02.06.2015 17:17

The major international chemical, pharmaceutical and food companies have great power and influence over billions of people worldwide. Their influence over the politicians in Washington and Brussels are strong because of their persistent lobbying, bribery and threats of lawsuit and trial. Their resources are virtually unlimited.

Right now the free trade agreement TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) between the US and the EU is being discussed. One of the stumbling blocks is the food. US wants to sell their mass-produced food. The EU is hesitant. The big international companies use lobbying, bribes, persuation and threats to make the parts agree. Chemical and seed company Monsanto's recent move is to have the right to sue the states, which want to label GMO foods on the package, getting included in TTIP document.

Laws and regulations, or rather the lack of them, will allow large companies in the US to do almost anything without government intervention.

In the US, genetically modified animals and plants used as food for humans are legal. The producers don´t even have to inform that it is GMO food on the package, because it reduces sales.

In the EU it is forbidden, because there are no long-term studies on the potential risks.

In the US, antibiotics are mixed in animal feed as a preventive measure. More and more antibiotics are now in the cycle of nature, and endanger our security. Pathogenic bacteria are becoming resistant. We can no longer cure certain diseases.

In Europe, antibiotics is used restrictively and in some countries it is forbidden to be used for prevention. Only sick animals are treated.

In the US, the animals are given growth hormone, to make them grow faster and give large companies a higher profit. A side effect is that it contributes to the obesity explosion.

In Europe, it is prohibited with growth hormone in food production.

In the US, chicken are washed chlorine because there's so much dangerous bacteria on them.

In the EU it is forbidden. Here, we think it is better that the production is so hygienic that it prevents germs.

Conclusion: Keep your food containing antibiotics, growth hormones and is genetically modified. We have better food! It is safer, more natural, and at least as good.