04.08.2014 14:14

are unmanned aircraft used for surveillance and attack. They can be a great tool for commercial applications, such as aerial photography and surveillance in a number of areas. But as a weapon to kill suspected enemies, it is monstrous. A more cowardly way of waging war, one can hardly imagine. Comfortably the operator sits in front of his computer and observes his suspected opponents, not unlike a computer game. A light pressure on the joystick and a missile is fired and detonates on a person, a car or perhaps a house. People die, without having the chance to explain themselves, without trial. United States has in this way killed 2500-3500 people. Of these, about 900 completely innocent people, many women and children. 1000-1500 were injured. That all this creates a huge hatred of the United States is obvious. But the United States justify it as a war against terrorism and thus allowed. USA would not, of course, accept that the drones were used on American territory. If Pakistani or Afghan drones would kill 900 innocent Americans a public outcry would erupt. But of course it is easier to accept unintended loss of lifes in a poor country far away than in the United States.

Drones and victims of drones: