13.10.2015 23:27

has closed the country's mosques. They have understood that it is precisely there the Muslims are taught to believe that it is Allah's will to hate and fight all non-Muslims. There warriors are also recruited  to join their so-called holy wars. There the praying people meet visiting preachers who whip up the atmosphere and call for holy war. It is not unusual that angered Muslims directly after Friday prayers go out to kill and harass Christians. It often happens, for example in South Asia.

China is also keeping an eye on its Muslim population. Men with full beards and women with veils are punished because it is prohibited by Chinese law. For exemple, they are not allowed to ride a bus. A man with a long beard was sentenced to six years in prison and a woman with a burqa to two years imprisonment for violating these laws. China has been hit by muslim terror attacks and know that they must be kept on a tight rein not to continue with their atrocities.

This couple must certainly not ride the bus:

Japan has solved the problem of Muslims by prohibiting them to settle in the country. Only a fraction of one percent of Japan's population is Muslim.

In Europe, it is the governments of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland who recognize the danger of a major Muslim immigration. They know that wherever Muslims gather rapes are increasing, mosques are built and sharia law is introduced, with or withouy the permission of the authorities. These four countries are against the Muslim immigration, despite the other European countries' condemnation.

Honour to those countries that think of their own people and not let their countries be changed by mass immigration. Nothing has improved in countries populated by Muslims. Hatred are spread so that even small children want to kill Jews and Christians. Women are reduced and passivated. Men are persuaded to fight and die for Allah. Intolerance, violence and injustice become normal parts of daily life.

Over 1000 years Islam spread through terror. Only in India 10's of millions of Hindus were killed. In Turkey about 1.5 million Christians were killed. At most, Islam had spread to the west, north and south, stretching from Spain to Central Asia to Southeast Asia.

Then the setbacks began. Spain was freed after 700 years, Napoleon defeated the Muslims in Egypt.

In Europe, the unbelievable happened.

The invention of printing, Martin Luther, Enlightenment, great advances in science. Europe flourished, research and inventions made great progress. Critical thinking was now substituting religious superstition.

The Muslim world ended up in the backwater. There superstition thrived and people strove to live like in the 600s, just like the prophet. They had nothing to learn from the West.

But Islam's goal is of course to make all Muslims. Those who do not want to submit to Allah's supremacy should be killed.

But the muslim expansion came to an end. It´s not strange that the Muslims were upset. For a 1000 years  their strategy worked. The West with its technological lead could now defend themselves. To forcibly spread their faith was not possible there.

Nowadays, the expansion takes place in not so honorable way as refugees and not through proud holy war.

Sure, they try to expand through jihad, but they achieve nothing more than endlessly cruel abuse against total defenseless populations. Most affected are Christians. Boko Haram in Nigeria kills innocent men and take the women and girls as slaves. In Kenya, Al Shabab commits murder of innocents, such as the boarding school, where all Christians were killed, while the Muslims were spared.

In Syria, it is IS that kills and tortures, especially Christian minorities in the most horrible way.

But the big expasionen today takes place through refugees. Europe, North America and Australia are flooded now by countless Muslims who seek refugee status.

One must admire Angola, China, Japan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland for trying to quell the Muslim expansion.