1. Schools

All children should have the right to go to school to learn to read, write, mathematics and everything needed to get a job. In the Western world we have come to the conclusion that people learn best in a calm, accepting and friendly environment where curiosity and questioning teach students for life. They should be able to explore what interests them and not blindly obey authorities!


In Islamic countries is the opposite attitude: Learn rattling archaic texts by heart. Ideally, the entire Quran should be learned despite the students' aversion. The children are afraid of the teachers, who can treat them for arbitrariness and abuse those who do not learn by heart at the pace the teacher thinks is appropriate. He often has a whip or small cane that he beats children with. Here you have to obey! All the time and effort it will take to memorize ancient texts could instead be used to develop thinking, creativity and research. Individuality is pushed back and blind obedience of the only truth is taught.


Many Muslims study in the West and can help develop their country. But many remain in the West and do not contribute to the development of the homeland.
But there are great universities.
Some years back only seven Universities from the Islamic world were listed in the top 500 World Universities. However, according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 (for 2016-2017), ninety six universities from Muslim countries have been listed amongst the top 1102 Universities of the world. This is definitely a positive sign towards the need of higher learning in the Islamic World although universities of only 18 Muslim countries could find places in the list. Hope other Muslim countries will find their names in future reports. Of the 96 listed Universities, 22 belong to Turkey followed by Iran 18; Pakistan, 10; Malaysia and Egypt 9 each; Saudi Arabia, 5; U.A.E. and Indonesia 4 each; Jordan and Morocco 3 each; Tunisia 2 and Algeria, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria. Oman and Qatar 1 each.

It is extremely upsetting to see how young children are abused at will in koranschools in the Muslim world. They come to school to learn something, but gets beaten. It creates scared children who do not dare to make their voice heard and question the teachers. You become quiet and docile.






Small children are taught to hate jews:  




Sickening : Egyptian Teacher Beating On His Kindergarden Students With A Stick For No Apparent Reason!


Bildresultat för Egyptian Teacher Beating On His Kindergarten Students With A Stick For No Apparent Reason!


2. Some refugees

11.02.2016 18:29

or immigrants from the Muslim world behaving badly towards women and girls. Those who are not accompanied by male patrons regarded as whores and gives men the right to harass them, they think. They do not respect our laws, traditions and values, but believe in some strange way that everything that comes in the Muslim world also applies here.

We are all outraged by the attacks in Cologne, where a thousand young Muslims attacked all single women: they touched them, stole mobiles and money and even sexually assaulted their victims.
In all major cities in Europe there are lots of unoccupied immigrants. Some bullies young girls as a mere pastime.
The videos below show some entirely unprovoked attacks by thugs:


Rotterdam girl attacked by Muslim because he didn't like the way she was dressed.



Finnish girls do not seem easily intimidated:

Finnish girls dealing with Somali immigrants




Immigrants chasing Greek police:

Muslim migrants overwhelm Greek riot police, send the right police running for their lives






The French police must get a little tougher. In Russia it is the police who give the orders.




Treatment of animals

3. Respect

12.02.2016 22:30

and compassion for animals can be found not so easy in the Muslim world. It is enough to google on halal slaughter you realize how Muslims let animals suffer in horrific ways. It involves millions of animals.

Warning! Videos are terribly upsetting.


Australian cattle exported to Egypt suffer halal slaughter:

Shocking live export cruelty in Egypt - Ismailia


Scores of Australian animals are exported to the Muslim world. Australian government must ban all exports of live animals.

Festival of Sacrifice 2014 - Live exports Investigation (UNCUT - WARNING: GRAPHIC)


ABC - Indonesia, Animal cruelty/torture/halal beef (disturbing)




2009 the swine flu began to spread in the world.
The authorities decided that all the country's pigs would be killed. This was done in grotesquely painful ways. The pigs suffocated in overcrowded containers. Those who survived were buried alive and acid was poured over them.
Since the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, only the Christian Coptic population suffered economically. Now they got a chance to give the Christian population a heavy blow.

Outrage as video shows Egypt's pig killing:




Brave Egyptian woman

7. Egyptian woman

01.03.2016 12:51

telling the truth about Islam:

A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World


Warning: please read carefully.

The following article is not written with “hatred” or “Islamophobia” or “ignorance” as many will prejudge.

The same accusions Muslims, and their western leftist “useful idiots” usually accuse falsely those who dare to criticize Islam or those who make them listen to what they don’t want to hear about their religion.

These empty accusations don’t intimidate me or will ever silence me as they wish. What I am about to share is the ultimate truth that has been lived, experienced and suffered by me for more than 30 years. This experience was gained by living in my home country of Egypt which is now a pure Muslim society. Like so many others I have been burned by this transformation. This transformation has seen me witness and experience Islam turn my home country to ruins and its followers are now threatening to bring the same fate to your own country.


Islam is not like any other religion. Islam is a supremacist racist political and social ideology wrapped in a thin peel of religious rituals. It seeks domination and supremacy over all other systems and religions. Islam is worse than Nazism and fascism systems combined without any doubt.

Followers of Islam believe they are the only righteous people on earth and the only nation who hold the truth. Muslims believe Islam  is the only true religion.

Due to this Muslims believe everyone else who has a different religion, or has no faith and does not follow Islam are“Kaffirs” (a derogatory term means unbelievers). Muslims are influenced by many frivolous koranic verses and hadiths (words and deeds of their prophet) teaching them they are the best nation that has ever emerged on earth. For example, according to surat (verse) 3:110 from the Quran, Allah said to Muslims: “Thus We have made you the best nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger (Muhammad) be a witness over you”.


Muslims are in your country, but they live not to integrate or to be part of your society or at least to be equal with others, but to dominate and to be the only privileged group. Muslims achieve this  by turning you into a second class citizen in your own country.

They immigrate to your countries holding the same belief system that turned their lives into hell on earth. This same belief, same religion made their lives unsupportable in their original societies. It is the same religion that transformed their countries into war zones of endless conflicts. Muslims now homeless want to apply this system and live and apply the same destruction in your own country.

Muslims are not in your country to help build it or to make it prosper.  Many believe this, including politicians. Muslims are in your country to drain its resources and to suck the blood out of society. For example Muslims represent the majority of all your country’s welfare recipients.


A real Muslim’s loyalty is not and will never be to your countries but to the global Islamic “Umma” (nation) only.

At this point please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that ALL Muslims are bad; But we have no choice but to take care of them all because they ALL believe totally in this evil ideology,  but they do ALL believe in an evil man, a warlord, The Prophet of Islam.

In the world of snakes and vipers, the average person can’t distinguish between the poisonous snake and the non-poisonous snake; the average person has no choice but to avoid all kind of snakes.. Since the world did not invent a tool able to detect who is the “devout” Muslim and who is the “nominal” Muslim or a device to detect who is telling the truth and who practising “taqqiyah تقية” (telling lies to the unbelievers in order to advance the cause of Islam), so it is wise to take your precautions against ALL Muslims and not accept them as immigrants or asylum seekers, they left us no choice but to avoid them all.

It’s no ones fault that Muslims put themselves in this situation, since not one single Muslim has the will, the courage or indeed the ability to stop his fellow believers from harming others in the name of his religion. Not one single Muslim group has the guts or the will to organize manifestations to condemn Islamic terrorism, like those organized to condemn cartoons and youtube videos criticizing their “Prophet”, not one single mosque or Imam or Islamic organisation can teach against those violent texts in the Quran and the Hadith (words, deeds and biography of the prophet of Islam) which incite thousands of Muslims to commit acts of terrorism, because they can’t go against their own islamic books ….

Until Muslims can accept responsibility and act to change, then they have no right to demand respect. Until then they have no right to endlessly act like robots and repeat that Islam is a “religion of peace”. This claim has absolutely no value or credibility now. Muslims can’t ask the rest of the world to respect them as they don’t respect others and continue to impose their laws and way of life on others.

Golden Rule’s don’t exist in Islam. With Muslims their thoughts are based as if they are travelling long a one way road. One direction ONLY, one direction. This has been the same since the time of their prophet in the 7th century and continues to this day… Muslims demand tolerance, but they don’t have to tolerate anybody else in other societies or faiths…They demand accommodation, but they don’t have to accommodate anybody else…They demand respect but they don’t have to respect anybody else….Remember, they immigrate to your western countries and think that’s your duty to integrate to them, not the reverse.

Muslims don’t understand that respect is earned not given.


Islam turned their lives and the lives of others around them into a living hell. Now Muslims are immigrating in huge numbers from their desolated countries and invading yours. They do whatever they can to immigrate to Europe, America, Australia, even if the price is risking their own lives and traveling in sinking disused ships in the middle of the sea. Thousands upon thousands of Muslims everyday stand in front of western consulates in their countries hoping to get a visa to leave their ruined, corrupted, violent and failed societies. All as a result of Islam.

They wish to see your country as another copy of the one they and their belief ruined and then escaped from. Today, especially the second and third generation of this Islamic immigration have become even more fanatic and violent within the counties that their families sought refuge in. The latter generations are also realizing the success that Islam has had on changing the country’s demographic profile and laws that give extra privileges to them.

Muslims have a very high birthrate comparing to yours and they will strive to be the dominant or at least the majority group in the future . This will cause a lot of changes and modification in you freedom, laws, quality and way of life and catastrophic consequences, for example; civil war.

