Tobacco Companies

05.08.2014 17:15

clearly shows that only if there is money to be made, they are prepared to sell cigarettes despite that for decades it has been fully proven that cigarette smoking kills its users. Every year about 6 million people die. Meanwhile, the companies sell cigarettes for 300 billion dollars per year. As certain restrictions imposed in the West tobacco companies invests fully in developing countries. For example, efforts are made to attract women to start smoking because it is still few women who smoke there. The multinational tobacco companies' sales in developing countries leads to a substantial transfer of capital from the pockets of millions of poor smokers to shareholders in high-income countries. The tobacco companies' resources are enormous and their power is monumental. Any bill that would restrict the sale will be effectively opposed by lobbying in the United States and the EU. All means are allowed: eg bribes, lawsuits and bought experts. But if the political will was there, the determination and the courage to stand up to the tobacco companies and the empathy with those who suffer illness and death, any country's government could declare ban on cigarette and close the factories! (Only four big manufactures produce about 70% of the world's cigarettes!) The tobacco companies' owners and its management, and bribed politicians are our days monsters: their greed causes 6 million deaths every year!

A recently published facts text found in "Tobacco Facts":

Many toxins found in cigarette:

Health damage:

Cigarette smoking is addictive:

Many die in the United States: