deaths?




Let a country that respects human rights to stage the World Cup!     



Uninvited immigrants


02.06.2015 13:33

is good for Sweden all parliamentary parties say, all except one. In Sweden there is a kind of approach that it's ugly and racist not to offer everyone who comes here the opportunity to stay. Most don´t want to see that immigration brings a lot of problems. For example, crime. Who commit the following crimes, Swedes or immigrants?

Who commit outdoor rapes and gang rapes?

Who performs murder, so-called honor killings, of their own children?

Who exposes his own children for vile abuse in the form of female circumcision?

Of who consists the criminal gangs mainly?

Who brings drugs in Sweden?

Who brings weapons in Sweden?

What young people mug their peers on mobile phones and money?

Who travels to terrorist organizations to fight and kill.

Who is burning cars in the suburbs?

Who throws stones at the police, fire brigade and ambulance?

Who are traveling on theft tours around the country?

Who are involved in human trafficing?

Who bring women to Sweden to prostitute themselves?

Who practice forced marriages?

Who are war criminals? Sweden is estimated to have approximately 1000.

The answers to all the questions is: Most of the crimes are committed by immigrants.

Swedes know these problems. But the politicians have not understood that the Swedes are tired of the massive immigration. They convince each other how good we are allowing everybody to stay. Even their families and relatives are welcome. The press, mostly politically correct reminds us of everyone's right to live where they want. As a result more people vote for anti-immigrant parties, like the Sweden Democrats. This has already happened in France, Holland, Greece and most recently in England. Europe can not receive a million non-European immigrants each year. Among them there are many who are happy to spend their time on the crimes mentioned above instead of educate themselves and work to contribute to a better society.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


02.06.2015 17:17

The major international chemical, pharmaceutical and food companies have great power and influence over billions of people worldwide. Their influence over the politicians in Washington and Brussels are strong because of their persistent lobbying, bribery and threats of lawsuit and trial. Their resources are virtually unlimited.

Right now the free trade agreement TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) between the US and the EU is being discussed. One of the stumbling blocks is the food. US wants to sell their mass-produced food. The EU is hesitant. The big international companies use lobbying, bribes, persuation and threats to make the parts agree. Chemical and seed company Monsanto's recent move is to have the right to sue the states, which want to label GMO foods on the package, getting included in TTIP document.

Laws and regulations, or rather the lack of them, will allow large companies in the US to do almost anything without government intervention.

In the US, genetically modified animals and plants used as food for humans are legal. The producers don´t even have to inform that it is GMO food on the package, because it reduces sales.

In the EU it is forbidden, because there are no long-term studies on the potential risks.

In the US, antibiotics are mixed in animal feed as a preventive measure. More and more antibiotics are now in the cycle of nature, and endanger our security. Pathogenic bacteria are becoming resistant. We can no longer cure certain diseases.

In Europe, antibiotics is used restrictively and in some countries it is forbidden to be used for prevention. Only sick animals are treated.

In the US, the animals are given growth hormone, to make them grow faster and give large companies a higher profit. A side effect is that it contributes to the obesity explosion.

In Europe, it is prohibited with growth hormone in food production.

In the US, chicken are washed chlorine because there's so much dangerous bacteria on them.

In the EU it is forbidden. Here, we think it is better that the production is so hygienic that it prevents germs.

Conclusion: Keep your food containing antibiotics, growth hormones and is genetically modified. We have better food! It is safer, more natural, and at least as good.

Wake up politicians

IS terrorists homesick!

04.06.2015 16:21

Now IS-warriors are starting to return home. The normal safety net is waiting for them. Some need medical care, others social assistance and unemployment benefits. In Sweden, politicans discuss if they also should not be offered work and housing, in order to be motivated to normal life. This is of course not offered those who remained at home. Among the returnees are murderers, torturers and rapists. They are terrorists. They are radicalized and they are trained in battle.

-It Is hard to prosecute those who committed crimes abroad, say those in power in poor spirit.

It is not so difficult. Some of the terrorists burned their passports in Syria. They are now looking for new passports in Turkey. It would be easy to revoke their citizenship and deny them new passports or provide them with passports and prosecute them when they return home.

Wake up politicians! Do not reward those who committed serious crimes. Start interrogations with all the young men and women seeking new passports in Turkey.

Support for IS

Help for IS

28.06.2015 17:27

can be described as both conscious and unconscious. The conscious is of course the convinced jihadists from the Arab world and the West. They represent a collection of deluded individuals, ignorant, uncritical, hateful, sadistic and power-hungry.

