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Acid attacks

Acid attack

01.08.2014 23:40

is one of the most disgusting way to hurt someone you can imagine. I can not think of anything more disgusting. Sneaking up on someone unsuspecting and throw corrosive acid on the face of somebody. This, which is often a woman, in many cases have rejected a marriage proposal or a sexual invitation. The attacker, usually a man, feeling rejected and frustrated and assume the right to destroy a young woman's whole life and future. There may also be disputes over land or property. Children are also among the victims. Many times also acid is poured over the faces of a sleeping person. These crimes are most common in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, but appear in a large number of countries in Asia and Africa. When Bangladesh limited availability of acid and imposed the death penalty for acid attacks, the number of victims decreased by 90%. The perpetrator, who lost his humanity, must be seen as a monster. Many times he will escape punishment because of corrupt police and judges.


This girl was attacked by acid when she slept.

Female genital mutilation

Genital mutilation

02.08.2014 00:10

 of little girls is probably the most disgusting thing a parent can expose their own children to. For the child, it is an assault that is unparalleled. To cut your child with a knife or a razor blade! Moreover, in the genital area. The girl is betrayed by those she trusts and who should protect her from all evil. The surgery is done against the little girls will. She screams in terror and pain, but is pressed down with strong adult hands. Nothing justifies this torture and punishment for the person performing the mutilation should be life imprisonment. Nobody pays attention to the child, so it is up to wise adults to legislate and educate and influence schools and in people in rural villages. No child deserves to be treated so heartlessly!

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Caste system

02.08.2014 17:04

is the social system that exists in India. Nowadays there are thousands of castes, but originally there were only four: priests, warriors, merchants, and laborers. The lowest class, the Dalits or untouchables, are subjected to heartbreaking injustice. They must perform the hardest and dirtiest jobs that no other Indians want to perform. All toilet and drain cleaning is their responsibility, and then there is not adequate protective clothing or gear. They may be in the sewers during the work and remove excrement by hand on all toilets. And we are not talking about water closets. Removal of dead animals, skinning carcasses for leather industry, all the cleaning and washing, heavy and dangerous work they are forced to perform. They are extremely poorly paid for their hard work and get, instead of gratitude, contempt

from the other Indians. 70% the Dalits live below the poverty line (10 SEK / day). Many Dalits are deprived of the right to adequate education and health care. At school, Dalit children sit in the back of the classroom and the cleaning of school toilets falls to them. They must also endure physical and mental abuse by teachers and classmates of higher caste. All middle-class Indians use Dalits as servants, they clean their home, they look after their gardens, they wash their cars and take care of their children. A typical family can have four Dalits who does all the work at home. The are used to the maximum and work about 16 hours per day. This is an apartheid society of the worst kind! Indians exploiting Dalits vulnerable position entirely lack emphaty. There are about 165 million Dalits in India.

Dalit woman cleans public toilets:

Dalitman empties open drain:

Here are some examples of how the Indian apartheid works:

Tea vendors have special glasses that only Dalits drink from.

Restaurants have special chairs and plates that only Dalits use.

Ban to visit the temple.

Prohibition to use sandals near more dominant castes.

Dalit girls in the age of twelve must accept to become temple prostitutes and have sex with priests.

They are buried in the specific areas where not others castes are buried.

Prevented from participating in elections.

Must not ride a bike in the village.

Must not use the village's public trails.

This boy became pushed into a fire for walking on a forbidden path in the village:

Dalit children at work:

Dalit women at work:

Long walk for water because the village well is reserved for the higher castes:

People who need to oppress others weaker, who can not defend themselves, to feel important has a serious flaw in his character. Approximately 1 billion Indians seem to have this character flaw. The 165 million who are exposed is the largest amount of people in the world who systematically tormented. The caste system was abolished in 1949 but the higher castes defend their ancient rights to get others to do all their work for them.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

