29.09.2015 17:57

in the US has pulled the country into war countless times since the 1950s. They have ordered, enticed, bribed and appealed to patriotism to persuade millions of young men and women to become soldiers in every war from the Korean War to the current war on terror. And hundreds of thousands have been killed or seriously injured. Billions of dollars have been spent, which could have gone to the welfare of the United States. For what purpose?

US fought in Korea and killed millions of Koreans for no reason. The Koreans had done nothing against the Americans.

United States fought in Vietnam and killed millions of Vietnamese people for no reason. No threats had been made from Vietnam.

United States fought in Afghanistan despite the fact that no threat existed from Afghanistan. This caused great anger in the Muslim world.
Americans had an inexplicable fear of the Communists in all these wars so far away from the United States.

The United States launched war against Iraq, when they wanted to remove Saddam Hussein. They lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Saddam was killed, but no WMD found. The country has had a civil war since the war started and it is still ongoing. Scores of people are fleeing the country. This war creates more anger in the Muslim world.

US wants Al Assad removed in Syria. It focuses on the insurgent groups who are rebelling against the regime Al Assad. It turned out to be a lot of fanatical religious groups, which were supplied with weapons. Also present regime in Iraq gets big quantities of arms from the United States. Terror Group IS has now seized a large quantity of modern weapons, tanks, trucks and pic-ups. These first-class weapons now used in particularly Syria and Iraq to terrorize the local population and create millions of refugees. Sadistic abuse of innocent going on a large scale. Millions of refugees are taking to neighboring countries. From there, hundreds of thousands try to reach to Europe.

The development in Syria:

In Libya the US helped to the overthrow Mohammar Ghadaffi. In the country there is now civil war, with total chaos. IS-fighters are now in Egypt and Libya. Scores of refugees from the troubled Muslim world gather there, to try to cross the Mediterranean to peaceful Europe. This creates significant problems in Europe.

The development in Libya:

Really should the United States, which largely caused these refugees crises, receive the the majority of refugees from Iraq, Syria and Libya.