27. Arminas Pileckas

07.06.2016 12:53

who went to school Göingeskolan in Skåne was murdered by 14-year-old student.


Parents: 15-year-old was murdered because he protected a Swedish girl from arabic sexual harassments.

Published January 13, 2016 at 20:51

The Lithuanian boy Arminas Pileckas, 15, was stabbed to death on Monday by a student from the arab world after protecting a girl the killer had subjected to
harassment. Now the victim's parents speak out about the murder - and directs harsh criticism against the Swedish media that portrays the killer as a victim.
   - In Lithuania, everyone is talking openly about the refugee problem. In Sweden, they are concealing everything, says the father.


- Swedish press writes that Arminas beat [the arab student]. But that's not true, says the father in an interview with the Lithuanian newspaper lrytas.

According to the father was the background to the murder at Göingeskolan in Skåne instead was that Arminas got into a minor brawl with the Arab student in December. The Arab had been sex harassing a girl and Arminas stood up to her defense.

- A week later we went to school and had a meeting. The boy swore revenge on him, and he did, too, says the father.

On Monday, the first day of spring semester, the 14-year-old Arab acted. He took a kitchen knife to school and stabbed unprovoked Arminas in the back. The knife hit the heart and Arminas later died of his injuries. According to media reports, the 14-year-old planned the murder during the Christmas holidays seeking information about killing with a knife online.

Got his honor offended
Aftonbladet on Tuesday allowed the accused Arab's father to tell his story and describe the quarrel as an assault from Arminas. According to him, the murder took place because of her son's "honor" had been violated.

- The school did nothing to help him and re-establish his honor. Instead, my son had to meet [Arminas] every day in school. It made him very upset, says Arab father to Aftonbladet.

Expressen translated the interview earlier today with Arminas parents in lrytas. The left-liberal newspaper, however, leaves out the parents' criticism of the Swedish media, the information of the perpetrator´s Syrian background, and the information that Arminas had defended a girl.

In an interview with Lithuanian Delfi Arminas father states that he feels himself to be silenced because of political correctness.

Father: Swedes blinds problems
- Swedish police are telling me that the investigation is ongoing and that nothing else is needed, they will solve everything. We have not even talked to the Swedish media. But at the same time the refugee father freely could spread lies in the Swedish media, he says.

- The parents of the girl, who Arminas helped to defend herself against the refugees, do not dare to talk to us. Here in Lithuania, everyone is talking openly about the refugee problem. In Sweden, they are concealing everything, he continues.

According to the father's situation in Broby, who recently received a large number of asylum seekers from the third world, is beyond control.

- A Lithuanian girl was attacked a few months ago. They tried to rape her. The police did nothing then.

He also rejects Aftonbladet reports that Arminas would have been "bullied" the 14-year-old Syrian.

- It is a lie. Three students from the school confirming that there was no bullying against the refugee boy.

Arminas had gone in Swedish school for two years and was a Swedish citizen. His father says that his son was very popular at school.

- He was good, industrious and happy. He had many Swedish friends and everyone liked him.

The information was confirmed by a 15-year-old girl who went to the same class as Arminas.

- He was a real joy spreader. Very nice and kind. He was a big point in the classroom. If the whole class was down, he was a person who could always get the class to laugh, she told Kvällsposten.