Stop car fires! This year alone, over 2,000 cars burned!

28.08.2016 13:33

Bildresultat för bilbränder

Many young people of immigrant background clearly show that they want to leave our community, though they still live in Sweden. They mostly live in large urban peripheral areas. They imagine that they now have control of their area and intimidate all Swedes who are on their territory. They burn cars and wait for the police to come, so they can show what they can do! They don´t even respect our "heroes", paramedics, firefighters and even the police. They throw stones and even set fire to emergency vehicles, if they can. Can you more clearly than that show that you turned your back the the community and that you are not loyal to the society you live in?

Bildresultat för bilbränder


The consequence of this would be that society puts up big police action and capture and prosecuting the perpetrators. In addition to the prison society should show that you can not resist it while utilizing the benefits that members of the community enjoys. All monetary contributions shall be withdrawn. No welfare, no housing allowance. You can not one day attack the police and burn police cars the next day to go to the social services office to retrieve the money, right?




Then one can wonder how we have got such a "soft police" in Sweden. I put great responsibility of Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and national police chief Dan Eliasson. They do not let the police get the resources they need to curb attacks on public safety personnel and car fires. There are ways to end these crimes. Video surveillance, as in England, in selected areas. More police officers in active service and fewer behind the desk. Many more police officers in total. Hearing all the suspects. Hearing parents of minors who are out at night. Let the parents pay for the damage their children cause. Let an overwhelming police force go in and clear out and not one police car or, sometimes, a car with guards. It creates no respect of the perpetrators. Police presence is enough to trigger a frenzy of some. Police are insulted and sometimes even chased away and the young people rejoice over their victory. In some cases, the police come and serve coffee. You are almost ashamed of the indulgence of the Swedish police. They believe that kindness will win over these angry young men. They see society's response as weakness. They dominate their area and determine who is allowed to move there. Can we have that?