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30.07.2016 14:25
Now that's enough of empty declaration of solidarity! It is time for action!


 Now we have been sorry, we have shown solidarity with the victims in Nice, we have all declared that we should "stick together"! Like last time and the time before that. Where has it brought us? I think I have received an overdose of solidarity. Is not it time for action now? Does the problem disappear if we declare that we stand united? United in what? The belief in open borders with no personal checks or requirements? The belief that it is possible to tolerate intolerance in all eternity without this having consequences for the stability of society? I do not think that we, as a people, have ever stood united behind the line.


Politicians, perhaps most importantly, our Swedish, talking about "taking responsibility", but what do they do? "Taking responsibility" means, according to the usual definition live up to an "obligation". In other words, the politician's responsibility to do what it has a duty to do. The primary obligation as a politician has to take care of is to ensure public safety and security. After today's political majority interprets the word "responsibility" to open its borders to all those who want to get into, whether proven protection, I mean that they have misunderstood its purpose. This is a step which is certainly contrary to the word responsibility really means in terms of the "civil contract", which is the basis of democracy (Footnote 1). For it is well to the politician's first duty is to take care of citizens' well-being?


European politicians today neglects the crudest ways to handle this, their primary task. This applies high and low; it extends from the failure to protect citizens from the rape and violent crime to the spectacular terrorist attacks now taking place at regular intervals on the continent and that may well be played out here in the Nordic region shortly. This betrayal must lead to new politicians coming forward who are willing to take the necessary responsibility, willing to protect Europe's citizens from attack. We can not accept a situation where the terrorist act at this level becomes commonplace in Europe. The politicians must begin to take responsibility for their primary obligation!

                         Spegelbilden till bilden av Alan Kurdi vars spridning i kontrast till Alans bild snabbt stoppades av medierna.                                  

The mirror image to the image of Alan Kurdistan whose dissemination in contrast to Alan's picture quickly stopped by the media.              


The image of the unknown girl lying dead beside her doll's painful to see and in many ways the mirror image of the much acclaimed image of the dead boy Alan Kurdistan. The image of Alan would show what happens to migrants if they are not admitted unreservedly in Europe, but the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. But the image of the dead girl on the street in Nice shows what happens to us people in Europe when we do not control immigration to our continent. It shows what can happen when we do not make demands on identity and try to weed out those who do not have this protection, and in the worst cases are here to attack our society. Its aim is not to "set groups against each other," but to see the realities. We can not ignore the negative consequences of Europe's population structure is changing. We can not ignore the conflicts that increasingly built up and that this will change our society. To the extent we can still influence!


Left Contributor Wirtanen who believes that we should not worry about terrorist attacks against Europe. It is far more likely to die in a car accident, he says. The difference between targeted political violence and random accidents, however, is obvious. There are people residents in our midst who, by using force, to influence us to change our lifestyle and dismantle our democratic and open society. Should we just ignore those people who want to kill us, who are planning to do so and that regularly succeed in their plans? Should we just go ahead with a fatalistic view of life and accept the risk that the next time it is our children who are there on the asphalt, cold and lifeless with her doll beside her? I have nevertheless no intention to fall into such a fatality. The Left's fool writers can think what they want, but I intend to fight their approach in every way!

Wherein lies the problem? It may not be news to anyone who has not lived in a closet the last 25 years that Europe generally has a problem of integrating its immigrant Muslim population. There are of course major differences depending on the country of origin, we are talking about but overall, there are basic and well spread ideas within the Muslim community as contrary to basic notions of Europeans. The largest gap exists to be in relationship to the Somali and the Arab Muslim culture, and at least in relation to the Bosnian, Iranian and Kurdish Muslim cultures. Britain has problems with its Pakistani, Netherlands with its Moroccans and France, with its North African immigrants, for example.    

A number of reliable opinion polls, among other things, conducted by the Pew Research has shown that between 40% - and 60% of the Muslim population in Northwest Europe want to see our countries ruled by Sharia law, and we know this all too well what it means for democracy, freedom of expression , the individual's rights and women's ditto. A recent study from Denmark of the country's Muslims even showed that as many as 77% of Muslims residents in Denmark believe that Sharia law must be fully respected (up from 62% ten years ago). A survey of Muslims in the UK from 2006, CBS cites showed that 25% of them supported jihadist attacks against the United Kingdom (including those on 7/7). The entire one-third believed that Western society was decadent and that Muslims should put an end to it. Consequently, wanted 28% of the UK become a fundamentalist Muslim state! We are therefore dealing with a small fifth column! These figures are remarkable and should get even the most slumbering to wake up to the realization that the jihadist terrorists are not isolated and without support from the Muslim communities. It is this kind of numbers that make Islam distinguishes itself from other religions in today's world. It is time to realize that we have a problem with Islam.

The fact that we do not even try to integrate those who come here just makes the mental abyss between the West and Islam larger. Unlike what is generally believed about integration, it seems that the Muslims who live in Northwest Europe just become less and less integrated. Radical values is much more widespread among the younger generation. We can not access the radicalization and extremism that is rampant among the Muslims in the suburbs with current policy. The religious violence that we see from the side of Islam in Europe will only get worse and worse. Should we wait until it's too late to try to protect our citizens?
It is therefore high time that our politicians think about this and demand a larger degree of alignment with the European civilization's fundamental values. For this to have the slightest chance of success, we must severely restrict immigration from countries where radical interpretations appear strong, which today include most migrant sending countries to stream to our country. If a minority all the time, the filling in its ranks from home so decreases the chances of a successful political integration.

Collective punishment is one of the worst of my liberal side can think of, but we have run out of options. If you turn the argument around, one can see a continued not integrable migration as a collective punishment of the population in the West (as the left think is well deserved because of either of the imaginary insults which we considered to have done to the world). The migration break that we create should be used to integrate the Muslims who live in our country. There must be a stop on the adaptation of society to Muslim religious requirements. Sweden is a secular state and the principles we need to end up having to compromise on. One does not win a culture war against an irrational opponents by concessions that reinforce its delusion that he is on the right track. You win by adamantly cling we developed the rational values ​​on which our society is based. Our faith in our system, the growing recognition of the secular system's superiority and the weakening ties with the migrants' home countries, if we drastically reduces migration will eventually give us the right in their eyes!

1) social contract or civic contract is a generic term in a number of agreements of formal and informal nature that declares the state's and citizens' obligations towards each other, which form the foundation for democracy

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