IS terrorists homesick!

04.06.2015 16:21

Now IS-warriors are starting to return home. The normal safety net is waiting for them. Some need medical care, others social assistance and unemployment benefits. In Sweden, politicans discuss if they also should not be offered work and housing, in order to be motivated to normal life. This is of course not offered those who remained at home. Among the returnees are murderers, torturers and rapists. They are terrorists. They are radicalized and they are trained in battle.

-It Is hard to prosecute those who committed crimes abroad, say those in power in poor spirit.

It is not so difficult. Some of the terrorists burned their passports in Syria. They are now looking for new passports in Turkey. It would be easy to revoke their citizenship and deny them new passports or provide them with passports and prosecute them when they return home.

Wake up politicians! Do not reward those who committed serious crimes. Start interrogations with all the young men and women seeking new passports in Turkey.