08.10.2015 18:23

In the entire Muslim world intolerance, violence and injustice prevails. Anyone who does not agree can try to think of a single Muslim country where tolerance, respect and justice prevails. The only functioning countries have a dictator who keeps the country in an iron grip. If the dictators are overthrown, for example Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi, intolerance against enemies, or imagined enemies, takes over and civil war or other fightings begins. It continues until a new dictator seizes power and curbs unrest.


Those who are first exposed to the Muslims' intolerance, violence and injustice are non-Muslims, that means Christians and Jews. They are harassed and many killed. Other escape. Muslims do not care about that Jews and Christians were far ahead of them in the Middle East and the Hindus and budhister were far ahead of them in South Asia. Muslim World is increasingly cleared of "infidels". All homosexuals are also killed.

But despite all the killings and purges, to create an ideal Muslim state, peace and harmony never present themselves. There are always others to fight. If you are Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslims are fair game. When a country is made up exclusively of Sunni Muslims, as it does in most Muslim countries, it will still not be peaceful. Rock hard Sharia law be introduced and people are killed for trifles. People are stoned, mostly women, of course, get their heads cut off, hands and feet amputated. Enslaved people are kept for work, sex and more.


All this violence leads to large numbers of people fleeing. Not to their Muslim brothers in neighboring countries, but to peaceful Europe. Muslims who hate Christians and who have harassed and killed Christians, are now flooding into Europe in large numbers. And they will be received and get food, shelter, clothing and education.
When they become sufficiently numerous in a place, they require to build mosques. Rich Saudi Arabia will be happy to pay. Then they send hate preachers to Europe's various mosques to create hatred against Christians and for recruiting fighters for their holy wars. And they succeed. Muslims begin to demand that Sharia law will apply and not the country's laws. They want to change Europe to become more like the Muslim countries. No democracy, the Qur'an as law and medieval punishment.


The logic does not make sense! They are fleeing intolerance, violence and injustice, for when they are in safety, require it to be like in Muslim countries. Talk about illogical thought processes. Now, a dream of a life with medieval right thinking looms where executions, mutilations, slavery and oppression of women is required to satisfy an imagined bloodthirsty god in Europe.