Help for IS

28.06.2015 17:27

can be described as both conscious and unconscious. The conscious is of course the convinced jihadists from the Arab world and the West. They represent a collection of deluded individuals, ignorant, uncritical, hateful, sadistic and power-hungry.

The unconscious is the people helping jihadists without understanding how. Politicians in the United States are among these. They provided the Muslims in Iraq with superior weapons, tanks, Humvees and light trucks. In the US, the State Department said that in 2014 it had supplied more than $ 500 million in small arms, ammunition and other equipment to the Iraqi government. These weapons have now ended up with IS. IS, this small organization has become so strong that even the US are intimidated. They dare not face them. Instead, the population of Syria and Iraq stand their terror.

Only the Kurdish peshmerga forces have been able to resist them. Over 1000 peshmerga soldiers, both men and women, have been killed in fighting IS. But they are the only forces that succeeded in driving away IS from any area. US politicians should think before they flood a war zone with weapons. Nothing has improved in Iraq and Syria after US intervention.