Not every individual who identifies himself as a Muslim means automatically he is an expert in Islam or have read or even know all his religious texts from A to Z.  or living according to the teachings and example of his prophet. Not every Muslim means automatically that they must be a scholar of Islam. Many Islam for them is just some rituals no more no less….Any European or American can identify himself as Catholic but that doesn’t mean he is an expert in the bible or following the teachings of Jesus, same thing is applied on Muslims too. People can be good or bad, but Islam itself is very bad.

Many Westerners non-muslims when they meet or know a fine person identifying himself as Muslims they assume ignorantly that Islam itself is fine too . Many Muslims are so superficially knowledgeable about their own religion. For them Islam is only some rituals like praying, fasting Ramadan, doing the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) etc.. But pay attention, they could be either very ignorant about their religion, or very manipulative.


The vast majority of Muslims are programmed to recite not to understand holy texts, to glorify not to analyze, to praise not to criticize. That’s why you can meet some Muslims telling you some utopian whitewashed issues about their religion.

A Muslim is ordered to not ask questions about their religion. This is mentioned in the Quran “verse 5:101: “O you who have believed (Muslims), do not ask about things which, if they are shown to you, will distress you.” If they question they could be considered an apostate, and could be killed by their fellows. If claims about the “peacefulness” of Islam are true, Muslims could have taught it to their fellows who commit all kind of atrocities proudly in the name of Islam. This would have stopped them from committing evil in the name of their religion. But since these ignorant Muslims know well there is no Islamic textual basis or religious jurisprudence sustaining their claims, they prefer to tell you these untruths about Islam.

They understand the western mentality is open and receptive and can accept claims without suspicion or doubt. Unfortunately since many of the western people have lost their faiths, values and principles, they have become empty inside and easily influenced, and easily fooled.

Muslims depend on your ignorance to feed you the poison like a piece of chocolate. Muslims need and must tell you these utopian imaginary sweet sounding things about Islam either to stop you from resisting their plans or to convert you to Islam, or both.

Never forget the following fact: The more a Muslim is devout and religious, the more they become dangerous, full of hatred and has tendency to violence

Thousands of times I heard Muslims living in the west, their non-Muslim apologists, western politicians and the western mainstream media repeat the following statement : The vast majority of Muslims are moderate peace loving people and only a tiny minority are “extremists”:


On the terrorist attack of September 11th 2001 I was still living  in Egypt (80 million people in this time). 19 Muslim hijackers killed 3000 innocent Americans by their own hands. Almost 80 million Muslim Egyptians following the attacks were celebrating the death of those American victims: All public transport was free this day and for the next three days all the restaurants offered free meals and sweets. All the cinemas and gardens offered free entry, the radio stations didn’t stop playing happy victory songs….Does this mean that only 19 hijackers were “extremists” while the 80 million Muslim Egyptians were “moderate peace loving” people? Does that mean that 80 million are “peace loving” only because they did not kill by their own hands?

You are not required to kill to be called violent or “extremist”or “radical”or “terrorist”. You can be violent, extremist, radical or terrorist even if you don’t kill with your own hands.  That’s what the West is unable to understand…In Islam, there is many forms of “Jihad” other than killing in the battlefield…The vast majority of Muslims are sympathizers with terrorists. They believe in the same ideology and share their goals even if they do not hold arms themselves. That’s why this vast majority is silent and don’t show any opposition to their fellows who kill in the name of their religion.

A Muslim generally, as his holy texts command, can never befriend a kaffir (non-Muslim). TO them, you are a “kaffir”, and the “Kaffir” in the Quran is UNCLEAN… They believe hell fire is your final destiny, the only reason why they may smile to you is to proselytize you “Dawah or Daawa دعوة” . This is a religious duty to all Muslims; to try to convert non-Muslims to Islam or at least to try to stop you from defending yourself and to let them achieve their goal quietly and to neutralize you . As it is mentioned in verse 3:28from the Quran: “Let not the believers take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them…”.

This hypocrisy is widely used and encouraged in Islam when dealing with kaffirs. it’s called Taqqiyah“ and it is widely used by muslims in non-Islamic countries.

Muslims are killing each other using the most barbaric ways in Islamic countries. Muslim fathers or mothers can kill their daughters for not wearing the islamic veil or for being too westernize…If they are such unmerciful between each other, how do you except them to be nice to you or befriend you, the “Kaffirs”?…Before you say not All Muslims do that, please admit that this happens, and it happens everyday and happens ONLY in Islamic societies.


After almost every terrorist attack Muslims in the West pretend to condemn the  killing of “Innocent” people or say Islam condemns the killing of such “innocents”…The notion of “innocent” in Islam can never be applied on Non-Muslims, because according to the islamic Jurisprudence, they (the non-Muslims) rejected the message of Allah and Mohammed (they are not Muslims), so they are considered automatically non innocents…But when the Muslims say it in the western media addressing this statement to a non-Muslim audience , they are considered to not be lying because  they mean”Islam condemns the killing of Muslims”. They are the only people considered Innocents in the Islamic jurisprudence…

Muslims can never say Islam condemns the killing of Non-Muslims openly and directly, but says “Innocents” instead…This widely used tactic is called  ”Tawriya” or  ”Ketman” (تورية و كتمان ). This is an integral part of the Islamic teachings on dealing with non-Muslims. It means a Muslim say something but in his heart he means another thing completely the opposite for example. So that is NOT considered lying in Islam.

The same thing is applied to the word “terrorism” or “terrorist”…Muslims consider what they do is not terrorism; In their mentality they believe it’s a “resistance to western tyranny” or they are “defending Islam”, “fighting oppression” or “Jihad in the way of Allah”. Therefore Muslims can easily say “Islam condemns terrorism” or “Muslims are not Terrorists” because in their hearts they believe what they do is not terrorism and as mentioned before they are not lying.


The ultimate goal of Islam is the total domination of your country and eventually the whole world.

Remember the words of the Muslim terrorist “Mohammed Atta”  addressing his passengers victims of flight 11 of American Airways before he hit the First World Trade Centre in 9/11 and kill them all with others inside the tower. He announced to them in the flight intercom: “We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you’ll be O.K. We are returning to the airport. Nobody move. Everything will be okay. If you try to make any moves, you’ll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet.”… and he repeated again “Nobody move, please. We are going back to the airport. Don’t try to make any stupid moves.” The poor victims believed him and stayed quiet and they didn’t know they were going to their death.

This is what Muslims want you to do. To stay quiet, ignorant and don’t resist them. Only at the end  will they reveal their evil ideology and conquer you in your own country. By then you will be digging your own grave with your own hands.

If there is one message I can pass on to you, let it be this: Please be proud of who you are. Be proud of your country, values, civilization, heritage, culture and religion…This is the secret of your strength, the sign of your power, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Don’t forget the fact that you inherited the best civilization the humanity ever knew. This is the civilization that brought enlightenment to the world. This is why people from around the world, including Muslims want and try to live in your countries. Even if Muslims play on your sense of guilt to make you feel ashamed of something, don’t be driven by their dirty tactics. Stay strong and proud…They have millions of reasons to be ashamed of themselves and ashamed of their religion; They are part of the most decadent culture in history and their countries are the most backwards on earth. But they continue to convince themselves that they are perfect and proud and they play the role of the proud people. This is how they succeed to take over you, your culture and more.

Show them any lack of pride or any sign of weakness, self-loathing and they will use it against you and make you their prey.

Never forget that nobody can ride  on your back if you stand straight.


Muslims use your own democratic laws and values against you and they do it successfully while you keep sleeping as if as in a deep coma. This is why the leftists are the people who are worthy of  the title “useful idiots”. They are in a perpetual state of shame and self-loathing and will be the first victims of Islam once it takes over…Muslims use them as a stick to beat you with, but even they will never ever be accepted as friends to the Muslims after, and they will definitely be their first victims. Leftists, Liberals, progressives, Antifa, Code Pink etc. are all appeasers of Islam. Appeasing evil is cowardice. They are fooled people who feed crocodiles hoping they will eat them last. They are the enemy within your countries.

Your country is like your house; you expect visitors who come to your house to respect you and respect your rules, not the opposite. Visitors must appreciate your kindness and your generosity for receiving them into your home and not imposing their own rules on you. This is your house, you own it, so you have the obligation to protect it and defend it.

If the visitor doesn’t like your rules, all he has to do is to leave. Nobody obliged him to visit you, and nobody will prevent him from leaving. As he came to your house by his own choice, he can leave your house freely or by force, if required..

For more than 1400 years Islam has been protected from criticism.  Nobody has dared to question this belief system lest to be condemned to death. Islam is surrounded by very high walls, and Muslims are not allowed to see beyond that wall. The idea of questioning Islam is unthinkable to Muslims, so they are unable to accept the fact there is some people start to break this wall and allow rays of lights to pass through. They are unable to bare the fact that Islam is beginning to be exposed like a nude person and people are snow seeing its true form As a reaction Muslims fight to shut  mouths and to close everyone’s eyes.


The average Muslim is unable to differentiate between criticism and insult, between analysis and attack. They interpret any criticism of Islam automatically and their own reaction is to attack or insult.

Remember the concept of “hate speech” or “insult” in the Islamic mentality is not the same as the universal concept of these words.

A “hate speech” or an “insult” in Islam is to say something Muslims don’t like to hear or to acknowledge about their religion. This can be something they don’t want you to know about their religion, even if this thing is supported by a million proof from their “sacred” Islamic texts. For example to say the prophet of Islam was a pedophile, is considered a huge insult to Mohammed or an “Islamophobia”, despite there are many authentic “hadiths” (sacred books of words and deeds of Mohammed) witness that he “married” one of his favourite wives “Aisha” when she was 6 years old and he was 54 years old.

Muslims are unable to make a difference between Islam and the tip of their noses. Once you criticize Islam this is like a punch to their very own noses. The inability to criticize Islam must be stopped. People should be able to criticize Islam without fear of retribution. Muslims must learn that they are not above criticism or above other people or other religions. Islam like all other religions should be questioned, analyzed and criticized.

Muslims are masters of deception and manipulation, They use your taboos to intimidate you and silence you. They know the greatest taboo in the west is “Racism” so they don’t hesitate to label you a “racist” to intimidate you despite Islam is not a race but a belief system. As I mentioned before, don’t show them any sign of weakness and allow them to push their own values on upon you. They understand only the language of POWER. Just say NO to their unreasonable non-stop demands.

Remember, Muslims love and need to portray themselves ALWAYS as “victims”. This is their greatest weapon against you in the west. Victimhood enables them to act violently and give them the pretext to attack non-muslims around the world. It fuels them more and more with hate.  This hate generates more violence. Additionally to this Victimhood allow them to silence you and stop you from resisting their agenda. This is why the easiest thing for them is to label those who criticize Islam or reveal its reality as “racist” an “islamophobe” or “bigot”.


One final thing you must be aware of. Muslims are projectors of themselves. They accuse you of what they truly are. They accuse you of being racist, while they are themselves racist.  Islam is all about racism. They accuse you to be a hater, while they themselves hate unconditionally. Islam is full of hatred incitement and violence. They accuse you of being a bigot, while Muslims act supremacism and are bigotry themselves.

Muslims generally suffer from a collective state of paranoia and conspiracy theories. This has existed since the time of their prophet till now. They believe they are perpetually persecuted, discriminated against and oppressed by non-Muslims. They believe that Jews and Christians are plotting against them to make them convert to Christianity and Judaism.  Some Koranic verses enforce this sick sentiment in them like in Verse 2:120 “ And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion.

Muslims residing in western countries living on the defensive. They interpret any disciplinary action against a Muslim or a refusal of a nonsensical religious demands as an act of anti-Muslim bias, or  direct discrimination against Muslims. Consequently Muslims cause a lot of trouble and unnecessary headaches within their host country and to the people who welcomed them in their land.

Why? The basic mistake has been countries tolerating Islamic Cultural Imperialism. This has seized upon the opportunity of the West’s open-handedness to refugees and asylum seekers. Muslims have adopted a Trojan Horse tactic to invade, over-run & take over.

By this current massive islamic immigration allowed to Western free countries (North America, Europe, and Australia), we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the west we use to know, and the beginning of the end of the western free civilization we use to cherish. 
No doubt, no doubt; The Islamic immigration is the deadliest mistake ever the west has ever made.

Nobody else in the world knows Islam and the mentality of Muslims more than those who have suffered by having Islam as a part of their life.

If you listen to the cries of the Copts of Egypt, the Christians of Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries you will hear the descriptions of the horrors of Islam.

See  and feel the tears of the minorities in every Islamic society. These tears will tell you the true stories of Islam. Hear the blood of the ex-Muslims pounding.  It’s their blood that is shouting out every single second asking the rest of the world to “Wake up!”

Please listen to my voice, my cry. Please see and feel my tears. Listen to my blood pounding with my message. I am a surviving victim of Islam.




Muslim Leaders Declare Aim Of World Domination. Rome, London, Spain, Paris, America, ISIS:



The message originally written and sent in arabic by Magda Borham (not her real name) from Egypt.

Special Thanks go to Mr. John Hayward for editing the text in English.

Brave Saudi woman

8. Saudi journalist

02.03.2016 17:58

Nadine Al-Budair calls on the Muslim world to think about the reality if Christian-Muslim roles were reversed.

Liberal Saudi journalist Nadine Al-Budair, who lives in Qatar, penned an article in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai in which she wondered how Muslims would have acted if Christians had blown themselves up in their midst or tried to force their faith on them.

She presented the hypothetical question while calling on the Muslim world to be introspective and enact reforms, instead of condemning Western attitudes towards it.

“Imagine a Western youth coming here and carrying out a suicide mission in one of our public squares in the name of the Cross. Imagine that two skyscrapers had collapsed in some Arab capital, and that an extremist Christian group, donning millennium-old garb, had emerged to take responsibility for the event, while stressing its determination to revive Christian teachings or some Christian rulings, according to its understanding, to live like in the time [of Jesus] and his disciples, and to implement certain edicts of Christian scholar,” she wrote, according to a translation of the article by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).


“Imagine hearing the voices of monks and priests from churches and prayer houses in and out of the Arab world, screaming on loudspeakers and levelling accusations against Muslims, calling them infidels, and chanting: ‘God, eliminate the Muslims and defeat them all.’”

“Imagine that we had provided an endless number of foreign groups with visas, ID cards, citizenships, proper jobs, free education, free modern healthcare, social security, and so on, and later a member of one of these groups came out, consumed by hatred and bloodlust, and killed our sons on our streets, in our buildings, in our newspaperoffices, in our mosques and in our schools.”

“Imagine a Frenchmen or a German in Paris or Berlin leading his Muslim neighbor [somewhere] in order to slaughter him and then freeze his head in an ice box, in a cold and calculating manner… as one terrorist did with the head of an American in Riyadh years ago.”

(She was referring to American engineer Paul Marshall Johnson, who was abducted and beheaded by Al-Qaeda operatives in Saudi Arabia in 2004. His severed head was found in an ice box in a Riyadh apartment approximately one month later.)

“Imagine that we visited their country as tourists and they shot at us, blew up car bombs near us, and announced their opposition to our presence by chanting: ‘Remove the Muslims from the land of culture.’”

“These images are far from the mind of the Arab or Muslim terrorist because he is certain, or used to be certain, that the West is humanitarian and that the Western citizen would refuse to respond [in this manner] to the barbaric crimes [of the Muslim terrorists]. Despite the terrorist acts of Al-Qaeda and ISIS [the Islamic State], we [Muslims] have been on [Western] soil for years without any fear or worry. Millions of Muslim tourists, immigrants, students, and job seekers [travel to the West] with the doors open [to them], and the streets safe [for them].”

“However, how much longer [will this last]? Today things are different. [Western] anger [at Muslims] is apparent, and they make scary declarations.”

“It is strange that we [Muslims] believe we have the right to condemn such statements rather than address the implications of some of our extremist curricula, our education, and our regimes, and be ashamed [of them]… It is strange that we condemn [the West] instead of addressing what is happening in our midst – the extremist ways in which we interpret the shari’a and our reactionary attitudes towards each other and the world. It is strange that we condemn instead of apologizing to the world.”

“How would you react if a European blew up a theater in your city or a café that your son frequents? What would you do if you heard curses against your religion and faith every Sunday, as they hear [against theirs] from some of our imams on Fridays and other days?

“Imagine being in Amsterdam, London, or New York and knowing that students [there] learn as part of their curricula that you are an infidel, and that killing you is jihad that leads to the virgins of paradise. Would you extend your stay there to the end of the summer, or stay away? [Would you] blow yourself up [as the Muslim terrorists do], or would you do less than that: [Merely] conquer your rage and demand to ban Christians from entering Arab countries. What would you do?

“[Imagine] the war that would break out had Westerners shed their values in the face of the bloody crimes committed by foreigners, and if Western or Christian counter-radicalism had emerged in our Arab cities?

“After all these farces, some Arab analyst comes out touting a pathetic message, and reciting the same words in his friend’s ear that he has repeated millions of times: ‘Those [Muslims who commit terrorism] do not represent Islam, but only themselves.’

“This is all we [know how to do] – absolve [ourselves] of guilt.”


9. Values and traditions

07.03.2016 17:03

in the Muslim world are the opposite of those in the West. Now million Muslims are flowing into Europe. In Sweden alone, over 160 000 arrived, mostly men, in 2015. Their view of women is appalling. To get obedient, subdued and afraid women men are exercising an elaborate torture. Minimum disobedience and you can be stoned. A sexual slip, which no one would care about in the west, is leading to a horrific death in the Muslim world. And for some reason it is always men who throw stones and women who suffer and die.

Stoning i Saudi Arabia:


A woman being stoned to death in Saudi Arabia




10. Europe

22.03.2016 13:49

has received millions of refugees from almost exclusively terrorist countries.

The immigrants / invaders have carried out terrorist crimes in a variety of locations in Europe.

Our politicians benevolence has made it possible for terrorists, among the immigrants, to create death and terror in Europe. Best known terror attacks include Madrid, 191 dead, Paris 130 dead, London 52 dead, and Brussels today, so far 34 dead.

The immigrants are almost exclusively Muslims. They have left their dysfunctional countries, for free Europe, where everything works like a well-oiled machine, compared to their home countries.

You can change the continent, but it is not as easy to replace the values, traditions and legal view from home. Our generosity also includes freedom of religion. Mosques are allowed. Hate preachings are allowed. Donations from Saudi Arabia to mosque construction are allowed.

So what could pooibly go wrong?




