Acid attack

01.08.2014 23:40

is one of the most disgusting way to hurt someone you can imagine. I can not think of anything more disgusting. Sneaking up on someone unsuspecting and throw corrosive acid on the face of somebody. This, which is often a woman, in many cases have rejected a marriage proposal or a sexual invitation. The attacker, usually a man, feeling rejected and frustrated and assume the right to destroy a young woman's whole life and future. There may also be disputes over land or property. Children are also among the victims. Many times also acid is poured over the faces of a sleeping person. These crimes are most common in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, but appear in a large number of countries in Asia and Africa. When Bangladesh limited availability of acid and imposed the death penalty for acid attacks, the number of victims decreased by 90%. The perpetrator, who lost his humanity, must be seen as a monster. Many times he will escape punishment because of corrupt police and judges.


This girl was attacked by acid when she slept.