22. What does sharia law mean?

17.05.2016 17:32

Michelle Flaherty, Naples

Mutilation of women

On Sunday, May 1, the Daily News published a picture of a young woman, who at a very young age, had her face seriously scarred by having acid thrown on her face.

This picture was not unusual, but rather a practice that occurs over and over again in countries that practice Sharia Law.

Sharia Law is not a religion, it is a document of governance.

Women are treated as property and for the smallest infraction are stoned, disfigured, whipped or murdered. Children (including toddlers) can be used to satisfy the Muslim man's sexual desires and children as young as 9 can be given in marriage. It is despicable that we allow women and children to be used for the pleasure of the Muslim men.

Even fathers are required to kill their daughters, if they bring shame to their families. This is what the Quran says.

The acts that occur within Sharia communities are illegal in our country. Men, here, would be prosecuted and jailed for such behavior. The behavior is horrific, brutal, and barbaric.

It has been the behavior of Muslim men for centuries, and the Islamic fundamentalists want to preserve this tribal culture.

The Quran is not a book of peace and faith, it is a plan for complete world domination, to return to a tribal mentality left over from hundreds and hundreds of years.

The only law that exists in the USA is our Constitution. Let's not forget it.





An innocent teenager's dreams crushed...

Reshma is an eighteen year old Mumbai girl. Pretty and cheerful like all girls her age, she was a student of a local municipality school in India's 'maximum city'. She was hopeful of finishing school soon and getting a good job.  But, that was not to be.


Reshma was attacked with acid on 19 May 2014 allegedly by her brother-in-law, when she had gone to the northern Indian town of Allahabad (where her sister stays with her in-laws) to appear for an examination. She was walking with her sister, when she was waylaid by her brother-in-law and his friends and relatives. They later poured concentrated sulphuric acid on her, causing severe burns to her face.


Reshma has lost her left eye and her right eye is partially closed and infected. Her face has been severely disfigured and scarred and she needs cosmetic surgery to correct the disfigurement partially and to remove the contractures around her mouth.

Till now, Reshma has undergone treatment in Mumbai and other locations, but financial constraints have put a hold to the treatment and she is presently at home. For Reshma's further treatment, Make Love Not Scars team has contacted a senior specialist doctor in Mumbai who has also been awarded Padma Shri, one of the highest civilian awards issued by the Government of India.

The total cost of Reshma's treatment is expected to be close to USD 12,500, which will be funded through different sources (including Indiegogo).


 Make Love Not Scars (MLNS) is a non government organization dedicated to provide acid attack victims an opportunity to regain their life on their own terms through recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.