3. Respect

12.02.2016 22:30

and compassion for animals can be found not so easy in the Muslim world. It is enough to google on halal slaughter you realize how Muslims let animals suffer in horrific ways. It involves millions of animals.

Warning! Videos are terribly upsetting.


Australian cattle exported to Egypt suffer halal slaughter:

Shocking live export cruelty in Egypt - Ismailia


Scores of Australian animals are exported to the Muslim world. Australian government must ban all exports of live animals.

Festival of Sacrifice 2014 - Live exports Investigation (UNCUT - WARNING: GRAPHIC)


ABC - Indonesia, Animal cruelty/torture/halal beef (disturbing)




2009 the swine flu began to spread in the world.
The authorities decided that all the country's pigs would be killed. This was done in grotesquely painful ways. The pigs suffocated in overcrowded containers. Those who survived were buried alive and acid was poured over them.
Since the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, only the Christian Coptic population suffered economically. Now they got a chance to give the Christian population a heavy blow.

Outrage as video shows Egypt's pig killing: