36. Geert Wilders

01.09.2016 12:01

The Netherlands' largest party wants to close all mosques and banning the Koran



The Freedom Party, which leads big in the polls, with its charismatic leader Geert Wilders wants to close all mosques in the country and banning the Koran, which Wilders compares to Hitler's "Mein Kampf".

The outspoken Wilders also wants to stop all Muslim immigration, close Muslim schools and asylum centers, and ban veils in public.

In its election manifesto promises Wilders also do everything in its power to bring about a referendum on EU membership. A referendum on closer ties between the EU and Ukraine in April this year was rejected by two thirds of Dutch voters, something that was seen as an indication of their attitude to the whole apparatus of power in Brussels.

Wilders lives since more than ten years under constant threats from Muslims who do not like to hear the truth. He lives at a secret address and have bodyguards around the clock. Twice he has been prosecuted for hate speech. The first time, he was acquitted 2010-2011. The second trial is still ongoing.

If elections were held today the Freedom Party (PVV) would get 35 seats in the second chamber. In second place is Prime Minister Mark Ruttes Liberal Party (VVD) with 24, followed by the Christian Democrats (CDA) with 17. In total there are 150 seats in the Dutch parliament.

The Netherlands is holding an election in April 2017.

Source: Daily Express

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