The unconscious is the people helping jihadists without understanding how. Politicians in the United States are among these. They provided the Muslims in Iraq with superior weapons, tanks, Humvees and light trucks. In the US, the State Department said that in 2014 it had supplied more than $ 500 million in small arms, ammunition and other equipment to the Iraqi government. These weapons have now ended up with IS. IS, this small organization has become so strong that even the US are intimidated. They dare not face them. Instead, the population of Syria and Iraq stand their terror.

Only the Kurdish peshmerga forces have been able to resist them. Over 1000 peshmerga soldiers, both men and women, have been killed in fighting IS. But they are the only forces that succeeded in driving away IS from any area. US politicians should think before they flood a war zone with weapons. Nothing has improved in Iraq and Syria after US intervention.


USA - World police


29.09.2015 17:57

in the US has pulled the country into war countless times since the 1950s. They have ordered, enticed, bribed and appealed to patriotism to persuade millions of young men and women to become soldiers in every war from the Korean War to the current war on terror. And hundreds of thousands have been killed or seriously injured. Billions of dollars have been spent, which could have gone to the welfare of the United States. For what purpose?

US fought in Korea and killed millions of Koreans for no reason. The Koreans had done nothing against the Americans.

United States fought in Vietnam and killed millions of Vietnamese people for no reason. No threats had been made from Vietnam.

United States fought in Afghanistan despite the fact that no threat existed from Afghanistan. This caused great anger in the Muslim world.
Americans had an inexplicable fear of the Communists in all these wars so far away from the United States.

The United States launched war against Iraq, when they wanted to remove Saddam Hussein. They lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Saddam was killed, but no WMD found. The country has had a civil war since the war started and it is still ongoing. Scores of people are fleeing the country. This war creates more anger in the Muslim world.

US wants Al Assad removed in Syria. It focuses on the insurgent groups who are rebelling against the regime Al Assad. It turned out to be a lot of fanatical religious groups, which were supplied with weapons. Also present regime in Iraq gets big quantities of arms from the United States. Terror Group IS has now seized a large quantity of modern weapons, tanks, trucks and pic-ups. These first-class weapons now used in particularly Syria and Iraq to terrorize the local population and create millions of refugees. Sadistic abuse of innocent going on a large scale. Millions of refugees are taking to neighboring countries. From there, hundreds of thousands try to reach to Europe.

The development in Syria:

In Libya the US helped to the overthrow Mohammar Ghadaffi. In the country there is now civil war, with total chaos. IS-fighters are now in Egypt and Libya. Scores of refugees from the troubled Muslim world gather there, to try to cross the Mediterranean to peaceful Europe. This creates significant problems in Europe.

The development in Libya:

Really should the United States, which largely caused these refugees crises, receive the the majority of refugees from Iraq, Syria and Libya.



No solidarity around the Persian Gulf

Saudi Arabia

30.09.2015 16:46

and the small nations around the Persian Gulf, which are among the world's richest countries, could take care of the millions of refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria. But not a single refugee has been given sanctuary there.

Yet Saudi Arabia has a tent city outside Mecca, with 100,000 tents, which can accommodate 3 million people. The tents are equipped with air conditioning and are rented out to the millions of pilgrims visiting Mecca for a few days each year. But the Saudis do not want people who are so different from themselves in their country. They are also afraid of terrorists.



Mecca 2015

Saudi Arabia

04.10.2015 17:31

every year receives millions of people, who make the hajj, a pilgrimage to the holy sites Mecca and Medina. During prayer in the Masjid al-Haram mosque a construction crane collapsed through the roof, killing 109 people and injuring 230.  



The next accident happened on the way to the ritual stoning of the devil. In the extreme overcrowding and heat, people collapsed and panic broke out when they pressed on from all sides. Since no evacuation routes were arranged lots of people were trampled. "People were climbing over each other just to breathe", said one of the survivors.The result was that 717 people died. This is the official figure. According to other sources, as many as 1,100 may have been killed. 850 were injured.


The responsible blamed on bad luck. No excuses, no safety worthy of the name, no self-criticism.

The dead were shoveled away without respect. Front loaders collected the dead, which were laid in large piles to be transported away.

This never would have happened in a Christian country. Gentle hands would have placed the bodies in individual body bags for transport to cold stores for identification. They would have shown the dead respect.