Bryssel 2016-03-22

Bryssel 2016-03-22



11. Italian

05.04.2016 11:20

girl manage to escape from hell in Syria. Her own parents send her to a life of misery, violence and hopelessness. She tells herself about the life that her parents arranged for her, a life that hundreds of millions of girls in the Muslim world are forced to endure.




12. Pakistani

08.04.2016 16:11

men demand the right to abuse and kill their wives and daughters.

Extremist groups in Pakistan are protesting new laws that protect women from violence

GROUPS of hard-line, right-wing Islamic extremists across Pakistan have banded in protest to reclaim the right to abuse and kill their wives and daughters.

The country has finally taken a progressive step forward on gender equality, but some men still believe the mistreatment of women is their divine, God-given right.

The controversy began when the Pakistani government introduced the Protection of Women Against Violence Bill, which effectively criminalises violence against women in Punjab — the country’s most populous region.

Before the law was officially enacted on March 1, diehard extremists attempted to block the legislation, saying it would “destroy the family system in Pakistan” and “add to the miseries of women”.

The Bill was passed unanimously by the Punjab Assembly, and opponents have since warned of ongoing protests if it is not repealed by the government.


The Protection of Women Against Violence Bill criminalises any and every form of abuse by men against women, whether it be domestic, emotional, psychological or done through stalking and cybercrime.

It provides for a network of shelters or safe houses where women who have fled violence can seek counselling, financial and medical aid.

It also conceives a universal, toll-free 24/7 telephone number women can call in order to report abuse.

In special circumstances, offenders may be monitored by wearing a bracelet with a GPS monitor, and will be restricted from making gun purchases.

The Bill was drawn up in 2015 by the political party of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. It was a surprise to many in the population, as the party has gained a reputation for pandering to right-wing religious groups.

In recent months, however, Sharif has publicly condemned violence against women and honour killings, and vowed to take action.

In February this year he told The Guardian: “This is totally against Islam and anyone who does this must be punished and punished very severely.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has condemned violence against women in recent months. Picture: AFP/Aamir Qureshi

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has condemned violence against women in recent months. Picture: AFP/Aamir QureshiSource:AFP


Violence against women is an endemic social issue in Pakistan. Wives and daughters are often still treated as domestic property.

Honour killings, acid attacks, bride burnings, child marriages, and sexual and domestic abuse are commonplace, yet these crimes are grossly under-reported.

The United Nation’s Gender Inequality Index puts Pakistan 147th in a list of 188 countries.

A 2014 report by the Aurat (Woman) Foundation, a women’s rights group based in Islamabad, said that every single day of the year, six women were murdered, six were kidnapped, four were raped and three committed suicide.

They also reported as many as 7010 cases of violence against women in the province of Punjab. These figures do not include dowry-related violence and acid attacks; crimes which are also serious and frequent.

Pakistani women protesting against sexual violence in Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistani women protesting against sexual violence in Lahore, Pakistan.Source:AP

According to Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission, nearly 1100 women were killed in Pakistan last year by relatives who claimed they had ‘dishonoured’ their families.

In most of these cases, the victim is usually murdered by a close male family member.

Until this Bill was enforced, women in the country were victims of a weak criminal justice system and an overall lack of social support, giving rise to utterly horrific stories of honour killings, acid attacks and ongoing abuse.

These issues recently came to light in the Academy Award-winning documentary A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness. It followed the horrific story of Saba Qaiser, a 19-year-old Pakistani girl who was beaten, shot in the head by her father and thrown into a river for marrying the man of her choice.

Miraculously, she survived, and her story ended up receiving a heap of attention both in Pakistan and globally, soon prompting the country’s Prime Minister to promise a crackdown on honour killings.

In an interview with The Guardian, the filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy said the main problem with “honour” killings is that it’s considered to be a private matter — rather than a public legal issue.

“People hush it up: a father kills a daughter, and nobody ever responds, nobody ever files a case. The victim remains nameless and faceless, and we never hear about them,” she said.

“People feel, ‘if we register a case, it will bring shame to the family’.”

A still from the documentary showing the horrific injuries Saba Qaiser suffered.

A still from the documentary showing the horrific injuries Saba Qaiser suffered.Source:YouTube


Right-wing, extremist Islamic leaders spent copious amounts of energy trying to block the protection Bill from being passed, and continue to oppose it.

They’ve deemed the Bill ‘un-Islamic’, contradictory to verses of the Koran, and an attempt to secularise, or westernise, Pakistan.

In a press conference, one of the country’s own parliamentarians, Muhammad Khan Sherani, reportedly claimed the Bill will actually have a detrimental impact on women, and ‘traditional’ family life.

He claimed the Protection Act was “un-Islamic”, saying: “The law seems to have the objective of pushing women out of the home, and increase their problems.”

Maulan Fazlur Rehman, chief of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl party, reportedly told local media the laws were “in conflict with the Holy Koran, the life of Muhammad, constitution of Pakistan and values of our country.”

“Husband and wife are considered partners in the West, but it is not the case in Pakistan,” he said.

He called it a “Western conspiracy”, saying it represents “the blind following of American and European cultures”.

He even went as far as to say it would break up homes, destroy the position of men in the home and invoke God’s wrath on the country.

A contributor for The New York Times, Mohammed Hanif, summarised their twisted logic as follows: “If you beat up a person on the street, it’s a criminal assault. If you bash someone in your bedroom, you’re protected by the sanctity of your home. If you kill a stranger, it’s murder. If you shoot your own sister, you’re defending your honour.

“I’m sure the nice folks campaigning against the Bill don’t want to beat up their wives or murder their sisters, but they are fighting for their fellow men’s right to do just that.”

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has promised to address the groups’ concerns.

Saudi Arabian

13. Newsreader

10.04.2016 16:38

from Saudi Arabia tells the truth about Islam.

A newsreader interrupted her own broadcast to urge fellow Muslims to feel 'shame' over terrorist atrocities like the Brussels and Paris attacks.

Nadine Al-Budair made a three-minute speech during a show on a Saudi Arabian news channel where she told her fellow Muslims to stop 'shredding their conscience'.

The broadcaster begged Muslims to take responsibility for the terrorists in their midst instead of suggesting that they were simply a 'rarity'.

Urged: Nadine Al-Budair (pictured) made a passionate three-minute speech on a Saudi Arabian news channel 

Urged: Nadine Al-Budair (pictured) made a passionate three-minute speech on a Saudi Arabian news channel 

She said: 'Whenever terrorism massacres peaceful civilians, the smart alecs and the hypocrites vie with one another in saying that these people do not represent Islam or the Muslims.

'Perhaps one of them could tell us who does represent Islam and the Muslims.'

She goes on to add: 'It is we who blow ourselves up. It is we who blow up others.

'Why do we shed our own conscience?

'Don't these perpetrators emerge from our environment? Don't their families belong to our society?

'After the abominable Brussels bombings, it's time for us to feel shame and to stop acting as if the terrorists are a rarity.

Fires burn among bags and debris as passengers flee the terminal in the immediate aftermath of two explosions at the check-in desks

Al-Budair said Muslims must take responsibility for the actions of extremists in light of atrocities such as those in Paris and Brussels. Pictured, fires burn among bags and debris during the attack at Zaventem airport

Speech: This is not the first time that Al-Budair has spoken out, she previously wrote in a newspaper column that Muslims should stop blaming the Western world for their problems

'We must admit that they are present everywhere, that their nationality is Arab and that they adhere to the religion of Islam.

'We must acknowledge that we are the ones who gave birth to them.'

 'It is strange that we condemn instead of apologising to the world.

'It is strange that we condemn instead of addressing what is happening in our midst.'


Terror at home

14. Evil and coward muslim

11.04.2016 14:43

Shiite man terrorizes three Syrian children and threatens to behead them with a knife.


A Lebanese man has been arrested after allegedly pretending he was going to behead three little refugee boys from Syria left in his care by their mother who went to work. One Lebanese media outlet reported that the 30-year-old man wanted to teach the boys a lesson after they had behaved in a way that risked their safety.

The entire episode – that Lebanese police have called a “sick joke” – was captured on video in which the boys are seen cowering and crying hysterically as the man brandishes a large knife and says he is going to behead them.

Lebanese man waves his knife as the hysterical kids wail in fear.

AFP reported that police also briefly detained the mother who reportedly said she had found the video which was subsequently posted to YouTube on Friday to be entertaining.

“Whom do we behead first?” the man asked the children, who quickly pointed at each other to avoid what in their minds would be the ultimate punishment.

During the cringe-worthy 98 second video, the children appear to be instructed to get on the ground in a position reminiscent of recent Islamic State beheading videos, then to get up and move closer to the man displaying the frightening knife.

“Put your hand here or else I will sever your head,” the man told one of the boys, according to Lebanon’s Naharnet.

“You, come here,” he instructed one of the boys. “Do you belong to Daesh [ISIS in Arabic]?”

“Whom do we behead first?” the man asked the children who quickly pointed at each other.


Quoting a law enforcement statement, Lebanon’s Naharnet reported that the man, a 30-year-old who owns a bakery, told police that he decided to threaten the children “after he saw them trying to go down from their home’s balcony on a public phone pole.”


He maintained that he wanted to frighten them to make sure they never do it again.

The pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon reported that this was the video of the incident:

“At the very end of the filming, the mother arrived from work and (said she) enjoyed the scene and asked (her neighbor) to send her the video,” an unnamed police official told AFP.

She was released after promising to treat her children better, AFP noted.




16. The ideology of violence and hatred

19.04.2016 18:23

Everywhere where many Muslims have gathered intolerance, harassment, violence, rape, murder and terror are increasing.

Anyone who does not agree can try to find out any place on earth with significant Muslim population where there is tolerance and peace. Where gang rape does not occur, where there are no "no-go zones" for non-Muslims. Where innocent isn`t mutilated or beheaded.

The entire northern Africa excel in violence and killings, primarily against non-Muslims. Throughout the Middle East, from Turkey to Pakistan, bombs are exploding. Christians are expelled, imprisoned and killed because of intolerance. In southern Thailand and southern Philippines buddhists and christians are kidnapped and killed by Muslims without any reason.

One might think that where they practice their dream society, the Muslim caliphate, there would be peace and harmony. In a society where all infidels are killed or chased away. But here life is hell. The smallest offenses are punished by flogging, amputation or death. So the talk that there would be peace when all infidels are cleaned out is not true.


 There is something fundamentally wrong about Islam. No other ideology stands for so much terror and murder. They live by medieval rules, even the clothes are medieval. They think God will be satisfied if you kill people by beheading, stoning, crucifixion, burial of the living and the throwing of people from high buildings.

How could a god possibly wish that of their followers? In that case, a very evil god.

During Friday prayers, sometimes some preachers calls for violence. After the prayers, the supporters are rushing out, filled with hatred and burn their neighbors' houses and kill the non-Muslims they find.

The worst is that senior mullahs and preachers convince people that it is right to hate and kill non-Muslims and they can easily find passages in the Koran to prove it. Mohammed himself killed lots of Jews and took slaves. The mullahs are spreading hatred.

In many countries, children are indoctrinated to hate Jews and Christians. On the Internet, one can see young children talk about how much they hate Jews and they want to stick a knife into them.

Islam is the religion of intolerance, hatred and violence.

This could be changed! As most Muslim countries are dictatorships the dictator could carry through the modernization of Islam. But unfortunately, you see the opposite. Through religion, they retain power over the people. In Iran it is even the mullahs who control the country. They obviously do not want to reduce their own importance.

In Saudi Arabia the royal family stands for an extra tough interpretation of the religion. They even pay for the construction of mosques in the West and also sends out hate preachers that affect people and make them hate their new home countries.

But there are Muslims who have grown tired and realize the need for a modernization of Islam. So there's maybe a little bit of hope, but 1400 years of terror speaks against it.


Bildresultat för muslimer förföljer kristna




17. Viktor Orban

25.04.2016 17:56

Hungarian Prime Minister is one of few European leading politicians, who refuse to be politically correct.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls for armed resistance against forced Muslim immigration:




20. The world's most cowardly "warriors".

10.05.2016 11:42

We have seen in media the "IS-warriors" torturing and killing children and women. We have seen tied people being burned, drowned, crushed, had their throats cut and pushed out from high buildings. Many other forms of torture are being used. All the perverted imagination of the "warriors" have been used to find as heinous and painful ways as possible.

So: they kill also the weak and helpless, children, women and the elderly.

They kill men that are tied.


Such actions have always been perceived as cowardly and have been regarded with shame.

When "IS-warriors" were taken captives, they cried like children, full of horror and pleaded for mercy.



21. Muslims

15.05.2016 17:20

Burn Christian Girl To Death, But Her Last 2 Word Give Us Chills.

A group of Muslims knocked on the door of a Christian family’s home, demanding payment for their protection, in accordance with Islamic law. When the mother hesitated, the Muslims immediately entered the home and set fire to it, knowing the poor woman’s daughter was still inside. As the mother held her dying little girl in her arms, the Christian child whispered 2 unbelievable last words.

The atrocities in the Middle East are not only remnants of Islam’s bloody history, but a sinister forecast of Christianity’s future. In the birthplace of both religions, only one reigns supreme, having forcibly converted, exiled, enslaved, or slaughtered nearly all Christians, devout Muslims have turned back the hands of time, giving us a bleak look at just how cruel and masochistic the prophet Muhammad’s rule was.

One of these Muhammadan executions came at the hands of Islamic State fighters, who were going door-to-door in Mosul to collect jizya, the Quran’s crippling tax for religious minorities under Sharia law. When they arrived at one Christian woman’s home, however, they decided to make an example out of her.

The Catholic News Agency reports that Muslim militants were greeted by the owner of the home, a helpless Christian woman. When they demanded she pay Islamic jizya, she pleaded with them to give her a moment to gather the money, as her daughter who could’ve done it quicker was in the shower. Instead of allowing her to collect the religious fee, they stormed into the house and set fire to everything.


Miraculously, the woman managed to escape with her daughter, but not before the child was severely burned from the rapidly spreading fire. As she held her daughter in her arms, tenderly making her final excruciating moments as comfortable as she possibly could, her little girl selflessly whispered, “Forgive them.”

This heartbreaking testimony was just one of the many on Christian persecution given at the #WeAreN2016 International Congress on Religious Freedom in New York City in April. Activists, missionaries, and ambassadors gathered to relay the horrific atrocities shamelessly ignored by much of the world, desperate for communities and nations to act before the Middle East’s dwindling Christian population is wiped out entirely.

Another testimony recounted perhaps one of the most gruesome cases human rights activists have ever encountered. The incident revealed the inconceivable suffering of a Christian family living under the Caliphate in an ISIS stronghold.

The Christian husband and wife were distraught when their children were kidnapped by ISIS militants, knowing that no fate under the terrorist group could be bearable. Not long after their kids were taken, they answered a knock at the door, only to find a large plastic bag on the stoop. When they opened the sack, they found severed body parts of their daughters and a video recording of their girls being raped and tortured.


The atrocities against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East are “genocide,” but the word is often avoided because of its incredible significance. To acknowledge this chaos as genocide would provide weight to the travesties, making the world’s snubbing of it a universal crime and blemish on the West.


Millions of Christians have been driven out of the Middle East or butchered if they stay. Those still remaining suffer unimaginable persecution, being forced to pay hefty jizya to simply survive execution. As long as the world continues to ignore this suffering, while subsequently accepting hordes of Muslims, the persecution and subjugation will only spread.

Source: https://madworldnews.com/muslims-burn-christian-girl/

Sharia law

22. What does sharia law mean?

17.05.2016 17:32

Michelle Flaherty, Naples

Mutilation of women

On Sunday, May 1, the Daily News published a picture of a young woman, who at a very young age, had her face seriously scarred by having acid thrown on her face.

This picture was not unusual, but rather a practice that occurs over and over again in countries that practice Sharia Law.

Sharia Law is not a religion, it is a document of governance.

Women are treated as property and for the smallest infraction are stoned, disfigured, whipped or murdered. Children (including toddlers) can be used to satisfy the Muslim man's sexual desires and children as young as 9 can be given in marriage. It is despicable that we allow women and children to be used for the pleasure of the Muslim men.

Even fathers are required to kill their daughters, if they bring shame to their families. This is what the Quran says.

The acts that occur within Sharia communities are illegal in our country. Men, here, would be prosecuted and jailed for such behavior. The behavior is horrific, brutal, and barbaric.

It has been the behavior of Muslim men for centuries, and the Islamic fundamentalists want to preserve this tribal culture.

The Quran is not a book of peace and faith, it is a plan for complete world domination, to return to a tribal mentality left over from hundreds and hundreds of years.

The only law that exists in the USA is our Constitution. Let's not forget it.





An innocent teenager's dreams crushed...

Reshma is an eighteen year old Mumbai girl. Pretty and cheerful like all girls her age, she was a student of a local municipality school in India's 'maximum city'. She was hopeful of finishing school soon and getting a good job.  But, that was not to be.


Reshma was attacked with acid on 19 May 2014 allegedly by her brother-in-law, when she had gone to the northern Indian town of Allahabad (where her sister stays with her in-laws) to appear for an examination. She was walking with her sister, when she was waylaid by her brother-in-law and his friends and relatives. They later poured concentrated sulphuric acid on her, causing severe burns to her face.


Reshma has lost her left eye and her right eye is partially closed and infected. Her face has been severely disfigured and scarred and she needs cosmetic surgery to correct the disfigurement partially and to remove the contractures around her mouth.

Till now, Reshma has undergone treatment in Mumbai and other locations, but financial constraints have put a hold to the treatment and she is presently at home. For Reshma's further treatment, Make Love Not Scars team has contacted a senior specialist doctor in Mumbai who has also been awarded Padma Shri, one of the highest civilian awards issued by the Government of India.

The total cost of Reshma's treatment is expected to be close to USD 12,500, which will be funded through different sources (including Indiegogo).


 Make Love Not Scars (MLNS) is a non government organization dedicated to provide acid attack victims an opportunity to regain their life on their own terms through recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.


24. China Makes Major Moves To Outright BAN Islam.

22.05.2016 12:40

Apparently, China realizes what the West doesn’t. – Bet you never thought you’d read that here – Namely, that Islam is very dangerous. It’s kind of ironic that the oppressive nation sees what free nations don’t: Islam will turn nasty. It always does. Everywhere the religion/political ideology have been given an inch, they’ve taken a mile. Like a rabid dog, once it gets strong enough, it will bite us.