03.08.2014 17:11

is an Islamist group from Nigeria, who has become known for its extremely violent methods to stop western education. Boko Haram actually means "Western education is prohibited". They demand that Muslim sharia law and Islamic schools are to be introduced throughout Nigeria. Since half of the population is Christian attacks takes place on targets in Christian areas. Churches and schools are bombed, especially girls' schools are among favorite targets. Children and adults are shot for the sole reason that they are Christians. The killing has in recent years intensified. Infamous in the world, they became when in April 2014 230 schoolgirls wewe abducted from Nigeria´s only girls' school.

dnapped girls:




03.08.2014 17:26

is the extremely violent terrorist group, which is now expanding in Syria and Iraq. Isis (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) wishes to create a country where Islamic Sharia law should apply. They have already conquered large territories in Syria and Iraq. After settling in, they leave lots of dead people. An eerie hallmarks after their rampage is all heads that they cut off their opponents. They love to gather together a large group of captured Syrian or Iraqi soldiers and even civilian Shiites. Then a murder spree starts. Prisoners are shot and heads cut off. They want to create fear and succeed in doing this. These people call themselves religious, but completely lack human characteristics. Violence, oppression and torture are part of their ideal society.




04.08.2014 14:14

are unmanned aircraft used for surveillance and attack. They can be a great tool for commercial applications, such as aerial photography and surveillance in a number of areas. But as a weapon to kill suspected enemies, it is monstrous. A more cowardly way of waging war, one can hardly imagine. Comfortably the operator sits in front of his computer and observes his suspected opponents, not unlike a computer game. A light pressure on the joystick and a missile is fired and detonates on a person, a car or perhaps a house. People die, without having the chance to explain themselves, without trial. United States has in this way killed 2500-3500 people. Of these, about 900 completely innocent people, many women and children. 1000-1500 were injured. That all this creates a huge hatred of the United States is obvious. But the United States justify it as a war against terrorism and thus allowed. USA would not, of course, accept that the drones were used on American territory. If Pakistani or Afghan drones would kill 900 innocent Americans a public outcry would erupt. But of course it is easier to accept unintended loss of lifes in a poor country far away than in the United States.

Drones and victims of drones:


Tobacco Companies

Tobacco Companies

05.08.2014 17:15

clearly shows that only if there is money to be made, they are prepared to sell cigarettes despite that for decades it has been fully proven that cigarette smoking kills its users. Every year about 6 million people die. Meanwhile, the companies sell cigarettes for 300 billion dollars per year. As certain restrictions imposed in the West tobacco companies invests fully in developing countries. For example, efforts are made to attract women to start smoking because it is still few women who smoke there. The multinational tobacco companies' sales in developing countries leads to a substantial transfer of capital from the pockets of millions of poor smokers to shareholders in high-income countries. The tobacco companies' resources are enormous and their power is monumental. Any bill that would restrict the sale will be effectively opposed by lobbying in the United States and the EU. All means are allowed: eg bribes, lawsuits and bought experts. But if the political will was there, the determination and the courage to stand up to the tobacco companies and the empathy with those who suffer illness and death, any country's government could declare ban on cigarette and close the factories! (Only four big manufactures produce about 70% of the world's cigarettes!) The tobacco companies' owners and its management, and bribed politicians are our days monsters: their greed causes 6 million deaths every year!

A recently published facts text found in "Tobacco Facts":

Many toxins found in cigarette:

Health damage:

Cigarette smoking is addictive:

Many die in the United States:



Monsters in Congo

The conflict in Congo-Kinshasa

27.08.2014 18:18
is the worst in the world since World War II. Eight African countries and 25 armed groups are involved. 5.4 million people have died so far, but still little is done to put an end to the fighting. DRC is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of access to valuable natural resources such as gold and diamonds, but also tin, tungsten and coltan. However, the population lives in extreme poverty. Resources disappeared from the country during colonization, under dictator Mobutu's 30 years in power and during the fighting between militias and African armies after Mobutu's downfall. Still, the battle for natural resources, is one of the main causes of the conflicts. The armed groups exploiting the assets that are sold in international markets so that they can continue to fund weapons and illicit activities. The conflict is driven by the struggle for control of natural resources.


Armed groups attac the people, targeting especially the women with horrific atrocities. Nowhere else on earth so many women and girls are subjected to rape and torture. The men who carry out the terror seems to have lost all humanity and decency.

A report in Läkartidningen 2013 is infuriating to read and should help the rest of the world will stop these diabolical monsters in Congo from further crimes against humanity. Atrocities against these innocent women and girls are so grotesquely horrible that it almost can not be described in words! The world at large seem to ignore the large number of murdered and mutilated.

Source: shot-in-the-war-Kongo/

The rebels' diabolical war strategy is to rape and torture women and children. When they are using rape instead of bombs, they spread fear and shatters communities without facing military resistance.

Sylvie is only 14 year old when we meet her in the women's clinic in Goma.
- Three men raped me before I came here. They took me and stuck a knife in my vagina. I did not know them. I do not remember them, and even if I would see them again, I would not recognize them. They had uniforms, she says.


The revenues from coltan mining fund the ongoing civil wars in Congo-Kinshasa. Coltan is used in capacitors, for example in printed circuit boards used in mobile phones, laptop computers, computer games or MP3 player. The lower production costs, the greater the profit for rebels and smugglers. In eastern Congo the small-scale mining dominates. Whole families are working to dig and sift the "gray gold" - coltan. Ten year olds in the quarries in eastern Congo are looking for coltan in order to let ten year olds in the West be able to play with their PlayStations. In many mines there are miserable working conditions and wages. 75% of mine workers earn too little to support their families. Security is poor. The workers have no protective equipment. Debt slavery and child labor exist. Assault and rape are common. As late as in August 2010 hundreds of rapes in the villages were reported around the mining areas in Walikale in North Kivu in eastern Congo.

The requested minerals that should have given the country prosperity, is now funding an ongoing war, where murder, torture and poverty prevail.


Coltan mine in Congo-Kishasa.




21.09.2014 14:12

earlier known as ISIS and ISIL.

The unimaginable violence and brutality that characterize IS upset and surprise us Westerners. Where IS expands everyone with other beliefs than themselves are killed. Even Muslims, except the most extreme Sunni Muslims, have everything to fear when the well-armed IS-warriors are expanding into their territory. Men, women and children are killed. Many get their throats cut or are buried alive! The women and children spared are sent back to IS controlled areas and sold as sex slaves or household slaves. Especially vulnerable are Christians.


We are horrified by their atrocities, but one must keep in mind that concepts like freedom, justice, equality, empathy, democratic values, the protection of the weak, the right of every individual to seek his own happiness, to critically examine facts and allowed to reject the prevailing perceptions and to having an atheistic belief system are Western values​​. They grew out of the Enlightenment in the mid1700s, particularly in England and France. Science and reason would replace superstition and authoritarianism. (Thanks Newton, Darwin, Voltaire, Linnaeus, Celsius, etc.) The basis is of course the 2000-year-old Christian conception of justice with the Ten Commandments and Jesus' admonition to love one's neighbor and turning the other cheek.

In Asia and Africa, people generally do not have those values. In countries where the whole population is muslim they have the highest intolerance, for example, in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Criticism of religion leads to death. Countries with a big part of muslims, such as India, have somewhat higher tolerance but violence often explodes between Muslims and Hindus. In countries with small Muslim populations such as Thailand and the Philippines clashes occasionally occurs between Muslims and Buddhists or Christians. In Europe and the United States with a small but growing proportion of Muslims, hatred of Western values exploodes ​​in violence against vulnerable systems that are easily accessible due to our open society. Extreme islamists like IS members strikes against spectacular targets such as the aircraft crashes into the World Trade Center, the bombing of London's public transport and the Madrid bombings.

The West's leaders must work together to prevent extreme Islamists to travel to Europe, the Americas and Australia. The West's youth who travels to the Middle East to fight with the IS should have their passports revoked. The risk is, of course, otherwise they get home as fully trained assassins with war experience and an evil ideology.


IS latest murder spree: