32. Hamburgsund

22.06.2016 14:07

"Offended" Muslim who murdered  boss with 60 stabs got 18 years and deportation.

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The 26-year-old Muslim felt "offended" by his Swedish boss and stabbed him dead with 60 stab wounds. Now he is sentenced to 18 years in prison and deportation for the brutal murder.

It was the evening of January27, the 26-year-old was arrested outside Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg. Upon arrest he confessed: he had killed his boss in Hamburgsund. The victim was found dead in his home, exsanguination was the cause of death, with 60 stab wounds he had been killed.

But the home did not appear as usual. In several rooms the 26-year-old had scribbled on the walls with black spray paint. It was about religious expression.

- The reason is very complex. He has experienced that he has been wronged by his employer and therefore killed him. He has written texts in the home of the deceased and it is known that he recently  searched the Internet for religious concepts, prosecutor Thomas Willén said to GT / Expressen.

The searches, several of which was made the day of the attack, were on concepts like "jihad," "Mojahedin" and "Allah Ahkbar" but the prosecutor would like to emphasize that there are not any indications that the offender would have terrorist connections.

On Monday, the verdict against the Muslim came. The district court in Uddevalla sentenced the Muslim to 18 years in prison and deportation for murder. Prosecutor Thomas Willén had demanded life imprisonment for the 26 year old.