43. Yet another example of Muslim extremists eternal intolerance, hatred and violence.

05.07.2016 15:28
The terrorists in Bangladesh stabbed to death their victims - sorted out Westerners

First, terrorists sorted out westerners - then they began to chop them to death one by one.

More and more are now becoming known about the gruesome 11 hours when terrorists held a large number of people hostage in Bangladesh.

- They forced the people stand in a row ... then they put out the lights and turned off the surveillance cameras, says one of those who managed to escape.


The terrorists struck mercilessly against the restaurant Holey Artisan Bakery in central Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Friday evening.

The restaurant is located in the embassy district and is described as a meeting place for foreigners.

Just after 9 PM terrorists stormed into the room wearing suicide vests and armed with automatic weapons and machetes and shouted "Allah akbar" (God is greater).

Served food to the hostages

According to witnesses, they fired in the air - to instill fear in their victims and thus secure the restaurant's escape routes. Only later began executions.

- I felt the bullets fly right past me. I felt a fear that I never felt in my life, says the Argentine chef Diego Rossini who worked at the restaurant, according to AFP.

When the terrorists were in control of the premises, they began to divide the guests into two groups, according to several witnesses.

Rezaul Karim was at the restaurant to celebrate his 13-year-old grandson's birthday and was taken hostage.

- The foreigners were taken to the upper floor and people from Bangladesh were placed around a table, said Rezaul Karim told AFP.

To the Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star says the same man:

- Perpetrators conducted a background check on religion by asking everyone to recite the Koran. Those who could recite a verse or two were spared. The others were tortured.

After the hostages were split into two groups the terrorists served food to the people of Bangladesh.

- They served us a midnight snack, he says.

Unclear employer


After 11 hours,   finally Bangladeshi special forces stormed into the restaurant at 8.30 on Saturday morning and were able to free 13 hostages. At the time the restaurant supposedly was surrounded by 100 elite soldiers and during the operation six of seven offenders were shot to death.

In the restaurant,  the police was met by a horrifically bloody sight. According to AFP, the perpetrators had painted slogans on the walls saying that Allah will send them to the "ultimate paradise".

In total, the terrorists managed to kill 20 hostages, according to data from the Bangladeshi military to AFP, almost all had been killed with machetes. Among the victims were nine people from Italy, most of them in Bangladesh because of their jobs in the textile industry, according to AP. Seven of the dead were from Japan, one was from India and two were students from the United States. A person from Bangladesh were killed - an art expert who was at the restaurant along with foreign guests, according to The Guardian.

But at the same time the magnitude and cruelty now been clarified still several questions about the terrorists - and their clients, remain.

Terror Group IS early admitted the deed. On social media and sites with links to the terror group, IS have published pictures of the victims in what is apparently the restaurant Holey Artisan Bakery in downtown Dhaka. During Saturday night IS published other images - of what is claimed to be the five men who carried out the attack, according to AP.


Suggesting Al Qaeda

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government with absolut certainty reports that IS is not active in the country - and argue instead that domestic terrorists are the culprits. According to Stig Toft Madsen, researcher at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen, the attack could be linked to the fact that the secular regime in Bangladesh started to prosecute and execute Muslims who fought on Pakistan's side in the Bangladesh Liberation War in the 70s.

- It provides a great motivation for those who perform this type of attacks, but it might have taken place regardless. The terrorist network Al Qaeda, which has long had a strong foothold in Southeast Asia, has called for more attacks, he said.

Also terror scientist Hans Brown leaning toward Al Qaeda. The organization has been active in Bangladesh since the 90s and the approach during Friday's attack carries Al Qaeda's character, he says to Aftonbladet.

- That IS publish these pictures feels more like they are taking the opportunity to make use of the information available at this time. But it is a question of jihadists are quite clear. And that they have sorted out the victims and just killed Westerners is a sign of Al Qaeda. They usually let the Muslims go if they could read the confession of faith and that does not usually IS and groups linked to them care about, says Hans Brun.

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An armored vehicle drives past members of the press after an operation against militants who took hostages at a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. AP Photo