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1. Muslim sets woman´s hair on fire

13.07.2016 13:12

A 29-Year-old Muslim invader from Libya has been sentenced to 3 years and 3 months for setting fire to a 17 years old German girls’s hair while she was awaiting the U-bahn (subway train) at Ostbahnhof Station in Berlin. Other passengers in the train station were able to put the fire out.

Muslim Immigrant Sets German Girl's Hair on Fire on Subway


                                                          Muslim wants to stab his doctor


A GERMAN doctor feared he was moments from death after a man went berserk in a hospital screaming "Allahu Akbar" and threatening to behead him.

Dr Attila Tan, from Bonn, had just returned to work after a holiday when he was set upon by the crazed father of a 19-year-old he treated. 

The teenager, who had previously fractured his leg, came back to the German hospital on Monday complaining of the treatment he had received. 

He demanded further medical care from Dr Tan, complaining about pain he said he was suffering from. 

Dr Tan, a 54-year-old surgeon, said: "The patient came in around 10am, he was accompanied by his girlfriend who wore a veil.

"He was radiating aggression that only intensified when I treated him.

“I explained everything to him, including the exercises he should be doing. But he wasn't listening."

The irate teen stormed out of the office shouting insults, only to return with his 45-year-old father and younger brother, 15.

The dad brought with him a 30cm ‘Rambo’ knife. 

Dr Tan’s wife, 54, who works at the hospital reception, screamed for help when she saw the blade. 

In surgery when the trio burst in, the medic rushed towards the front desk and met the knife-wielding attacker head on.



While trying to hold him down, Dr Tan recalled: “The father screamed at me: 'apologise to my son, go down on your knees and kiss his hand'.

"The younger son then grabbed me from behind and tried to push me down.”

He said it felt like the attacker was getting ready to behead him.

The doctor’s loyal wife was beaten as she tried to help her husband and suffered a heart attack during the ordeal and had to be rushed to receive medical treatment.

Dr Tan said: "She just wanted to protect me. The way he hit her, it hurts so much."

The remaining staff and patients barricaded themselves in a visiting room and called the police.

An employee said: "The father came in saying 'where is that son of a bitch? I will kill him'. 

“We then pulled out something resembling a machete.

"In the meantime we heard screams and things being thrown around.

Then they screamed Allahu Akbar three times, in that moment I thought it was all over. 

I thought he had killed Dr Tan and his wife.”

Police rushed to the scene and arrested the 19-year-old and his girlfriend. 

The father and younger brother fled, but handed themselves into authorities the shortly after.


Afghan gang attacks woman in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany: Migrant Viciously Attacks Woman From Behind


Chicago Tribune

2. Cartoon

13.07.2016 14:48

OH, NOES! A cartoon in the Chicago Tribune has offended Muslims. Cartoonist allegedly has gone into hiding. (Not really) Muslim leaders in the Chicago area are calling foul on an editorial cartoon published by the Chicago Tribune.

Titled “De-evolution,” the image by Michael Ramirez parodied the iconic “March of Progress” illustration (below), which shows human evolution as a series of figures evolving from apelike ancestors to modern humans standing erect. Ramirez’s work reverses the order, starting with a modern human and ending with the most devolved figure: a man lying prostrate as if in prayer, labeled with the word “ISIS.”

“It makes it as if ISIS is just your average, mainstream Muslim who’s prostrating in prayer  – something we all do – as opposed to what is unique and problematic about them,” said Ahmed Rehab of designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).

(Actually, ISIS ‘is’ just your average Muslim. All Muslims prostate themselves the same way, all Muslims follow the same holy book, all Muslims share common beliefs. The ONLY difference is that ISIS believers are better Muslims because they carry out more of the violence/terrorism called for in the quran)

Rehab penned his concerns in a  letter that ran in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune. “The cartoon does a great disservice to Muslims and promotes further Islamophobia,” wrote Mohammed Kaiseruddin, chairman, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, in another letter to the paper. (One can only hope!)

With the Charlie Hebdo attacks in mind, the frightened weenies at the Chicago Tribune quickly removed the cartoon from its website. “We understand the deep concerns about Michael Ramirez’ cartoon and have moved quickly to publish responses from Islamic leaders and other readers that reflect those concerns,” said John McCormick, Editorial Page Editor at the Chicago Tribune. (Too late, the cartoon will live in infamy on the internet)


Bataclan, Paris

6. Horrifying details of the Bataclan Theatre massacre revealed

17.07.2016 13:48

By Isabel Vincent and Laura Italiano

The investigation’s chair, conservative lawmaker Georges Fenech, complained to the commission that details of the mutilations have been kept from families and the press, according to an online transcript.

Medics evacuate an injured person on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, close to the Bataclan theater, early on November 14, 2015 in Paris, France. Photo: Getty Images


He also said he had heard of one especially grievous account: The father of one victim had told him that his son had been disemboweled and castrated, with his testicles found in his mouth.

“They had cut off his testicles,” Fenech said during testimony.

French law-enforcement officials who also testified for investigators insisted, meanwhile, that there was no evidence that victim injuries were caused by anything other than gunfire and shrapnel.

One official, Michel Cadot, the prefect of police in Paris, stressed that no knives were recovered from the scene.

“Some of the bodies found at the Bataclan were extremely mutilated by the explosions and weapons, to the point that it was sometimes difficult to reconstruct the dismembered bodies,” said investigator Christian Saint.

But Fenech stood by his account. “Someone put his testicles in his mouth,” he said.

The torture allegations surfaced in March during some 200 hours of testimony before an investigative committee of the French National Assembly.

The investigation found a lack of coordination among European intelligence agencies, which failed to prevent coordinated attacks that left 130 dead at six locations in and near Paris.

