29. How they treat dogs,

10.08.2016 13:23

man´s best friend, in Pakistan.


 Everyone knows that a lot of Muslims hate dogs because the prophet Mohammed hated dogs. And every once in awhile, we get to see how much. The carcasses of hundreds of stray dogs are seen in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan after officials poisoned them to curb the population.


 Dog corpses were lying along the streets in Karachi, and the city employees have been disposing of them. “At least 700 dogs have been killed in two areas of Karachi’s south in the last couple of days,” Sattar Javed, a spokesman for the municipal authority, confirmed to Reuters.

Here’s how the authorities kill the strays: they hide poison tablets in chicken meat, and give the meat to the animals. The Pakistani animal rights activists have spoken out against the practice, but the city authorities said there is no other way to cope with the growing population of dogs.
Officials don’t have the exact estimates of the total number of strays killed at the moment. However, they say that thousands should be culled in total.

Source: https://www.barenakedislam.com/