So what is China doing? It’s declaring an all-out war to make sure Islam doesn’t take over, and never gains the strength to attack them. So let me simplify it:
– Female head-coverings are banned. Period.
– Men are discouraged from growing long beards (often poorly grown ones, might I add)
– Even Islamic restaurants are forced to sell cigarettes and drinks. And …
– They must display them prominently. Any business owner who does not follow this order…will lose their business. Gone.

They’re not tolerating Islam at all. That simple. China sees what’s happening to the West. It sees what happened in France, throughout the European world, in Boston and even in Texas. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! They see it, and they’ve decided to stop any kind of political Islamic plague before it grows out of control.


In other words: China learns. Unlike our inept government, it realizes, ‘Hey, Islam wants destroy us.’ It realizes that Islam is political in nature, not just religious. Don’t get me wrong, communism is terrible, but it’s also what absolves China from the shackling burdens of political correctness. They’d rather survive than be politically correct.

Ah well. Maybe one day the West will realize that freedom can’t exist for those who want to take your freedom. I mean, that’d kinda be like telling your murderer it’s his right to murder you. Wait… what?

Saudi justice

25. Saudi justice

23.05.2016 15:27

Saudi preacher who raped and tortured to death five-year-old girl is ordered by court to pay 'blood money' to mother after having served short jail term

Lamia al-Ghamdi was admitted to hospital on December 25, 2011 with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns, the activists said. She died last October 22.

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic preacher and regular guest on Muslim television networks, confessed to having used cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, the activists from the group "Women to Drive" said in a statement.

They said the father had doubted Lama's virginity and had her checked up by a medic.

Randa al-Kaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was admitted, said the girl's back was broken and that she had been raped "everywhere", according to the group.

According to the victim's mother, hospital staff told her that her "child's rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed."

The activists said that the judge had ruled the prosecution could only seek "blood money (compensation for the next of kin under Islamic law) and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama's death suffices as punishment."

Three Saudi activists, including Manal al-Sharif, have raised objections to the ruling.

The ruling is based on Islamic laws that a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives, activists said.

Refugees in Holland

26. Complaining refugees

04.06.2016 12:15
threatening to return to their homeland.

Dutch TV interview with complaining refugees


Swedish schools

27. Arminas Pileckas

07.06.2016 12:53

who went to school Göingeskolan in Skåne was murdered by 14-year-old student.


Parents: 15-year-old was murdered because he protected a Swedish girl from arabic sexual harassments.

Published January 13, 2016 at 20:51

The Lithuanian boy Arminas Pileckas, 15, was stabbed to death on Monday by a student from the arab world after protecting a girl the killer had subjected to
harassment. Now the victim's parents speak out about the murder - and directs harsh criticism against the Swedish media that portrays the killer as a victim.
   - In Lithuania, everyone is talking openly about the refugee problem. In Sweden, they are concealing everything, says the father.


- Swedish press writes that Arminas beat [the arab student]. But that's not true, says the father in an interview with the Lithuanian newspaper lrytas.

According to the father was the background to the murder at Göingeskolan in Skåne instead was that Arminas got into a minor brawl with the Arab student in December. The Arab had been sex harassing a girl and Arminas stood up to her defense.

- A week later we went to school and had a meeting. The boy swore revenge on him, and he did, too, says the father.

On Monday, the first day of spring semester, the 14-year-old Arab acted. He took a kitchen knife to school and stabbed unprovoked Arminas in the back. The knife hit the heart and Arminas later died of his injuries. According to media reports, the 14-year-old planned the murder during the Christmas holidays seeking information about killing with a knife online.

Got his honor offended
Aftonbladet on Tuesday allowed the accused Arab's father to tell his story and describe the quarrel as an assault from Arminas. According to him, the murder took place because of her son's "honor" had been violated.

- The school did nothing to help him and re-establish his honor. Instead, my son had to meet [Arminas] every day in school. It made him very upset, says Arab father to Aftonbladet.

Expressen translated the interview earlier today with Arminas parents in lrytas. The left-liberal newspaper, however, leaves out the parents' criticism of the Swedish media, the information of the perpetrator´s Syrian background, and the information that Arminas had defended a girl.

In an interview with Lithuanian Delfi Arminas father states that he feels himself to be silenced because of political correctness.

Father: Swedes blinds problems
- Swedish police are telling me that the investigation is ongoing and that nothing else is needed, they will solve everything. We have not even talked to the Swedish media. But at the same time the refugee father freely could spread lies in the Swedish media, he says.

- The parents of the girl, who Arminas helped to defend herself against the refugees, do not dare to talk to us. Here in Lithuania, everyone is talking openly about the refugee problem. In Sweden, they are concealing everything, he continues.

According to the father's situation in Broby, who recently received a large number of asylum seekers from the third world, is beyond control.

- A Lithuanian girl was attacked a few months ago. They tried to rape her. The police did nothing then.

He also rejects Aftonbladet reports that Arminas would have been "bullied" the 14-year-old Syrian.

- It is a lie. Three students from the school confirming that there was no bullying against the refugee boy.

Arminas had gone in Swedish school for two years and was a Swedish citizen. His father says that his son was very popular at school.

- He was good, industrious and happy. He had many Swedish friends and everyone liked him.

The information was confirmed by a 15-year-old girl who went to the same class as Arminas.

- He was a real joy spreader. Very nice and kind. He was a big point in the classroom. If the whole class was down, he was a person who could always get the class to laugh, she told Kvällsposten.


28. Weapons stored in mosques

11.06.2016 17:19

Three mosques shut down in anti-terror raids as officers seize 330 war weapons.

POLICE investigating the Paris terror attacks have shut down three mosques in a series of raids to close the net on Islamic extremists.

The mosque raided on Wednesday

On Wednesday, French police shut down three mosques as part of anti-terror operations


Police in France also arrested the owner of a revolver found during Wednesday's raid, France's Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

Security officials found jihadist documents at the mosque where yesterday's raids took place.

They have placed nine people under house arrest. Another 22 have been banned from leaving the country Mr Cazeneuve said.

France has been under a state of emergency since 130 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Paris on November 13. Since then, some 2,235 homes and buildings have been raided, 232 people taken into custody, and 334 weapons confiscated.

Cazeneuve said the number of weapons apprehended so far is staggering.

He said: "In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year."

This latest raid comes as authorities in a number of European countries crackdown on mosques suspected of being a breeding ground for extremists cells operating in the continent.

This week German authorities expressed concern refugees might be susceptible to radicalisation by Muslim extremists, who are using religion as an excuse to get closer to the new arrivals from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Officials said they have encountered at least 100 cases in which extremists have tried to establish contact with refugees. Those fleeing war and hunger in Syria and other parts of the Middle East, are allegedly being lured by rides, food, and shelter, as well as help with translation and traditional Muslim clothing.

French muslims walking past French flag

EU security officials suspect some mosques are being used as a breeding for terrorist cells


In the wake of last month's attacks in Paris, many European leaders have called for the suspension of the continent's refugee program.

Some EU leaders have also started to question the Schengen Agreement, which allows the EU's 400million residents and many non-EU nationals to travel freely across the continent, without the need to show any ID or wait in long queues whenever they cross a border.



29. Muslim

12.06.2016 17:08

Groom Sees What Bride Brought Him On Wedding Night… Honeymoon Turns To Horror!

For most newlyweds, the wedding night is one of the most special moments the couple shares as they consummate their love and celebrate their marriage.

But for one Pakistani woman, that special night was instead a night of torture as her new in-laws forced her to drink acid.

Officials said that 25-year-old Takreem Bibi had brought what the in-laws considered “insufficient dowry” to the arrangement, according to News 24.

“She was taken to hospital, where she died due to internal injuries caused by acid consumption,” police official Rana Riaz told News 24.

Reports aren’t clear on what exactly Bibi was supposed to bring to the Islamabad wedding, but a dowry is typically property or money the family of the wife gives her new husband in exchange for marrying her.

Apparently, for women in the area, this was not an isolated incident. The abuse and killing of women for insufficient or lack of dowry is not uncommon in Pakistan.

Officials say that a 26-year-old woman was poisoned to death by her husband last week in the same region, Daska, for the same reasons — not bringing a large enough dowry to the marriage.

The husband responsible for that crime was still at large, Riaz said.

This further shows the extreme mistreatment of women within the Muslim world as they are being slaughtered by their own husbands for simply not bringing enough “payment” to the wedding.



30. Orlando terrorist

14.06.2016 11:07

Wild Bill talking about Islam, muslims, mosques and the Orlando terrorist.


Orlando Bleeds




31. UN on the genocide of Yezidis:

16.06.2016 13:07

"Worse than Rwanda"

Terror Group IS commit genocide against the Yezidis, according to the UN, that require the guilty are brought to justice in the International Criminal Tribunal. A recent report described sex slavery, brainwashing and gang rape.

- This is worse then Srebrenica and Rwanda, says the investigator Carla del Ponte to SvD.

GENEVA. For the first time, the terrorist group Islamic State crimes against ethnic group yazidier have been examined in detail by the UN Commission of Inquiry for Syria. It is also the first time that the UN classifies IS crimes as genocide.

- There is no doubt that this is genocide. It is even worse than Srebrenica and Rwanda. In Srebrenica and Rwanda, it was about killing for a short time. This is systematically killing, torturing and sexual slavery on a massive scale for several years. And this happens in 2016, says the investigator Carla del Ponte to SvD.

It is unimaginable atrocities documented in the report, based on detailed interviews with 45 survivors, religious leaders, smugglers, lawyers and medical personnel.

