2. Refugees

11.02.2016 18:29

or immigrants from the Muslim world behaving badly towards women and girls. Those who are not accompanied by male patrons regarded as whores and gives men the right to harass them, they think. They do not respect our laws, traditions and values, but believe in some strange way that everything that comes in the Muslim world also applies here.

We are all outraged by the attacks in Cologne, where a thousand young Muslims attacked all single women: they touched them, stole mobiles and money and even sexually assaulted their victims.
In all major cities in Europe there are lots of unoccupied immigrants. Some bullies young girls as a mere pastime.
The videos below show some entirely unprovoked attacks by thugs:


Rotterdam girl attacked by Muslim because he didn't like the way she was dressed.



"Refugees" attack girl in Europe



African Migrant Sneak Attack On A European Woman In Hungary 







Finnish girls do not seem easily intimidated:

Finnish girls dealing with Somali immigrants





A Chinese girl can take care of herself:

Muslim slaps a Chinese girl for refusing to dance with him, HUGE mistake!



Immigrants chasing Greek police:

Muslim migrants overwhelm Greek riot police, send the right police running for their lives





TV-team attacked in Rinkeby, Stockholm.

Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden.






The French police must get a little tougher. In Russia it is the police who give the orders.

Russian and French Police Vs Illegal Immigrants





The French police is very tolerant against muslim huligans!

France - multicultural enrichment - FUCK ISLAM!!!