44. Muslim migration

21.09.2016 15:08

is behind a wave of car burnings by these “new Europeans” in Sweden, Denmark, and France.

 Shocking footage from Sweden shows firefighters struggling to deal with unprecedented levels of arson crime as bored and unemployed Muslim invaders set fire to cars across Malmö for fun. Only rarely are the arsonists ever caught.

Last Saturday was one of the worst nights yet in the spate of car blazes that Sweden’s third largest city has suffered since July, with at least 70 cars burnt out in less than three months. “As soon as one fire was put out, then another one came,” Marie Keismar, from the Malmö police told Sweden’s TT newswire.
All of the 15 fires were in the city’s Muslim immigrant-heavy Seved and Rosengård districts, with the most serious danger coming from a bus powered by gas which was set on fire, in Rolfsgatan on the edge of the Seved district, raising a serious risk that one of its cylinders might explode.

 There have also been car fires in other cities across Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping.

Between June and mid-August, 134 vehicles were set ablaze in Stockholm, 43 in Sweden’s second city of Gothenburg, and 108 in its third city, Malmö.


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