A victim’s body lies covered on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, close to the Bataclan theater, early on November 14, 2015 in Paris, France. Photo: Getty Images


“The bodies have not been shown to the families because they are people who are decapitated, people who are bloated and people who have been disemboweled,” one police witness told officials, according to the transcript.

When Fenech asked if the mutilations would have been videotaped by the terrorists, the witness answered, “It seems to me.”

“There are people decapitated, swollen and disemboweled. There are signs of sexual acts committed against women and knife cuts to genitals. If I am not mistaken, some of the eyes of certain people have been removed,” the witness said.

The witness was later asked by Fenech how he had come to learn of the acts of barbarism. He answered that he himself had only witnessed bodies struck by bullets, on the ground floor.

But he learned the gruesome details from another investigator, whom he found vomiting and crying after seeing the carnage upstairs, he told investigators.

“After the assault, we were with our colleagues at the Saint-Pierre-Amelot corridor when I saw an investigator leaving in tears, who was just about to throw up,” the police witness said.




Truth about islam from Arab-American lady

7. Speech as relevant today as it was ten years ago

17.07.2016 23:04

Truth about islam from an ex-muslim lady:

Geert Wilders

8. Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders

18.07.2016 13:31

"We Must Preserve Western Identity and Civilisation By Ending Muslim Mass  Migration"

Geert Wilders: Stand for Freedom!   


Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has made an impassioned plea for Western patriots to stand up and reject hatred and terrorism in the wake of several Islamist terror attacks.


Mr. Wilders has accused Western governments of being “dangerously blind” to the dangers of Islamisation, reeling off a list of recent terror attacks and calling for an end to Muslim migration. He said: “Western governments remain dangerously blind to the danger of Islamization. Islam is a religion of peace, they say but that is a lie. Look at what happened at Istanbul.

“Look at what happened in Orlando a few weeks ago. Look at what happened last March at Brussels airport and metro station, look at what happened at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris last November. Look at what happened in San Bernardino last December.

“The list is endless. And everything this list has in common is Islam”.



Danger of Islam

9. Sounds like silence

19.07.2016 12:33

Sounds of silence with new text:

Paul Joseph Watson

10. Listen to Paul Joseph Watson before the Obama Regime has all social media ban him.

19.07.2016 13:50

Nice Terror Attack: What They're NOT Telling You:



Islamic State

11. Ottoman Empire

20.07.2016 16:30

-the last Islamic State, before IS of today. They were responsible for

The Armenian Genocide. Exactly 100 years ago.

Muslims killed 1.5 million christians. The last christians of Turkey.


Source pictures:

           Source text:


Muslim attacks christians

12. Intolerance, hate and violence, as always

20.07.2016 23:17

An eight-year-old girl is fighting for her life after a mum and her three daughters were reportedly stabbed in a French holiday resort for being 'scantily dressed'.

The French family are said to have been targeted while holidaying in Garda-Colombe in the Hautes-Alpes near Montpellier in southern France.

The 46-year-old woman and the girls - aged 8, 12 and 14 - were all attacked before the knifeman fled the scene - according to police.

The eight-year-old was airlifted to hospital in nearby Grenoble with a punctured lung and is in a critical condition.

The 37-year-old man has been identified by French media as Mohamed Boufarkouch, who was born in Morocco.

He is reportedly unknown to the police and gendarmerie.

He was arrested following the incident at around 10am local time (9am UK time) this morning and is still in custody on suspicion of attempted homicide, reports Le Dauphine.


Texas woman

13. Woman

25.07.2016 00:00

with a lot of chutzpah interrupts Texas Muslim Capitol Day…and pisses off thousands in the process.


Christine Weick interrupts Texas Muslim Capitol Day speaker:

Protesters disrupt rally at Capitol by Muslims, supporters photo


Pat Condell

14. More wise words from Pat Condell

25.07.2016 15:07
It's Good To Be Anti-Islam:

Syrian in Germany

15. Syrian

26.07.2016 12:51

 refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over in yet another attack in Germany

  • Syrian refugee, aged 21, went on a machete rampage in the city Reutlingen, Germany near to a doner kebab stand

  • He killed one woman and injured a man and another woman in the attack before being detained by the police 

  • The motive for the attack is unclear but it has been reported he had a dispute with the woman before he killed her

A Syrian refugee wielding a machete has killed a pregnant woman and injured a man and another woman in Germany before being arrested by police after he was run over by a man driving a BMW.

The attack happened in the south western city of Reutlingen near a doner kebab stand in a bus station at Listplatz Square in what has been described as a 'crime of passion'. 

German media have been reporting that the motive for the attack in the city south of Stuttgart was unclear but the attacker and the 45-year-old Polish victim both worked at the same snack bar.



Pictures from the scene appear to show the knifeman lying on the ground with blood on his face and his weapon lying on the ground

Song "Hallelujah"

16. Hallelujah

27.07.2016 23:55

with anti-halal text.

Halal´s bullshit:


Viktor Orban

17. Only European leader with courage

28.07.2016 12:54
Shock as Hungary PM says migrants are 'poison' and EVERY refugee a 'safety & terror risk'

HUNGARY’S hardline leader has sparked controversy after describing migrants as a “poison” and a “terror risk” and saying they are not welcome in his country.


PUBLISHED: 18:20, Wed, Jul 27, 2016

Viktor Orban

Prime minister Viktor Orban said the central European state “does not need a single migrant” to help its economy grow, branding all refugees “a public security risk”. 

But his comments were immediately denounced by human rights campaigners, who described them as “disgusting, poisonous and xenophobic”. 

Hardline Mr Orban has overseen a huge crackdown on migration in Hungary, including the construction of a vast border fence to prevent people from travelling northwards from Greece.

He has frequently clashed with EU leaders over his no-nonsense approach and is currently taking Brussels to court over its attempt to impose vast fines on the Hungarian government over its refusal to accept migrant quotas. 

The outspoken premier has positioned himself as a defender of “Christian Europe” throughout the migrant crisis, warning that the vast numbers of asylum seekers arriving from the Middle East are threatening European culture. 

But his remarks today, made during a joint press conference with his Austrian counterpart, represent his most divisive rhetoric yet on the issue of mass migration.

Migrants at Hungary's border fence

Hungary has built a huge border fence to keep out migrants

The two countries have consistently been the most anti-immigrant of all the EU nations, and Austria is embroiled in its own battle with Brussels over a controversial daily cap it has placed on the number of asylum applications it will process. 

In a fiery speech Mr Orban made it clear that migrants were not welcome in his country, warning other European nations not to “force” mass immigration on his people. 

He said: “Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work, or the population to sustain itself, or for the country to have a future. 

“Every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk.

“This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy. Whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them.”

He added: “Migration is not a solution but a problem…not medicine but a poison. We don’t need it and won’t swallow it.” 

Mr Orban’s controversial remarks were immediately attacked by human rights campaigners, who said they were divisive and demonised people fleeing war and persecution. 

Lotte Leicht, the EU director of Human Rights Watch, called the comments “disgusting, poisonous and xenophobic” whilst her colleague, Ben Ward, pointed out that 200,000 Hungarian refugees fled to Europe in 1956 to escape Soviet troops. 

The controversial Hungarian leader was already on the warpath with Brussels over migration after calling a referendum on whether or not to accept its mandatory quota system for refugees.

He has urged voters to reject the proposal, which was agreed under the EU’s qualified majority vote (QMV) system, arguing that “only Hungarians, not Brussels, can decide who we want to live with in Hungary”. 

Hungary has filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice in an attempt to get the decision overturned. Under the scheme some 2,300 refugees would be compulsorily resettled in Hungary. 

The country and three other central European states that constitute the Visegrad Four group, which includes Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, have been opposing the mandatory quotas the EU wants to impose on each member state.


Mons Krabbe

20. Mons Krabbe - Social debate, history and security policy analysis

30.07.2016 14:25
Now that's enough of empty declaration of solidarity! It is time for action!


 Now we have been sorry, we have shown solidarity with the victims in Nice, we have all declared that we should "stick together"! Like last time and the time before that. Where has it brought us? I think I have received an overdose of solidarity. Is not it time for action now? Does the problem disappear if we declare that we stand united? United in what? The belief in open borders with no personal checks or requirements? The belief that it is possible to tolerate intolerance in all eternity without this having consequences for the stability of society? I do not think that we, as a people, have ever stood united behind the line.


Politicians, perhaps most importantly, our Swedish, talking about "taking responsibility", but what do they do? "Taking responsibility" means, according to the usual definition live up to an "obligation". In other words, the politician's responsibility to do what it has a duty to do. The primary obligation as a politician has to take care of is to ensure public safety and security. After today's political majority interprets the word "responsibility" to open its borders to all those who want to get into, whether proven protection, I mean that they have misunderstood its purpose. This is a step which is certainly contrary to the word responsibility really means in terms of the "civil contract", which is the basis of democracy (Footnote 1). For it is well to the politician's first duty is to take care of citizens' well-being?


European politicians today neglects the crudest ways to handle this, their primary task. This applies high and low; it extends from the failure to protect citizens from the rape and violent crime to the spectacular terrorist attacks now taking place at regular intervals on the continent and that may well be played out here in the Nordic region shortly. This betrayal must lead to new politicians coming forward who are willing to take the necessary responsibility, willing to protect Europe's citizens from attack. We can not accept a situation where the terrorist act at this level becomes commonplace in Europe. The politicians must begin to take responsibility for their primary obligation!

                         Spegelbilden till bilden av Alan Kurdi vars spridning i kontrast till Alans bild snabbt stoppades av medierna.                                  

The mirror image to the image of Alan Kurdistan whose dissemination in contrast to Alan's picture quickly stopped by the media.              


The image of the unknown girl lying dead beside her doll's painful to see and in many ways the mirror image of the much acclaimed image of the dead boy Alan Kurdistan. The image of Alan would show what happens to migrants if they are not admitted unreservedly in Europe, but the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. But the image of the dead girl on the street in Nice shows what happens to us people in Europe when we do not control immigration to our continent. It shows what can happen when we do not make demands on identity and try to weed out those who do not have this protection, and in the worst cases are here to attack our society. Its aim is not to "set groups against each other," but to see the realities. We can not ignore the negative consequences of Europe's population structure is changing. We can not ignore the conflicts that increasingly built up and that this will change our society. To the extent we can still influence!


Left Contributor Wirtanen who believes that we should not worry about terrorist attacks against Europe. It is far more likely to die in a car accident, he says. The difference between targeted political violence and random accidents, however, is obvious. There are people residents in our midst who, by using force, to influence us to change our lifestyle and dismantle our democratic and open society. Should we just ignore those people who want to kill us, who are planning to do so and that regularly succeed in their plans? Should we just go ahead with a fatalistic view of life and accept the risk that the next time it is our children who are there on the asphalt, cold and lifeless with her doll beside her? I have nevertheless no intention to fall into such a fatality. The Left's fool writers can think what they want, but I intend to fight their approach in every way!

Wherein lies the problem? It may not be news to anyone who has not lived in a closet the last 25 years that Europe generally has a problem of integrating its immigrant Muslim population. There are of course major differences depending on the country of origin, we are talking about but overall, there are basic and well spread ideas within the Muslim community as contrary to basic notions of Europeans. The largest gap exists to be in relationship to the Somali and the Arab Muslim culture, and at least in relation to the Bosnian, Iranian and Kurdish Muslim cultures. Britain has problems with its Pakistani, Netherlands with its Moroccans and France, with its North African immigrants, for example.    

A number of reliable opinion polls, among other things, conducted by the Pew Research has shown that between 40% - and 60% of the Muslim population in Northwest Europe want to see our countries ruled by Sharia law, and we know this all too well what it means for democracy, freedom of expression , the individual's rights and women's ditto. A recent study from Denmark of the country's Muslims even showed that as many as 77% of Muslims residents in Denmark believe that Sharia law must be fully respected (up from 62% ten years ago). A survey of Muslims in the UK from 2006, CBS cites showed that 25% of them supported jihadist attacks against the United Kingdom (including those on 7/7). The entire one-third believed that Western society was decadent and that Muslims should put an end to it. Consequently, wanted 28% of the UK become a fundamentalist Muslim state! We are therefore dealing with a small fifth column! These figures are remarkable and should get even the most slumbering to wake up to the realization that the jihadist terrorists are not isolated and without support from the Muslim communities. It is this kind of numbers that make Islam distinguishes itself from other religions in today's world. It is time to realize that we have a problem with Islam.

The fact that we do not even try to integrate those who come here just makes the mental abyss between the West and Islam larger. Unlike what is generally believed about integration, it seems that the Muslims who live in Northwest Europe just become less and less integrated. Radical values is much more widespread among the younger generation. We can not access the radicalization and extremism that is rampant among the Muslims in the suburbs with current policy. The religious violence that we see from the side of Islam in Europe will only get worse and worse. Should we wait until it's too late to try to protect our citizens?
It is therefore high time that our politicians think about this and demand a larger degree of alignment with the European civilization's fundamental values. For this to have the slightest chance of success, we must severely restrict immigration from countries where radical interpretations appear strong, which today include most migrant sending countries to stream to our country. If a minority all the time, the filling in its ranks from home so decreases the chances of a successful political integration.

Collective punishment is one of the worst of my liberal side can think of, but we have run out of options. If you turn the argument around, one can see a continued not integrable migration as a collective punishment of the population in the West (as the left think is well deserved because of either of the imaginary insults which we considered to have done to the world). The migration break that we create should be used to integrate the Muslims who live in our country. There must be a stop on the adaptation of society to Muslim religious requirements. Sweden is a secular state and the principles we need to end up having to compromise on. One does not win a culture war against an irrational opponents by concessions that reinforce its delusion that he is on the right track. You win by adamantly cling we developed the rational values ​​on which our society is based. Our faith in our system, the growing recognition of the secular system's superiority and the weakening ties with the migrants' home countries, if we drastically reduces migration will eventually give us the right in their eyes!

1) social contract or civic contract is a generic term in a number of agreements of formal and informal nature that declares the state's and citizens' obligations towards each other, which form the foundation for democracy




Cities in Europe

21. Politicians can no longer protect its citizens!

30.07.2016 14:52

As an illustration to Mons Krabbe article above, a list of European cities with a significant Muslim population is shown.

In their eagerness to be politically correct politicians have allowed a massive immigration of Muslims. Usually no background check. And immigration continues!

Innocent people will be randomly killed by bombs, firearms, knives, are run over by a truck, young girls and women raped and sexually harassed. Police officers, paramedics and firefighters are attacked when they try to help people. Non-Muslims are not allowed anymore staying in immigrant areas. Mosques allowed. Housing, food, education, medical care given for free. No work demands on young, strong people, who instead of work have all the time in the world to go to mosques and might become radicalized, some to the point that they join terrorist groups.

List of cities in the

European Union by

Muslim population




Member State

 % Muslim (est.)


















































































The Hague











Social contract that Mons Krabbe is talking about has been broken by the politicians. Sure delivered is health care, education. Certainly there are all the rights and freedoms that have made Western values to society to the best in the world. But what is all this worth iunless there is security for the life and health? If you can not celebrate your national day without the risk of being killed or your children being killed! Or being raped if you want to go to a concert! Where then are all the police and military that cost taxpayers billions?

Viktor Orban

22. Prime minister of Hungary

31.07.2016 23:26

"Hungary does not need a single migrant".

Bildresultat för

Saudi arab

23. Ibrahim Al-Buleihi, a Saudi Shura council member

01.08.2016 15:16

admits: "We are behind, we can not do without the West".

Saudi Cleric: "We Arabs are backward, but we don't know it".

Rio 2016

25. Boxer Hassan Saada

06.08.2016 13:21

A Moroccan boxer has been arrested and jailed in Rio de Janeiro after an allegation of attempted rape was made against him, just one day before he was due to fight at the Olympic Games.

Hassan Saada, 22, was arrested by police on Friday morning after allegations of sexual assault were made against him by two Brazilian women who work in the Olympic Village in Barra da Tijuca as waitresses. The attacks were alleged to have taken place on Wednesday, according to information given by the two women in their statements.

Police have confirmed that Saada will be jailed for 15 days while they conduct a rape investigation, although suspects can be held for longer under Brazilian law while a case is investigated.

The lightweight boxer was due to compete on Saturday against Mehmet Nadir Unal of Turkey in the preliminary rounds, although he was not expected to challenge for medals. Saada will no longer compete at the Rio Olympic Games.

Saada was taken to a police station near the Maracana Stadium, where the Olympic Games opening ceremony takes place on Friday evening, where he was stripped of his Olympic competitor status. Saada will be transferred on Friday to a remand prison in the Polinter district of Rio de Janeiro, where police will formally question him as part of the investigation.

Hassan Saada was due to fight in the preliminary lightweight round on Saturday at Rio 2016 (Getty)

A local judge, Larissa Nunes Saly, ruled that Saada should be held in police custody for 15 days while the case is investigated.

