The refugees

01.12.2015 15:57

 in Europe are portrayed on television and radio as fleeing families. Most interviews are about vulnerable and suffering women and children.

Certainly there are women and children among the refugees, but the truth is that at least 75 percent of the refugees are young men. This the media wants to withhold to increase the tolerance for a massive inflow. Therefore these photos are shown.

A more honestly descriptive of the refugees would show riots, stone throwing against border police officers and young angry male who requires getting to the country they wish.

One can wonder whether any Muslim country would receive a steady flow of refugees from Europe if conditions were reversed. After all you read about how Christians are treated in Muslim countries, it would be likely that the wealthy would be subjected to blackmail and would be killed if the money isn´t delivered from their families in Europe. Girls and young women would be sold as sex slaves, young boys would be enslaved and used as camel jockeys or labor. Others who opposed to submit to Islam would be killed. All this is already happening in the Muslim world and this barbaric treatment of people would get a boost.