Muslims without logic


08.10.2015 18:23

In the entire Muslim world intolerance, violence and injustice prevails. Anyone who does not agree can try to think of a single Muslim country where tolerance, respect and justice prevails. The only functioning countries have a dictator who keeps the country in an iron grip. If the dictators are overthrown, for example Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi, intolerance against enemies, or imagined enemies, takes over and civil war or other fightings begins. It continues until a new dictator seizes power and curbs unrest.


Those who are first exposed to the Muslims' intolerance, violence and injustice are non-Muslims, that means Christians and Jews. They are harassed and many killed. Other escape. Muslims do not care about that Jews and Christians were far ahead of them in the Middle East and the Hindus and budhister were far ahead of them in South Asia. Muslim World is increasingly cleared of "infidels". All homosexuals are also killed.

But despite all the killings and purges, to create an ideal Muslim state, peace and harmony never present themselves. There are always others to fight. If you are Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslims are fair game. When a country is made up exclusively of Sunni Muslims, as it does in most Muslim countries, it will still not be peaceful. Rock hard Sharia law be introduced and people are killed for trifles. People are stoned, mostly women, of course, get their heads cut off, hands and feet amputated. Enslaved people are kept for work, sex and more.


All this violence leads to large numbers of people fleeing. Not to their Muslim brothers in neighboring countries, but to peaceful Europe. Muslims who hate Christians and who have harassed and killed Christians, are now flooding into Europe in large numbers. And they will be received and get food, shelter, clothing and education.
When they become sufficiently numerous in a place, they require to build mosques. Rich Saudi Arabia will be happy to pay. Then they send hate preachers to Europe's various mosques to create hatred against Christians and for recruiting fighters for their holy wars. And they succeed. Muslims begin to demand that Sharia law will apply and not the country's laws. They want to change Europe to become more like the Muslim countries. No democracy, the Qur'an as law and medieval punishment.


The logic does not make sense! They are fleeing intolerance, violence and injustice, for when they are in safety, require it to be like in Muslim countries. Talk about illogical thought processes. Now, a dream of a life with medieval right thinking looms where executions, mutilations, slavery and oppression of women is required to satisfy an imagined bloodthirsty god in Europe.    


Angola, China, Japan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland


13.10.2015 23:27

has closed the country's mosques. They have understood that it is precisely there the Muslims are taught to believe that it is Allah's will to hate and fight all non-Muslims. There warriors are also recruited  to join their so-called holy wars. There the praying people meet visiting preachers who whip up the atmosphere and call for holy war. It is not unusual that angered Muslims directly after Friday prayers go out to kill and harass Christians. It often happens, for example in South Asia.

China is also keeping an eye on its Muslim population. Men with full beards and women with veils are punished because it is prohibited by Chinese law. For exemple, they are not allowed to ride a bus. A man with a long beard was sentenced to six years in prison and a woman with a burqa to two years imprisonment for violating these laws. China has been hit by muslim terror attacks and know that they must be kept on a tight rein not to continue with their atrocities.

This couple must certainly not ride the bus:

Japan has solved the problem of Muslims by prohibiting them to settle in the country. Only a fraction of one percent of Japan's population is Muslim.

In Europe, it is the governments of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland who recognize the danger of a major Muslim immigration. They know that wherever Muslims gather rapes are increasing, mosques are built and sharia law is introduced, with or withouy the permission of the authorities. These four countries are against the Muslim immigration, despite the other European countries' condemnation.

Honour to those countries that think of their own people and not let their countries be changed by mass immigration. Nothing has improved in countries populated by Muslims. Hatred are spread so that even small children want to kill Jews and Christians. Women are reduced and passivated. Men are persuaded to fight and die for Allah. Intolerance, violence and injustice become normal parts of daily life.

Over 1000 years Islam spread through terror. Only in India 10's of millions of Hindus were killed. In Turkey about 1.5 million Christians were killed. At most, Islam had spread to the west, north and south, stretching from Spain to Central Asia to Southeast Asia.

Then the setbacks began. Spain was freed after 700 years, Napoleon defeated the Muslims in Egypt.

In Europe, the unbelievable happened.

The invention of printing, Martin Luther, Enlightenment, great advances in science. Europe flourished, research and inventions made great progress. Critical thinking was now substituting religious superstition.

The Muslim world ended up in the backwater. There superstition thrived and people strove to live like in the 600s, just like the prophet. They had nothing to learn from the West.

But Islam's goal is of course to make all Muslims. Those who do not want to submit to Allah's supremacy should be killed.

But the muslim expansion came to an end. It´s not strange that the Muslims were upset. For a 1000 years  their strategy worked. The West with its technological lead could now defend themselves. To forcibly spread their faith was not possible there.

Nowadays, the expansion takes place in not so honorable way as refugees and not through proud holy war.

Sure, they try to expand through jihad, but they achieve nothing more than endlessly cruel abuse against total defenseless populations. Most affected are Christians. Boko Haram in Nigeria kills innocent men and take the women and girls as slaves. In Kenya, Al Shabab commits murder of innocents, such as the boarding school, where all Christians were killed, while the Muslims were spared.

In Syria, it is IS that kills and tortures, especially Christian minorities in the most horrible way.

But the big expasionen today takes place through refugees. Europe, North America and Australia are flooded now by countless Muslims who seek refugee status.

One must admire Angola, China, Japan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland for trying to quell the Muslim expansion.



18.10.2015 18:17

soldiers shave off their beards.

This article is taken from ClashDaily.

ISIL fighters appear to be shaving off their beards before fleeing to Turkey to escape Russian airstrikes.

Hundreds of ISIL fighters are fleeing Syria for Turkey, as Russia’s Defense Ministry previously said, and reports are popping up that they are leaving their beards behind.

The photos released on social media show large numbers of cut-off beards lying on the ground, intermixed with razors.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, as many as 100 fighters are leaving Syria for Turkey every day. Al-Nusra Front fighters are said to have made their way into Turkey via the Reyhanli crossing while ISIL fighters flee north through Jarabulus.

Liberty GB

Paul Weston

19.11.2015 10:53

published this speach 22 October 2013:

Hello. My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist.

I know I'm a racist because I'm told I'm a racist by a great deal of people. The hard Left think I'm a racist, the Labour Party thinks I'm a racist, Conservatives think I'm a racist, Liberal Democrats think I'm a racist, the BBC thinks I'm a racist. So I must therefore be a racist.

Why am I a racist? It's very simple: I wish to preserve the culture of my country, I wish to preserve the people of my country, and in doing so that makes me a designated racist in today's society.

Now this is something that's been moved by the Left – the goalposts have been moved by the Left a considerable distance on this. In order to be termed a racist thirty or forty years ago, you had to actively dislike foreign people. I don't dislike foreign people. What I do like, what I love, is my country, my culture and my people, and I see them under a terrible threat at the moment.

Britain is a very small country that's opened its doors to the mass immigrants of the Third World, and we are simply being overwhelmed. Our schools can't cope, our hospitals can't cope, very little can cope any more. Our welfare system is on the verge of buckling as well. So if I want to defend what I grew up in, what I was born into – my country, my British culture, my heritage and my history – I am apparently, according to absolutely everybody today, a racist.

But I don't think that's the case. Not the case that I'm not actually a racist – I'm going to admit that full out, right now, because clearly I am. I've been told by so many people I am, it simply must be true. I'm probably also an Islamophobe.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Now I don't have an irrational fear of Islam. I look around the world today, – at Syria at the moment, where almost a hundred thousand people have been killed in the last two years, where Shia Muslims are slaughtering Sunni Muslims and vice versa – I look at places like Indonesia, and Egypt, and China and the Philippines – everywhere you look you see problems with Islam. And they're violent. They are – dare I say it, to really reinforce my racist credentials – a thoroughly savage political and religious ideology.

Now many people will disagree with that. The far Left of course will say, you cannot criticise Islam because Islam is a religion, and rules have now been put into place in this country that say if you criticise it, you are guilty of inciting religious hatred. But Islam is not just a religion, Islam is a political ideology as well and we need to call it out on the fact that it is also political. It is a culture that is both political and religious.

I would like to know if I'm able to say certain things about it. Do I think for example that stoning adulteresses to death is something we should welcome in this country? Well I don't think it is. Therefore, I'm guilty of religious hatred by saying it. Do I think homosexuals should be hanged from cranes? No I don't, I think it's backward, I think it's savage, and I think the people that do it are beyond the pale, quite frankly.

I'm not allowed to say these things because of course I'm again inciting religious hatred. So not only am I a racist, I'm also a religionist, apparently.

But I'm not. We have a huge problem in this country, that is not going to go away, it is going to get worse and worse and worse. We as a people are declining, as a demographic, and the Islamic population is growing nine times faster than any other; and when I look to the future I see a full-blown religious civil war occurring in this country. The unthinkable things that are going on in somewhere like Syria today will happen in this country before 2040, certainly before 2050. I don't want Britain to turn into a country like that. So I'm going to denounce Islam as a backward, savage political and religious ideology, and to hell with what anybody thinks about that – because if we don't do something about it, we are going to be involved in something that most people can barely even begin to imagine in Britain.

Babies are beheaded in towns in Syria. The idea this could happen in somewhere like Surbiton, or even Eaton Square, is simply impossible to think for most people but it is going to happen, it really is going to happen. So we need to denounce it for what it is. And we need to start mounting some sort of defence against it.

But the trouble with mounting a defence against it is that you get hit with the 'racist' accusation: "I'm not a racist, but …". So here's the thing: I am a racist. If I want to avoid a civil war happening in my country, I am prepared to accept being called a racist; and you should be prepared to accept being called a racist as well. Let's all just say, "Yes, we're dreadful, dreadful racists", and let's start denouncing an ideology that is the most primitive, backward, savage ideology that we've wilfully imported into this country – by the Left, by people like Tony Blair, who did it deliberately in order to undermine our culture, our people, our country, my country. They did it deliberately – and then they said you're not allowed to actually argue with us about this.

Well I'm arguing with you about this Mr Blair. And I'll tell you something: you ... repealed the treason laws shortly after you came into power. I think you committed treason, Mr Blair. I think you committed treason when you said, we are going to import the Third World in order to "rub the noses of the right in diversity". To me, that's treason.

Your principal duty was to uphold the best interests of the people of this country. The idea that you deliberately set out to undermine us and to subvert us is an act that's criminal. It doesn't matter that you repealed the laws, those laws can be brought back. And one day Mr Blair, you will be tried for treason, along with the rest of your Cabinet and every single high-ranking Labour politician that allowed this criminal act to happen.

I'm going to tell you this. It doesn't matter that you can perhaps prosecute me for 'racism' or inciting religious hatred. I don't believe in that. I believe only in one thing: the defence of my country, the defence of my people, the defence of my culture. And everything else can just go to hell.

I am a racist.


The refugees

01.12.2015 15:57

 in Europe are portrayed on television and radio as fleeing families. Most interviews are about vulnerable and suffering women and children.

Certainly there are women and children among the refugees, but the truth is that at least 75 percent of the refugees are young men. This the media wants to withhold to increase the tolerance for a massive inflow. Therefore these photos are shown.

A more honestly descriptive of the refugees would show riots, stone throwing against border police officers and young angry male who requires getting to the country they wish.

One can wonder whether any Muslim country would receive a steady flow of refugees from Europe if conditions were reversed. After all you read about how Christians are treated in Muslim countries, it would be likely that the wealthy would be subjected to blackmail and would be killed if the money isn´t delivered from their families in Europe. Girls and young women would be sold as sex slaves, young boys would be enslaved and used as camel jockeys or labor. Others who opposed to submit to Islam would be killed. All this is already happening in the Muslim world and this barbaric treatment of people would get a boost.

Fake passports

Impossible produce completely secure passports

22.12.2015 13:49

The terror organization Islamic State last summer stole technical equipment that makes it possible to issue passports. They are also suspected to be behind many false Syrian passport.

One of the perpetrators at the terrorist attacks in Paris are suspected to have come through refugee flows with a false Syrian passport.

To prevent terrorists from entering with refugee flows Sweden and the EU tried to obtain a more dense net in place at the Swedish and European borders, says Per Lowenberg, team leader of the national border police. Exactly what the network means he does not want to go into.

- We check also EU citizens, under certain conditions, and we can make checks against records. There are spot checks and intelligence information that determines what we should look for such as patterns in bookings, payments and flying, he says.

Swedish Television has reported that the chaos in Syria means that anyone can buy themselves a new identity online. EU migration authorities suspect that among others IS produces and earns money on the false Syrian passports.

- IS is one of those who have seized stolen blank passports and printing equipment, but it also applies to opposition forces. There are loads of equipment and identification documents in the hands of non-official agencies, says Jan Westmar, head of the Migration Board's unit ID.

Europol announced in October that the IS had stolen 58 000 blank Iraqi passports. The organization also the took technical equipment that makes it possible to produce complete passport, reported the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

But Per Lowenberg says that it is possible that these passports can be blocked.

- It may be that you are familiar with the series of numbers waiting to photograph and signature so that you can lock them with a simple operation, he says.

Within the EU's migration authorities are now discussed to possibly reject any Syrian passport. Such a decision would then be taken by each Member State. According to Jan Westmar the discussion is mostly about the poor technical quality of the Syrian identification documents.

Per Lowenberg of the border police believes, however, that such a disapproval would not have such great consequences for the Syrian refugees seeking protection from war and misery.

- It is already difficult for Syrians with a genuine passport to get a visa to another country, that is why they cross the Mediterranean Sea and seek asylum when they arrive.

In Sweden, the Swedish Migration Board investigates every week 1,200 cases involving identity documents. Approximately 60 of these turns out to be about false documents.

The ID unit has access to special equipment to do the authenticity assessments of identity documents.

- It is an advanced camera that can do good enlargements and show different frequencies of light so that the ID fuses lit up. This may involve, for example a symbol to light up at certain ultraviolet light frequencies, Jan Westmar.

According to Per Lowenberg passports have generally become safer in recent years, including the so-called biometric passports. These have been introduced in the EU but also of some other countries. For Sweden, such passports have a chip storing facial images and fingerprints for secure identification.

Fully secure passports, which are impossible to forge, can not be made, Per Lowenberg thinks.

- If anyone can invent a safe technique someone shortly thereafter surely can invent a technology to go around it. So it tends to be in other areas, he says.

Source: Ny Teknik, November 16, 2015


Refugees - an asset?


10.01.2016 16:31

has always emphasized how profitable it is with immigration, not to mention how enriching it culturally with people from far away with their originality and traditions. People with other world views and values.

The press has of course been around and has praised the great value of immigration. Both politicians and the press have been so-called politically correct.

Not everyone is as enthusiastic!

Gang rape

A 23-year-old woman was approached by four teenagers, refugee children as they are called politically correct. They tricked her to a desolate place and raped her. The woman claims to have been raped six times in a row, according to the prosecutor, it was at least four people who wronged her. She managed to get to South Hospital. Its adverse level of seriousness, said a source. "Kids" comes from Nordfrika, but can not be expelled because one does not know exactly where they come from. The abused woman think certainly not the cultural exchange was enriching.



Refugee charged with brutally murdering a transvestite - dead snake around the corpse's neck

According to the indictment was 16-year-old - with another, 19-year, refugee children - invited to the 56-year-old transvestite's apartment in Bergsjön in Gothenburg on 25 June.

The gay man was severely beaten with various objects. When the body was found a dead snake was lashed around his neck.

A mobile video from the event, used as evidence, shows how the 16-year-old packs his victim's belongings in a backpack inside the apartment. He is also heard shouting invective against the man with allusions to his sexual orientation.

There are also DNA evidence linking the suspect to the murder weapon and dead snake.

According to the prosecutor, these are about a brutal murder with hate crime motives.

- He has mistreated him and killed just because he was gay and dressed as a woman, said Prosecutor Lotta Nielsen to GT.

The accused 16-year-old first denied everything in interrogations. Then he told me that "the woman" had come up to him on the street and offered to help him with food and clothing. When they got to the apartment the "woman" took of his wig and made sexual advances, according to the accused, who claims he acted in self-defense.

The 19-year-old refugee is accused of protecting the criminal. Both are originally from North Africa.


The two muslim youngsters showed their traditions and values. In the Muslim world, it is laudable to kill sexual minorities, such as homosexuals and transgender people.


Sex harassment in Cologne has become big politics

Large German police cars are lined up in rows on the field in front of the station. Beefy police officers wearing body armor stand straddled in groups on the stairs and look intimidating. It is obvious that the police would strongly highlight the presence to provide reassurance and to show their presence.
This was not the case a week ago on New Years Eve.
Yantzen spent part of New Year's night at the Cologne Cathedral and describes appalling scenes with a large crowd of young men of foreign origin who was heavily drunk and shot fireworks at each other.
- When the women began to appear shortly before midnight groups of men encircled single women, went close up and began to molest them sexually. When the women told them to stop it was clear that the men did not understand what they said.

Afraid of political explosive force

In German newspapers anonymous womentold how they felt hand on the buttocks and between her legs. Unable to protect themselves against so many men. Many of the women were also robbed.
Despite these scenes the police the next day described New Year celebrations as "relaxed". Only after several days did the full extent of what happened appear. Something which led to many Germany claims that the police and local politicians deliberately tried to hush up what happened. The reason would be fear of the political explosive force in the fact that many of the perpetrators were suspected to be migrants and asylum seekers who have come to Germany in recent months.
The police have admitted that the first description of New Year celebrations was incorrect and the fact that the police chief was fired today is a clear indication that those who talk about the blackout is not totally wrong.

In the same direction is an internal police report, read by several German newspapers, describing how the police totally lost control on New Year's night.

"There were so many abuses at the same time that it was impossible for us to have time to take up complaints. It was complete chaos and a disgrace," the police officer wrote.

He also wrote that he had never in his 29 years of service encountered such a lack of respect for the police and its work. The perpetrators stopped actively police from reaching sex harassed women and openly mocked the police.

Can be organized

New reports continue to come in. To date, it is 170, of which 119 applies to sexual harassment. Press spokeswoman Stefani Becker wearing a yellow vest on top of his uniform, tells us that a complaint may contain abuse of several women.

Since similar abuse, although not to the same extent, occurred on New Year's in Hamburg, Stuttgart and several other German cities the police is inclined to believe that the sex harassment may have been organized.

- When so many young men gather in one place at the same time it is tempting to suspect somehow they agreed to meet, says Becker. But we do not yet know how.

So far, the police have 31 suspects, of which 28 are citizens of different countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Two are Germans and one American.

With a look at a note in hand, she says that the police is going through 350 hours of recordings from the surveillance cameras that are around the square.

- It will take a long time to go through and identify culprits. Because women felt that it was a mob that attacked them, it can be difficult to single out individuals.

In other words, it becomes difficult to sentence someone which will further add the indignation.

Politicians want to appear tough

The abuse gets a huge amount of attention in the German media and is the talk of the public. Politicians from all parties are trying to position themselves to be seen as tough and energetic. For those who are opposed to Germany receiving so many immigrants  events constitute of a belated Christmas present.

Ever since the sex offenses were known right-wing populist Option für Dutschland, AFD every day have put up a little stand in front of the Central Station where they are agitating for tougher measures against refugees.

Thomas Traeder is one of the party's leading figures in Cologne. Wearing a dark gray coat against the biting wind, he shares flyers and talk to troubled people. He agrees that what happened on New Year's Eve favors his party but argues that it is unreasonable not to talk about who it was who carried out the abuses.

- The influx of refugees do have a direct bearing on what happened during the New Year night. We are about to import the lack of respect for women in Muslim countries to us. All Muslim men are not like this, but enough for us to have a problem.

Young women I talk to outside Cologne Hauptbanhof seems to agree with that particular piece.

- I am shocked at what has happened, says 17-year-old Fransisca Fischer. You become afraid. I will probably no longer dare to go out late in the evenings.

Like many other Germans Marilena, 18, thinks that the guilty in cases where they are immigrants should be deported.

- They can not come here and seek shelter one day and commit these kinds of felonies next. Although many will surely are good people.

"More can vote for us"

AFD is trying to ride on the wave of hatred and anger that the sex abuse have brought. They hope that the voters will conclude that the established parties are no longer able to manage immigration.

- I think what has happened can get more people to vote for us, says Thomas Traeder but not enough to make a real difference already at the next election.

AFD want to use a clause in the German constitution as per the party's opinion, makes it unlawful to grant asylum to refugees who come to Germany from a safe country, such as Austria. It would mean that many were thrown out

The young man with the long gray hair is surprised that I interview him. The German media are anxious to give AFD space much like the Swedish media once were when it came to the Sweden Democrats.

- German media are not interested in talking to us. But foreign.

Even before the events in Cologne, far-right violence against refugees increased in Germany. Numerous refugee accommodation has burned down last year, and in many cases neo-Nazi groups tried to prevent refugees from going off buses at refugee accommodations.

Now it can be even worse. Particularly in eastern Germany where unemployment is 15-20 percent in many states and xenophobia massive. People get upset when refugees are given jobs and allowances.

A first indication of how bad it can be, we can get Saturday afternoon when Islam hostile Pegida will demonstrate in Cologne. If the counter-demonstrators as expected show up, it can get really hot.


Angela Merkel promised that Germany would receive a million refugees in 2015. She could perhaps not imagine that asylum seekers would seek asylum one day and the next day to perform criminal acts of sexual abuse and robbery.

Illegal immigrants

The police

20.02.2016 16:21

in Russia and France have slightly different approach when it comes to the response against illegal immigrants.



