02.06.2015 13:33

is good for Sweden all parliamentary parties say, all except one. In Sweden there is a kind of approach that it's ugly and racist not to offer everyone who comes here the opportunity to stay. Most don´t want to see that immigration brings a lot of problems. For example, crime. Who commit the following crimes, Swedes or immigrants?

Who commit outdoor rapes and gang rapes?

Who performs murder, so-called honor killings, of their own children?

Who exposes his own children for vile abuse in the form of female circumcision?

Of who consists the criminal gangs mainly?

Who brings drugs in Sweden?

Who brings weapons in Sweden?

What young people mug their peers on mobile phones and money?

Who travels to terrorist organizations to fight and kill.

Who is burning cars in the suburbs?

Who throws stones at the police, fire brigade and ambulance?

Who are traveling on theft tours around the country?

Who are involved in human trafficing?

Who bring women to Sweden to prostitute themselves?

Who practice forced marriages?

Who are war criminals? Sweden is estimated to have approximately 1000.

The answers to all the questions is: Most of the crimes are committed by immigrants.

Swedes know these problems. But the politicians have not understood that the Swedes are tired of the massive immigration. They convince each other how good we are allowing everybody to stay. Even their families and relatives are welcome. The press, mostly politically correct reminds us of everyone's right to live where they want. As a result more people vote for anti-immigrant parties, like the Sweden Democrats. This has already happened in France, Holland, Greece and most recently in England. Europe can not receive a million non-European immigrants each year. Among them there are many who are happy to spend their time on the crimes mentioned above instead of educate themselves and work to contribute to a better society.