Police said that Saada is accused attacking the two Olympic Village workers after inviting one of them to pose for a photograph with him. It is also claimed that he asked one of the women if she had a social media profile.


26. Belgium´s islamic welfare state

08.08.2016 14:33

…where taxpayers are funding welfare benefits for Muslims who are plotting terrorist attacks.

Most of the Syrian ISIS fighters returning to Belgium get allowances after proving that they are not able to get work. Belgian investigators revealed at least five of the suspects behind the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels were receiving welfare benefits in Belgium prior to the atrocities.


The Wall Street Journal was one of the first media outlets that reported on the story.  Belgium is one of the most Islamised countries of Western Europe and Jihadi fighters coming back from Syria are receiving full welfare benefits and health care, as if they had never left.

'State'-sponsored terror? Paris, Brussels suspects got benefits while plotting attacks - report:

Pat Condell

28. Islamization of the West

09.08.2016 17:33
Europe's Last Chance


29. How they treat dogs,

10.08.2016 13:23

man´s best friend, in Pakistan.


 Everyone knows that a lot of Muslims hate dogs because the prophet Mohammed hated dogs. And every once in awhile, we get to see how much. The carcasses of hundreds of stray dogs are seen in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan after officials poisoned them to curb the population.


 Dog corpses were lying along the streets in Karachi, and the city employees have been disposing of them. “At least 700 dogs have been killed in two areas of Karachi’s south in the last couple of days,” Sattar Javed, a spokesman for the municipal authority, confirmed to Reuters.

Here’s how the authorities kill the strays: they hide poison tablets in chicken meat, and give the meat to the animals. The Pakistani animal rights activists have spoken out against the practice, but the city authorities said there is no other way to cope with the growing population of dogs.
Officials don’t have the exact estimates of the total number of strays killed at the moment. However, they say that thousands should be culled in total.





30. Germany or Turkey?

13.08.2016 15:44

Turkish Muslim immigrants to Germany aren’t just failing to integrate, they’re actively pledging allegiance to their home countries.
Multiculturalism has nothing to do with assimilation and everything to with Muslim immigrants setting up parallel societies where they can bide their time, living off the state, and waiting for Islam to become the dominant political system in the country.


Lauren Southern: I thought I was in Germany… Turkey?


32. Germans flee Germany

25.08.2016 16:05

Germans flee Germany


An increasing number of Germans who disagree with Merkel's liberal asylum policy are fleeing the country - to Hungary.

- They get shelter, free food, money is more or less thrown at them, while we Germans must tighten our belts, says Jennifer Duraeder.

She and her husband are among the many Germans who have chosen to move to Hungary. Because, while Germany has welcomed around 222,000 asylum seekers in 2016 alone, Hungary has done everything in their power to keep refugees out, including using barbed wire fences on the borders with Serbia and Croatia.

- They've had enough of Germany, and want to get away from here. It just gets worse, says realtor Ottmar Heyde. He said that eight out of ten requests now come from German customers.

- And they like Prime Minister Victor Orban politics, and his statements about that since he can not feed his own people, he can not take in refugees, says Heyde.

In April, Orban launched a plan to "protect Europe," called Schengen 2.0, which he wants to travel Europe and present to other European countries, including Germany.

Apart from the German immigration policy, Germans see more benefits by moving to Hungary, warmer climate, lower prices and a large group of Germans already there.

A quarter of a million Germans had to leave Hungary after World War II, but now over 62,000 people in Hungary say they are Germans, according to Hungarian Statistics. Meanwhile, 88,000 said that they felt a strong affinity for German culture.


33. Immigration worker

30.08.2016 15:21

German immigration worker is telling the truth about her hard work.

German immigration worker day at the office:



34. Outrageous unprovoked attack

30.08.2016 16:21
Police are hunting this man after thugs sprayed teenage boys with acid leaving one 'blinded in one eye' and four more horrifically injured as they waited for a train 
  • Young group were standing at Ockendon station, Essex, when attacked
  • Doused in corrosive liquid by group of random assailants who then fled
  • One of the teenagers left blind in one eye while a second badly burned
  • Three others also hurt but released from hospital with only minor injuries

Police have released a CCTV still of a man wanted in connection with an acid attack on five teenagers as they waited for a train.

He is alleged to have been part of a group that squirted corrosive liquid over the boys before jumping on a train and making his getaway.

The man is described as black, with dark hair and wearing a jet black North Face gilet. 

The terrifying incident took place shortly after 12.40am on Sunday, when the man dismounted a train travelling towards Barking at Ockendon station, Essex. 

Graphic images shared online show the horrific injuries endured by five teenage boys who were attacked with acid as they waited for a train

The images show at least three boys with severe burn marks to their faces and heads. It is understood one of the victims has lost the sight in at least one of his eyes

He approached the five victims who were waiting on the platform where he held one of his hands behind his back. After a brief dialog with them, he removed his hand from behind his back exposing a bottle. He then squirted an unknown liquid over the victims.

The man re-joined his group of roughly nine friends on the 11.44pm Southend to Barking service.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Gail McKemmie said: 'This was a particularly vicious and alarming assault which has left some of the victims with potentially life changing injuries.

One even appears to have had his tongue singed in the terrifying incident
The same teen has visible injuries to the surface of his face

One even appears to have had his tongue singed (left) in the terrifying incident. The same teen has visible injuries to the surface of his face (right)

'This was an unprovoked and violent incident and it is essential that those responsible are identified and brought to justice.

'Although our investigation is in its early stages, it would appear that this was a random and isolated incident.

'If you think you recognise the man in the CCTV image, I'd urge you to get in touch as we think he has vital information that could assist this investigation.'

The five teenage victims were all rushed to hospital with burns injuries following the attack.

It was confirmed this afternoon that two of them suffered injuries described as 'potentially life changing'.

One 17-year-old suffered burns to his eyes whilst another, also 17, was left with burns to his mouth and tongue.

Another 17-year-old and a 16-year-old were both left with minor face burns and an 18-year-old's hands were burned by the acid.

All the victims have since been discharged from hospital. 

Graphic images shared online showed some of their horrific injuries.  

The victims did not recognise those responsible. Officers continue to examine CCTV footage in the hope of tracking down them down.

A BTP spokesman said: 'We have launched an investigation into the incident and are viewing the CCTV and speaking to witnesses.

Five youngsters were left injured when a group of random attackers doused them in corrosive liquid as they were standing at Ockendon station (pictured), Essex, in the early hours of Sunday

Five youngsters were left injured when a group of random attackers doused them in corrosive liquid as they were standing at Ockendon station (pictured), Essex, in the early hours of Sunday

'Inquiries are ongoing to identify the people responsible, and the nature of the substance and determine the circumstance behind the assault.

'If anyone has any information about the incident please contact BTP on 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 23 of 22/5/16.'

Paramedics raced to the scene after being alerted to the attack shortly after midnight.

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service said: 'We received a call on Sunday at 12.32am to reports of an incident on West Road in South Ockendon and sent two ambulance officers and two ambulances.

'At the scene, five persons were treated, two of whom were treated for head injuries while the other three were treated for minor injuries.

'After an assessment at scene, all five were taken to hospital for further treatment.'


36. Geert Wilders

01.09.2016 12:01

The Netherlands' largest party wants to close all mosques and banning the Koran



The Freedom Party, which leads big in the polls, with its charismatic leader Geert Wilders wants to close all mosques in the country and banning the Koran, which Wilders compares to Hitler's "Mein Kampf".

The outspoken Wilders also wants to stop all Muslim immigration, close Muslim schools and asylum centers, and ban veils in public.

In its election manifesto promises Wilders also do everything in its power to bring about a referendum on EU membership. A referendum on closer ties between the EU and Ukraine in April this year was rejected by two thirds of Dutch voters, something that was seen as an indication of their attitude to the whole apparatus of power in Brussels.

Wilders lives since more than ten years under constant threats from Muslims who do not like to hear the truth. He lives at a secret address and have bodyguards around the clock. Twice he has been prosecuted for hate speech. The first time, he was acquitted 2010-2011. The second trial is still ongoing.

If elections were held today the Freedom Party (PVV) would get 35 seats in the second chamber. In second place is Prime Minister Mark Ruttes Liberal Party (VVD) with 24, followed by the Christian Democrats (CDA) with 17. In total there are 150 seats in the Dutch parliament.

The Netherlands is holding an election in April 2017.

Source: Daily Express

Geert Wilders: The Patriot Spring has arrived! Stand up for freedom:


37. Unaccompanied refugee children

02.09.2016 17:13

Last modified 18 August 2016

In 2015 more unaccompanied children than ever applied asylum in Sweden. Since the turn of the year 2015/2016, however, the number has strongly declined, mainly because of ID checks on the border between Denmark and Sweden. When children and young people under 18 unaccompanied come to Sweden to seek asylum they are protected by the UN Convention on Children's Rights. They also treated in relation to the Dublin Regulation.

2015, 35 369 unaccompanied children applied for asylum in Sweden. That's compared to about 7000 unaccompanied children seeking asylum 2014. Of the unaccompanied minors who sought asylum in 2015 were more than half Afghanistan (over 23 000). The second largest group of almost 4000 children came from Syria, followed by Somalia and Eritrea. The vast majority are boys (32 522) between 13-17 years. The number of girls was less than 3 000.

Of the total number of asylum seekers in 2015, almost 22 per cent were unaccompanied children and adolescents, compared with 8 percent of the total number of 2014.

Google spreadsheet




39. Pakistani national Kamran Ahmed

08.09.2016 11:47
Newlywed Pakistani man, 27, raped a 12-year-old schoolgirl less than six months after he arrived in Britain claiming the 'devil got to him'
  • Kamran Ahmed previously touched girl indecently and tried to kiss her
  • Raped her then said no one would 'believe a child' if she told anyone
  • She eventually confessed to teacher she was assaulted 'in a dirty way'
  • Ahmed, 27, was given a ten-year sentence and will likely be deported

A newly married husband who raped a 12-year-old girl and claimed 'the devil got him' as he confessed to his wife has been jailed for ten years.

Pakistani national Kamran Ahmed, 27, had been in the UK less than six months after marrying a British woman when he had sex with the schoolgirl, pulling off her clothes and telling her 'I have to do this'.

Ahmed had previously told the girl she was pretty, touched her indecently and tried to kiss her before forcibly raping her, prosecutor Tom Storey told Bradford Crown Court.

Afterwards, he said that no one would believe a child over an adult if she told someone, forcing her to carry the shame alone, which the court heard had a dramatic impact on her school work.

She was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell her Muslim family but eventually confessed to her teacher that she had been assaulted 'in a dirty way,' the court heard.

Ahmed, from Thornbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, later confessed the crime to his British wife, saying 'the devil had got to him,' Mr Storey said. 

He was jailed for ten years after he pleaded guilty on the day of the trial and will be deported after serving his prison sentence, the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas QC, told him.


Kamran Ahmed, 27, was jailed for ten years for raping a 12-year-old girl then claiming that 'the devil got him'

Kamran Ahmed, 27, was jailed for ten years for raping a 12-year-old girl then claiming that 'the devil got him'


Mitigating, Mohammed Ramzan, said his client had also destroyed his own life.

'The case has had a devastating effect and he is extremely ashamed of his conduct and what he has done,' he said.

'He will be deported back to Pakistan after serving his sentence and he will take the shame with him.'

Mr Ramzan conceded that the girl will carry the 'torture' with her for the rest of her life.

Judge Thomas said: 'She was unable to take advantage of counselling because it was too painful and difficult to speak about what had happened, even in such a private setting.'

He told Ahmed: 'It is impossible to think that the effects of your crime on her will somehow dissipate in any substantial way.

'One fears that her future years will be very badly affected by what you did to her.'

Ahmed must sign the sex offenders' register indefinitely.

He will 'undoubtedly and inevitably' be deported back to Pakistan, Judge Thomas stated.



40. Just following the Quran

13.09.2016 12:29

Warning: Grafic content!

Video: ISIS Hurls People Off Rooftops to Shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”

In the following video clip, Islamic State members are seen hurling four people, one by one, to their deaths — all to triumphant shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”  The video was likely made last summer in Mosul according to local sources. Throwing people off rooftops is an Islamic punishment often reserved for homosexuals.

This fatwa sheds light on why this method of punishment is used:

‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Abbaas (Mohammads cousin) said: The highest point in the town should be found and the homosexual should be thrown head first from it, then stones should be thrown at him.

Ibn ‘Abbaas derived this hadd punishment from the punishment that Allaah sent upon the homosexuals of the people of Loot.

Ibn ‘Abbaas is the one who narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) the words:  “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done. ”The companions of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) agreed unanimously that the homosexual is to be executed, and none of them differed concerning that. Rather they differed as to the method of execution.

Some of these other methods include “that he is to be burned” and “that a wall is to be knocked down on top of him until he dies beneath it.  And it is said that both active and passive homosexuals should be detained in the foulest of places until they die.”

Bildresultat för ISIS Hurls People Off Rooftops to Shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”


41. 7-Year-Old Girl Slaughtered by Her Muslim Father After Mother Left Islam

14.09.2016 23:41

Mary Shipstone, an innocent 7-year-old girl, was murdered in cold blood by her father — the one man in the world to whom she should have always been able to turn for protection. But that is not how Islam works. Her mother, a Roman Catholic, had converted to Islam when she married Yasser Alromisse, but later rejected the faith. This led to a bitter custody battle.

A lawyer’s blunder led to the father being given his estranged wife’s address. Mary’s fate was then sealed — she was gunned down in front of her mother at her home near Rye on the South coast of England.

Western girls must realize that the rules and social mores change completely once they marry into Islam. Mary’s mother has learned this at a terrible price — the loss of her beloved daughter.

This Muslim migrant was just being a good Muslim by refusing to allow an apostate from Islam to live — certainly not any that he sired. He allowed the mother of the murdered child to live so she could live with her pain and agony. Who says Muslims aren’t tolerant?

Muslim illegal immigrant father who shot dead his daughter, 7, in ‘spite’ after her Catholic mother renounced Islam was accidentally sent the little girl’s address by her SOLICITORS

Mary Shipstone was gunned down as she stood next to mother Lyndsey
Mother and daughter were in safe house because of Yasser Alromisse
Alromisse was sent girl’s address and new identity in series of blunders
Killer shot dead his daughter and then shot himself dead in back of his car
Serious Case Review still claims her murder could not have been predicted

By Martin Robinson, Uk Chief Reporter For Mailonline, 12 September 2016

Today a serious case review into her death revealed that five months earlier, the girl’s mother, Lyndsey Shipstone, reported to police that her solicitor had inadvertently revealed her new address to Alromisse in legal papers.

Evidence also emerged that details of her previous addresses or identity were given to 46-year-old Alromisse by other bodies, including a bank and the Child Support Agency.

Lyndsey Shipstone has said she feels ‘let down and disappointed’ by the police taking no action on her new address being disclosed.

She also criticised some of the support she had received during her five-year court battle with Mr Alromisse over custody of their daughter.

She added: ‘Because it took so long, people underestimated the seriousness.

‘Actually there is a lot of danger – we had the briefest window and then Mary was killed and really nothing was OK.’


Mary Shipstone, was gunned down by her father Yasser Alromisse, right, as she stood next to her mother Lyndsey, together left, outside her home near Rye, East Sussex, after she returned from school.


Despite the disclosures, the serious case review concluded that no-one could have predicted or prevented the killing in Northiam, near Rye, East Sussex, on September 11 2014.

The couple, who met in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, had married in Liverpool in 2005 after Mrs Shipstone converted to Islam, friends said. She had been a practising Catholic but converted to Islam and quickly became devout.

The couple had a daughter named Yasmin Miriam in September 2001, but she died eight months later.

Mary was later born in 2006 but according to former neighbours, social services had to intervene, with orders barring Alromisse from being alone with his child.

They reconciled briefly in 2010 as Ms Shipstone feared isolation from their mosque if they did not, but the violence worsened and he once locked her and her daughter in the toilet.

She said: ‘When I last saw him at court I thought he might try to take her. But it never occurred to me that he would try to murder her.’

The murder has been labelled a ‘spite killing’ – intended to deprive Ms Shipstone of her daughter as he was losing the custody battle.

The last words Lyndsey said to her daughter as she put the key into her front door were: ‘You’ll like what I’ve done to your room.’

She had been living there with her daughter for a year and Mary had settled into her school.

A heartbroken Ms Shipstone, speaking recently said: ‘She was the happiest she had been for a long time.

‘She was learning the violin and learning to dance and doing all the normal things.

‘She was a happy girl and she was developing as a person in her own right, which is what every child deserves.’


The conclusion is: Never Marry a Muslim!



Eid al-Adha

42. Celebration of Eid al-Adha in the muslim world

15.09.2016 12:15

Men, women, and children are expected to dress in their finest clothing to perform Eid prayer in a large congregation in an open waqf ("stopping") field called Eidgah or mosque. Affluent Muslims who can afford it sacrifice their best halal domestic animals (usually a cow, but can also be a camel, goat, sheep, or ram depending on the region) as a symbol of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son. The sacrificed animals, called aḍḥiya (Arabic: أضحية‎‎), known also by the Perso-Arabic term qurbāni, have to meet certain age and quality standards or else the animal is considered an unacceptable sacrifice. This tradition accounts for the slaughter of more than 100 million animals in only two days of Eid. In Pakistan alone nearly ten million animals are slaughtered on Eid days costing over US$3 billion.

The meat from the sacrificed animal is preferred to be divided into three parts. The family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends, and neighbors; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.

This feast is the Muslims' most sacred / important and could be compared to our Christmas celebration. But it is anything but peaceful. The animals are of course halal slaughtered and have to suffer terribe horror and pain before they die. Blood gushes out and color large areas red. Children and young people participate in this horror experience. What is celebration for Muslims is like being in hell for normal feeling people. This is not something we should ignore. It must be shown, so it can be condemned by more people.

Below are video links from Youtube.

Warning! Extremely disgusting!

[HD] [Graphic] Slaughtering of Cow During Eid Ul Adha in Bangladesh:


Animal Slaughter : camel killed on Eid - graphic warning:




Cow gets slaughtered on eve of Eid ul Adha 2014, Cairo:



Car burnings

44. Muslim migration

21.09.2016 15:08

is behind a wave of car burnings by these “new Europeans” in Sweden, Denmark, and France.

 Shocking footage from Sweden shows firefighters struggling to deal with unprecedented levels of arson crime as bored and unemployed Muslim invaders set fire to cars across Malmö for fun. Only rarely are the arsonists ever caught.

Last Saturday was one of the worst nights yet in the spate of car blazes that Sweden’s third largest city has suffered since July, with at least 70 cars burnt out in less than three months. “As soon as one fire was put out, then another one came,” Marie Keismar, from the Malmö police told Sweden’s TT newswire.
All of the 15 fires were in the city’s Muslim immigrant-heavy Seved and Rosengård districts, with the most serious danger coming from a bus powered by gas which was set on fire, in Rolfsgatan on the edge of the Seved district, raising a serious risk that one of its cylinders might explode.

 There have also been car fires in other cities across Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping.

Between June and mid-August, 134 vehicles were set ablaze in Stockholm, 43 in Sweden’s second city of Gothenburg, and 108 in its third city, Malmö.


Dull Monday evening in Malmö - More than 10 cars on fire


Spate of Sweden car burnings mystifies authorities


Sweden, burning car rolls into a Church


Malmö - 9 car fires on 6 addresses within 1 hour




Egyptian writer

45. Fatema Nouali surprised

30.09.2016 13:44

In a September 12, 2016 column titled “New York… Sex and the City,” in the Egyptian English-language daily Egypt Independent, columnist Fatema Nouali relates her impressions from a recent visit to New York city. She writes that, due to her familiarity with and love for the American series “Sex and the City,” she expected New York women to be chic and lovely,” and to attract the attention of men in streets.

However, she was surprised to discover that, even though New York women wear clothes that are revealing by Egyptian standards, and mix freely with men in public places, men do not stare at them and they do not experience the kind of sexual harassment that is prevalent in Egypt.
“Before I came to New York city, I lived the details of New York life through an American television comedy series called Sex and the City about New York women’s lives — which seemed characterized prominently by freedom – four women who made all the decisions with regard to their lives, each with her own character and goals, they share the city with men on an equal footing, in a way that seemed unimaginable.

 “I lived with these women, via the screen, following their lives, so packed with events both romantic and tragic, including some close to our lives as Arab women and others so distant that we can’t imagine them happening in public — for religious or social reasons.
“I came to New York with a prior assumption that women in the city are chic, lovely, and charming, the eyes of men following their beauty in the street, the women meanwhile happy and inviting. However, I was surprised to find completely different behaviors.

 “Women here do not experience the kind of sexual harassment so often practiced by men. Their clothing is more than revealing by our standards, but their almost naked bodies does not necessarily provide a provocation to men, who simply turn a blind eye. Tight spaces contain both sexes in the subway, but no one is looking at anyone else, in full respect for privacy.
 “I was the only one looking at people of both sexes for long periods, with a thousand questions spinning in my head, and I am still looking for an answer to one question. What makes these people different from us to such a degree? Do men here have different genes from our men? Or is the Arabic man more virile and masculine, and should we be thankful to nature for granting us this sort of man?

 “It didn’t take me too long to work out that the aversion of one’s gaze here is not ideologically or religiously motivated. Here the law obliges you to respect others, and it guarantees you freedom of expression, clothing and action — so long as it only affects you, rather than impinging upon the freedom of others.
 “I always considered myself free, practicing my freedom without restrictions. But when I experienced living with women here and followed their movements about the city, I realized how far we are from that sense of sharing public space with the other half of society.

 “Here in New York, the body does not necessarily refer to sex. Women wear whatever they wish. Moreover, the dictatorship of beauty in the accepted standards for women, which require them to abide by fitness and femininity, applies only to a minority.
 “I found a city that allows women to live in dignity, freedom, safety, coexisting with men — and not a hint of sex or harassment. Even the signs of expressing love, such as kisses and hugs between lovers, which are familiar in European countries, are almost non-existent here. Love and sex has its place in the bedroom — and with the consent of both partners.”


New York:

Bildresultat för subway new york

Cairo, Egypt:

Bildresultat för egypt sex harassment
Bildresultat för egypt sex harassment