Order in Russia


Chaos in France


Pat Condell

The Moment of Truth

02.06.2016 12:13

Pat Condell is telling the truth about EU and why England should leave.

Car fires

Stop car fires! This year alone, over 2,000 cars burned!

28.08.2016 13:33

Bildresultat för bilbränder

Many young people of immigrant background clearly show that they want to leave our community, though they still live in Sweden. They mostly live in large urban peripheral areas. They imagine that they now have control of their area and intimidate all Swedes who are on their territory. They burn cars and wait for the police to come, so they can show what they can do! They don´t even respect our "heroes", paramedics, firefighters and even the police. They throw stones and even set fire to emergency vehicles, if they can. Can you more clearly than that show that you turned your back the the community and that you are not loyal to the society you live in?

Bildresultat för bilbränder


The consequence of this would be that society puts up big police action and capture and prosecuting the perpetrators. In addition to the prison society should show that you can not resist it while utilizing the benefits that members of the community enjoys. All monetary contributions shall be withdrawn. No welfare, no housing allowance. You can not one day attack the police and burn police cars the next day to go to the social services office to retrieve the money, right?




Then one can wonder how we have got such a "soft police" in Sweden. I put great responsibility of Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and national police chief Dan Eliasson. They do not let the police get the resources they need to curb attacks on public safety personnel and car fires. There are ways to end these crimes. Video surveillance, as in England, in selected areas. More police officers in active service and fewer behind the desk. Many more police officers in total. Hearing all the suspects. Hearing parents of minors who are out at night. Let the parents pay for the damage their children cause. Let an overwhelming police force go in and clear out and not one police car or, sometimes, a car with guards. It creates no respect of the perpetrators. Police presence is enough to trigger a frenzy of some. Police are insulted and sometimes even chased away and the young people rejoice over their victory. In some cases, the police come and serve coffee. You are almost ashamed of the indulgence of the Swedish police. They believe that kindness will win over these angry young men. They see society's response as weakness. They dominate their area and determine who is allowed to move there. Can we have that?




29.09.2018 18:51

The Muslim world happily take part of what the Christian world produces. However, they have nothing to contribute. The last 250 years, the West, the Christian world, has developed more than ever before. From the Industrial Revolution, science, invention and progress in all areas literally exploded. When finally the religion released its grip over the people, the old dictators overthrown and freedom of thought allowed, justice and equality were accepted, freedom of the press allowed and critical thinking welcomed, science could be developed. Never before in the history of the world have so much development of human knowledge occurred as during the last 250 years. In the West! In the Muslim world, especially the Arab world, time stood still. People dressed as in the Middle Ages, half the population, the women were not allowed at all to contribute to the development of society, except as child bearers. The men used their time on Koran reading, battles and camels and sheep farming.

Recently, the rich oil countries have, of course, been modernized enormously. Everything is modern and the world's tallest buildings and shopping center can be found here.

The West thrived. Inventions made life better for the people and made societies richer. Some of the key achievements are:


The weaving machine

Steam engine







Rubber tires






Assembly line



Tape recorder

CD player

Ballpoint pen





Space rocket



Light bulb


The metric system





Electric lift

Fire extinguisher

Telephone, Mobile, Smartphone






Movie camera


Vacuum cleaner




Glass fiber

Refrigerator, Freezer

Washing machine

Water closet

Air conditioning


Modern medicine


Modern surgery



Gamma knife

Titanium Implants




Nuclear power, Nuclear weapons

These are some of the inventions that were developed in the West during the last 250 years. Jobs were created, increased trade, the common people could eat and live and dress better. Countries became richer. People lived increasingly comfortable.

But in the Muslim world, not much happened during the same period. Quran reading and working in small farms for subsistence filled the time. Poverty and ignorance were present for most. When oil was found in the ground, West wanted to buy and big money was earned. Now, they could buy. Everything that was developed in the West they wanted. And the companies supplied them with all the news. Without imports from the Christian world parts of the Muslim world would live just like in the Middle Ages. You'd think they'd be incredibly grateful to those who provided all this. Some even hate the Christian world. They want our knowledge and our goods but hate those who produce it.

The explanation is probably all the wars that affects the Muslim world, because of the policies of the great powers.

Some have such a strong hatred that they are killing people with no other reason that they are Christians. In the Muslim parts of Africa and Asia Christians are persecuted and killed.

If the Christian world immediately stopped all exports to the Muslim world they would have big problems. Some countries would not even be able to feed its population since most food is imported!