16. The ideology of violence and hatred

19.04.2016 18:23

Everywhere where many Muslims have gathered intolerance, harassment, violence, rape, murder and terror are increasing.

Anyone who does not agree can try to find out any place on earth with significant Muslim population where there is tolerance and peace. Where gang rape does not occur, where there are no "no-go zones" for non-Muslims. Where innocent isn`t mutilated or beheaded.

The entire northern Africa excel in violence and killings, primarily against non-Muslims. Throughout the Middle East, from Turkey to Pakistan, bombs are exploding. Christians are expelled, imprisoned and killed because of intolerance. In southern Thailand and southern Philippines buddhists and christians are kidnapped and killed by Muslims without any reason.

One might think that where they practice their dream society, the Muslim caliphate, there would be peace and harmony. In a society where all infidels are killed or chased away. But here life is hell. The smallest offenses are punished by flogging, amputation or death. So the talk that there would be peace when all infidels are cleaned out is not true.


 There is something fundamentally wrong about Islam. No other ideology stands for so much terror and murder. They live by medieval rules, even the clothes are medieval. They think God will be satisfied if you kill people by beheading, stoning, crucifixion, burial of the living and the throwing of people from high buildings.

How could a god possibly wish that of their followers? In that case, a very evil god.

During Friday prayers, sometimes some preachers calls for violence. After the prayers, the supporters are rushing out, filled with hatred and burn their neighbors' houses and kill the non-Muslims they find.

The worst is that senior mullahs and preachers convince people that it is right to hate and kill non-Muslims and they can easily find passages in the Koran to prove it. Mohammed himself killed lots of Jews and took slaves. The mullahs are spreading hatred.

In many countries, children are indoctrinated to hate Jews and Christians. On the Internet, one can see young children talk about how much they hate Jews and they want to stick a knife into them.

Islam is the religion of intolerance, hatred and violence.

This could be changed! As most Muslim countries are dictatorships the dictator could carry through the modernization of Islam. But unfortunately, you see the opposite. Through religion, they retain power over the people. In Iran it is even the mullahs who control the country. They obviously do not want to reduce their own importance.

In Saudi Arabia the royal family stands for an extra tough interpretation of the religion. They even pay for the construction of mosques in the West and also sends out hate preachers that affect people and make them hate their new home countries.

But there are Muslims who have grown tired and realize the need for a modernization of Islam. So there's maybe a little bit of hope, but 1400 years of terror speaks against it.


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