IS trying to exterminate the whole community of 400 000 people by murder, sexual slavery, torture and "obliterating their identity," according to the UN describing the brutality as both  war crimes and genocide.

- In addition, over 3200 yezidi women and girls are still captives of the IS. They are kept as sex slaves, while boys are abducted to be indoctrinated and used in combat. Thousands yezidi men and boys disappeared without a trace. There is an ongoing yezidi genocide, warns the investigators.

The report makes you think about the Holocaust with the descriptions of systematic abuse and killing, since IS captured the town of Sinjar in northwest Iraq, August 3, 2014.

To begin with, tens of thousands yazidier were held prisoners in 50 degree heat without food and water on Mount Sinjar when the IS-warriors arrived. Hundreds were killed and almost all the villages on the mountain was emptied within 72 hours.

Men were taken away in buses and disappeared without a trace while women were driven to camps inside the IS-controlled areas in Syria. Men and boys who refused to convert to Islam, had their throats cut or a bullet in the head, while the family was forced to watch.

Those who converted were prisoners and forced to do slave work digging ditches, tend cattle or scrub the streets and forced to grow beards and pray regularly.


"We are yezidis, help help help" is written on the girl´s placard, before Pope Franciscus arrival of Moria refugee camps on Lesbos in April.

Photo: Filippo Monteforte / AP

Really terrible is the detailed description of the jihadists slave markets and the treatment of yezidi women. Thousands of women and girls have since 2014 been driven like cattle between overcrowded slave camps. They have been given food with insects in and forced to drink water from toilets, according to the report.

- The women are seen as possessions of IS and called openly for Sabaya - slaves. On the slave markets, they have been sold as sex slaves to the highest paying. Last year IS also began to sell sex slaves at online auctions where details about age, marital status and the price were stated. There is even a central committee organizing slave markets, according to investigators.

The youngest girls sold were between seven and nine years, says survivors.

- Some of the girls have been sold up to 15 times, often to prices between 200 and 1500 dollars. Many women have torn their faces and ensured that they bleed to prevent becoming bought. Some have committed suicide in the camps of Tel Afar, Mosul and Raqqah. They have committed suicide by cutting her wrists or cut off their necks, others have hung themselves in their headscarves, according to the report.

- In the market we had to take off our headscarves to show the hair and sometimes the warriors demanded that we opened our mouths so they could inspect our teeth, says a girl in the report.

Many foreign fighters have also bought and sold the yezidi women in the markets. Among nationalities are men from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Belgium and Australia, according to investigators. Sexual violence has been widespread.

The majority of women enslaved and interviewed in the report have been raped daily by their "owners", sometimes handcuffed or tied to beds. In many cases their children had been taken away and killed.

- IS and its fighters have clearly demonstrated that the intention is to destroy the Yezidis as an ethnic group. They have been subjected to incomprehensible brutality. We urge the UN Security Council immediately refer the situation to the International Criminal Court, requires UN investigators.

Source: Translated from an article by Svenska Dagbladet.



Yezidis exposed people

Yezidis are a religious group in Iraq who mainly lives in the northern part of the country. There are both kurdish and Arabic speaking yezidis. They are persecuted by extreme islamists - and especially by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) - who regard them as apostates from the true faith, and many have been forced to convert to Islam.

No one knows how many yazidier are found in Iraq, their number is estimated to be anywhere from 70,000 to 500 000. The Minority Rights Group International has already before IS expansion warned that the Yezidis are in danger of extinction in silence.

Yazidismen is a pre-Islamic religion with roots in ancient Persia, and has elements of both Islam and Christianity.
Source: Country Guide, BBC (TT)




32. Hamburgsund

22.06.2016 14:07

"Offended" Muslim who murdered  boss with 60 stabs got 18 years and deportation.

2016-06-20 17-07-51_mord_hamburgersund_muslim

The 26-year-old Muslim felt "offended" by his Swedish boss and stabbed him dead with 60 stab wounds. Now he is sentenced to 18 years in prison and deportation for the brutal murder.

It was the evening of January27, the 26-year-old was arrested outside Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg. Upon arrest he confessed: he had killed his boss in Hamburgsund. The victim was found dead in his home, exsanguination was the cause of death, with 60 stab wounds he had been killed.

But the home did not appear as usual. In several rooms the 26-year-old had scribbled on the walls with black spray paint. It was about religious expression.

- The reason is very complex. He has experienced that he has been wronged by his employer and therefore killed him. He has written texts in the home of the deceased and it is known that he recently  searched the Internet for religious concepts, prosecutor Thomas Willén said to GT / Expressen.

The searches, several of which was made the day of the attack, were on concepts like "jihad," "Mojahedin" and "Allah Ahkbar" but the prosecutor would like to emphasize that there are not any indications that the offender would have terrorist connections.

On Monday, the verdict against the Muslim came. The district court in Uddevalla sentenced the Muslim to 18 years in prison and deportation for murder. Prosecutor Thomas Willén had demanded life imprisonment for the 26 year old.



33. Muslim immigration

22.06.2016 15:03

Muslim immigration leads to Islamization



35. The Quran

23.06.2016 12:42

The Quran includes so much hatred towards other religions that you believe it must be fake. The Quran demands of its readers values marked by violence and intolerance against people of other faiths. When horrified over IS macabre violence against innocent men, women and children, it is important to know that everything they do is supported by the Quran. It says in plain language how the unbelievers shall be exposed to terror, forced to pay taxes to Muslims, that it is desirable to cut off the head and hands and feet of non-Muslims.

Here are some verses collected:


36. 6-year-old Muslim girl forced to marry older man to pay Islamic family feud

23.06.2016 13:12

A Pakistani father is seen in the video below begging to keep his 6-year old daughter in the family and to not have her married off to an elderly man to settle a feud. This might seem crazy to the civilized world but child marriage and child rape are common in the Middle East. In fact, we just reported on the failure of a law against child marriage in Pakistan

Assuming it’s ok to abuse or rape a girl is the difference in culture and morals, because in America we have laws against this. With the huge influx of Muslims, Europe is having a huge problem with no boundaries when it comes to sexual assault of young girls. They’re even having classes to teach men the proper boundaries with women.


“The parents of a 6-year-old girl in Pakistan’s Swat Valley say tribal authorities are forcing them to marry off their daughter to resolve a family feud. The parents and uncle of the girl, Bibi Roza, told RFE/RL’s Radio Mashaal that they have been pleading with local authorities to allow them to keep her at home.”

Islamic tradition records that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage.
Pedophilic Islamic marriages are most prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed by other countries in the Middle East and Bangladesh. In Afghanistan, despite the law against child brides, more than half of all girls are married before they turn 15, usually to settle disputes.
A Unicef study from 2000 to 2008 found that more than 43 per cent of women in Afghanistan were married under age, some before puberty.
Mohammad Ali Isfenani, the chairman for Iranian parliament’s legal affairs committee, has even openly stated:
“As some people may not comply with our current Islamic legal system, we must regard 9 as being the appropriate age for a girl to have reached puberty and qualified to get married. To do otherwise would be to contradict and challenge Islamic Sharia law.”

Pakistani Family Pleads To Keep 6-Year-Old Girl Out Of Forced Marriage:





37. Another day in Afghanistan

23.06.2016 14:48

The Killing of Farkhunda

By JOHN WOO, ADAM B. ELLICK and ALISSA J. RUBIN | Dec. 26, 2015 | 7:43

Farkhunda Malikzada, a 27-year-old Muslim woman falsely accused of burning a Quran, was killed by a mob in central Kabul as hundreds watched and filmed.


39. Another day in Iran

24.06.2016 13:29

Muslim Teen Girl Was Sentenced to 75 Lashes in Iran for Sitting in Front Seat.

The Unknown-Islam’s 25 Scars On My Body:




40. Children

02.07.2016 19:56
02.07.2016 18:55

have the potential to become anything, to do anything and become harmonious adults. But then you have to give them a happy childhood, which enhances their self-esteem and makes them feel that they are loved.


Here are pictures from the Muslim world:


Boy abused in Afghanistan

Day of Ashura, when Shi'ite Muslims remember the death of Imam Hussein

Child marriage

Child marriage India


Child bride Afghanistan


India, Uttar Pradesh madrassa children

Iran war

IS child

IS children

IS child soldier



Muslim children at Saudi funded weekend schools in Britain

Day of Ashura, when Shi'ite Muslims remember the death of Imam Hussein

Primary school 4 grader girl in Negeria marry

Shia muslims

Day of Ashura, when Shi'ite Muslims remember the death of Imam Hussein

Day of Ashura, when Shi'ite Muslims remember the death of Imam Hussein

Muslim children with weapons

Somalia child in chains

Somali kids


Yemen child marriages

Eid al-fitr celebration

Eid al-fitr celebration

Eid al-fitr celebration

Eid al-fitr celebration


Here are pictures from the western world:


Christmas celebration


The childhood in West and the Muslim world is very different. It depends largely on the traditions, values and religion. One can wonder about which children gets the happiest and most stimulating childhood. Which ones grow up to be harmonious and tolerant adults.


Arab TV station

42. Arab man very upset after reading 'The People vs Muhammad'.

05.07.2016 11:28


After reading the book, “The People vs Muhammad,” he denounces Islam and the “false” prophet Muhammad for being a psychopath, murderer, and paedophile, saying “We’ve been lied to for 1400 years.”

Arab guy goes into meltdown after reading 'The People vs Muhammad':



43. Yet another example of Muslim extremists eternal intolerance, hatred and violence.

05.07.2016 15:28
The terrorists in Bangladesh stabbed to death their victims - sorted out Westerners

First, terrorists sorted out westerners - then they began to chop them to death one by one.

More and more are now becoming known about the gruesome 11 hours when terrorists held a large number of people hostage in Bangladesh.

- They forced the people stand in a row ... then they put out the lights and turned off the surveillance cameras, says one of those who managed to escape.


The terrorists struck mercilessly against the restaurant Holey Artisan Bakery in central Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Friday evening.

The restaurant is located in the embassy district and is described as a meeting place for foreigners.

Just after 9 PM terrorists stormed into the room wearing suicide vests and armed with automatic weapons and machetes and shouted "Allah akbar" (God is greater).

Served food to the hostages

According to witnesses, they fired in the air - to instill fear in their victims and thus secure the restaurant's escape routes. Only later began executions.

- I felt the bullets fly right past me. I felt a fear that I never felt in my life, says the Argentine chef Diego Rossini who worked at the restaurant, according to AFP.

When the terrorists were in control of the premises, they began to divide the guests into two groups, according to several witnesses.

Rezaul Karim was at the restaurant to celebrate his 13-year-old grandson's birthday and was taken hostage.

- The foreigners were taken to the upper floor and people from Bangladesh were placed around a table, said Rezaul Karim told AFP.

To the Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star says the same man:

- Perpetrators conducted a background check on religion by asking everyone to recite the Koran. Those who could recite a verse or two were spared. The others were tortured.

After the hostages were split into two groups the terrorists served food to the people of Bangladesh.

- They served us a midnight snack, he says.

Unclear employer


After 11 hours,   finally Bangladeshi special forces stormed into the restaurant at 8.30 on Saturday morning and were able to free 13 hostages. At the time the restaurant supposedly was surrounded by 100 elite soldiers and during the operation six of seven offenders were shot to death.

In the restaurant,  the police was met by a horrifically bloody sight. According to AFP, the perpetrators had painted slogans on the walls saying that Allah will send them to the "ultimate paradise".

In total, the terrorists managed to kill 20 hostages, according to data from the Bangladeshi military to AFP, almost all had been killed with machetes. Among the victims were nine people from Italy, most of them in Bangladesh because of their jobs in the textile industry, according to AP. Seven of the dead were from Japan, one was from India and two were students from the United States. A person from Bangladesh were killed - an art expert who was at the restaurant along with foreign guests, according to The Guardian.

But at the same time the magnitude and cruelty now been clarified still several questions about the terrorists - and their clients, remain.

Terror Group IS early admitted the deed. On social media and sites with links to the terror group, IS have published pictures of the victims in what is apparently the restaurant Holey Artisan Bakery in downtown Dhaka. During Saturday night IS published other images - of what is claimed to be the five men who carried out the attack, according to AP.


Suggesting Al Qaeda

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government with absolut certainty reports that IS is not active in the country - and argue instead that domestic terrorists are the culprits. According to Stig Toft Madsen, researcher at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen, the attack could be linked to the fact that the secular regime in Bangladesh started to prosecute and execute Muslims who fought on Pakistan's side in the Bangladesh Liberation War in the 70s.

- It provides a great motivation for those who perform this type of attacks, but it might have taken place regardless. The terrorist network Al Qaeda, which has long had a strong foothold in Southeast Asia, has called for more attacks, he said.

Also terror scientist Hans Brown leaning toward Al Qaeda. The organization has been active in Bangladesh since the 90s and the approach during Friday's attack carries Al Qaeda's character, he says to Aftonbladet.

- That IS publish these pictures feels more like they are taking the opportunity to make use of the information available at this time. But it is a question of jihadists are quite clear. And that they have sorted out the victims and just killed Westerners is a sign of Al Qaeda. They usually let the Muslims go if they could read the confession of faith and that does not usually IS and groups linked to them care about, says Hans Brun.

Källa: https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article23106235.ab

An armored vehicle drives past members of the press after an operation against militants who took hostages at a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. AP Photo


"Saudi Arabia has spread ideology of terror"

45. Bitte Hammargren, Utrikespolitiska institutet

10.07.2016 12:36

writes: "Both we in the West, the Islamic world and the Saudis themselves need to see a Saudi kingdom, which opens for reforms and fighting jihad ideologically".

King Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud in talks with President Barack Obama in September last year. Foto: Evan Vucci/AP



     "To go to the root of the evil, the jihadist ideology must be fought".

Terror must be fought by many means: economic, social, integration, legal, police and in some places even military. But almost fifteen years of experience in the "war on terror" launched by President Bush after al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in 2001, shows that military intervention is not enough. In the worst cases, they can be counter-productive, as they violate international law, killing civilians and creating a power vacuum that jihadists can exploit.

Even if an air bomb would kill the IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the violent Salafism would not disappear. It has established itself in countries at war and chaos: Libya, Yemen, on the Sinai Peninsula, in the Sahel and in those parts of Iraq and Syria, where IS has declared its so-called caliphate. At the same time, we know from bitter experience how it has gained a foothold in the European subcultures.

To go to the root of the evil, the jihadist ideology must be fought - both in Europe and in the heartland of wahhabism, Saudi Arabia.

We have to see how the last 35 years of Saudi ideology exports has distorted interpretations of Sunni Islam from country to country, first in the Islamic world to now spreading to suburban environments in major European cities.

Three dramatic events of 1979 - the Shi'ite Islamic revolution in Iran, Sunni Orthodox occupation of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan - prompting Saudi Arabia to release the jihadi genie out of the bottle. It was through the support of God's Warriors in other countries, starting with Afghanistan, and by spending billions for the funding of madrasas, mosques and imam training programs around the world.

Saudi Arabia has long since lost control over these different movements, which spread their terror in the world, one city after the other through their terrorist bombings. But to be able to put the genie back into the bottle, it must be also ideologically - not least in the Sunni conservatism strict homeland, the vast Saudi kingdom, which was created after thirty years of jihadist war a hundred years ago.

Western governments, who are happy to make arms deals with Riyadh, are fully aware of how the Saudi oil billions have helped to finance the Sunni terrorism worldwide.

A US diplomatic report, revealed by Wikileaks, shows that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a few years ago pointed out Saudi donors as the biggest financiers of Sunni terror groups. The problem with the financing of terrorism has not diminished since then - but to trace the financiers who have Prince titles is difficult.

One of the Saudis who openly challenged the ruling was economics professor Mohammed Fahad al-Qahtani, the founder of a Saudi human rights organization. I myself have met this US-educated Saudi reformists, at a time when he participated in the training of Saudi diplomats. But in 2012 he was sentenced to eleven years in prison. Before the verdict, he had time to tweet about what he told his interrogators, including: "What if you dared to look into the Saudi main reasons of terrorism. But I advise you not to look at these issues for the top among the Saudi oligarchs would be procecuted in this case for instigating proxy war."

Here is a key to why the rulers of Saudi Arabia beat down so hard on their peaceful reformists instead of letting their milder interpretations of Islam become a tool in the ideological fight against violent jihadism glorification.

We can also take note of the reports of how worried US President Barack Obama is of the Saudi influence in Sunni Islam worldwide - an impact that he saw the consequences of Indonesia, where he lived for some years in his childhood in the 1960s . In a private conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball he described how he had seen Islam in Indonesia transformed from a casual, syncretistic form to a more fundamentalist, intransigent interpretation. Obama's statement, according to a conversation reproduced by The Atlantic, was that the Saudis and other Gulf states have sent money, imams and teachers of madrasas in Indonesia, schools that advocated the Saudi interpretation of Sunni Islam.

Now when Obama has just made his historic visit to Cuba, it might be appropriate to ask which country - Saudi Arabia and Cuba, the Castro regime - that has been the biggest problem for the United States in recent decades. Let us also suppose that Obama would copy portions of the speech he gave on Tuesday in Havana, when he next month will visit Riyadh. Imagine if he was standing beside King Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, would say the same thing he said in his speech in the presence of Cuban President Raul Castro:

I believe that citizens should have the right to speak their minds without fear. To (be able to) organize and criticize their government and to protest peacefully and that the judiciary should not include arbitrary detention of people who exercise these rights. I believe that every individual should have the right to practice their faith peacefully and in public. And I think that voters should be able to choose their governments in free and democratic elections. Not everyone agrees with me on this, everyone does not agree with the American people about this. But I believe that these human rights are universal.

Peaceful Saudi reformists, who are kept in prison, would applaud such a presidential speech if it was held in Riyadh. We can assume that more Western leader than Obama inwardly see problems with Saudi Arabia, where several Western countries sell weapons. Both we in the West, the Islamic world and the Saudis themselves need to see a kingdom that will open up to reform and fighting jihad ideologically. It is needed not to let IS terror get a stronger foothold in countries affected by war and chaos - so that they once again will cause death and destruction in the world cities, from Istanbul to Brussels, when they strike with their blind hatred.

Bitte Hammargren

editor at Utrikespolitiska institutet


The most dangerous ideology

46. Fascism, Nazism, communism or Islamism

10.07.2016 15:46


Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology:




Islam means intolerans, hate and violence

47. Muslims seek conflict with everyone everywhere

11.07.2016 12:32

Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL