10. Europe

22.03.2016 13:49

has received millions of refugees from almost exclusively terrorist countries.

The immigrants / invaders have carried out terrorist crimes in a variety of locations in Europe.

Our politicians benevolence has made it possible for terrorists, among the immigrants, to create death and terror in Europe. Best known terror attacks include Madrid, 191 dead, Paris 130 dead, London 52 dead, and Brussels today, so far 34 dead.

The immigrants are almost exclusively Muslims. They have left their dysfunctional countries, for free Europe, where everything works like a well-oiled machine, compared to their home countries.

You can change the continent, but it is not as easy to replace the values, traditions and legal view from home. Our generosity also includes freedom of religion. Mosques are allowed. Hate preachings are allowed. Donations from Saudi Arabia to mosque construction are allowed.

So what could pooibly go wrong?




Bryssel 2016-03-22

Bryssel 2016-03-22