32. Germans flee Germany

25.08.2016 16:05

Germans flee Germany


An increasing number of Germans who disagree with Merkel's liberal asylum policy are fleeing the country - to Hungary.

- They get shelter, free food, money is more or less thrown at them, while we Germans must tighten our belts, says Jennifer Duraeder.

She and her husband are among the many Germans who have chosen to move to Hungary. Because, while Germany has welcomed around 222,000 asylum seekers in 2016 alone, Hungary has done everything in their power to keep refugees out, including using barbed wire fences on the borders with Serbia and Croatia.

- They've had enough of Germany, and want to get away from here. It just gets worse, says realtor Ottmar Heyde. He said that eight out of ten requests now come from German customers.

- And they like Prime Minister Victor Orban politics, and his statements about that since he can not feed his own people, he can not take in refugees, says Heyde.

In April, Orban launched a plan to "protect Europe," called Schengen 2.0, which he wants to travel Europe and present to other European countries, including Germany.

Apart from the German immigration policy, Germans see more benefits by moving to Hungary, warmer climate, lower prices and a large group of Germans already there.

A quarter of a million Germans had to leave Hungary after World War II, but now over 62,000 people in Hungary say they are Germans, according to Hungarian Statistics. Meanwhile, 88,000 said that they felt a strong affinity for German culture.