30.07.2015 17:59

Here in Sweden we are quick to call each other xenophobic or racist if someone want to reduce or cut down on the large immigration. In comparison, we must be regarded as saints. In comparison with the Muslim world. There Christians are lawful prey. They are harassed, beaten, imprisoned and killed. Not that they had done any crime, but just because they are Christians. Examples proving my statements:


Boko Haram has killed many school boys and kidnapped school girls and young mothers in order to sell them as slaves. Just because they are Christians and want to go to school. Thousands of Christians have been killed and churches blown up. 2014 Nigerian only Girls' High School Chibok, was attacked, in the state of Borno. At least 16 were killed and 273 school girls abducted to be sold as slaves.
Cooperation between the US, UK, France, and China has led to finding and returning some of the girls home.


The Arabs of the north attacking the black-skinned in the south, who are Christians. Although the country was divided and South Sudan was formed, Arab war against the Christians continue.


April 2015. Armed terrorists attacked Garissa College University in Kenya, killing at least 148 people and injured at least 79 people. The terrorist organization Al-Shabaab, shortly after the attack claimed responsibility for the attack. The terrorists took 700 students hostage. Most of the Muslim students were released while the perpetrators targeted the killing to Christians. Some had to call their parents who heard on the phone how their children were murdered.


March 2015. A Muslim man had hidden a Kalashnikov under his umbrella and with the automatic rifle he shot towards the sunbathing tourists. From the beach, he went according to witnesses on into the Hotel Imperial by the pool area and continued to shoot those he encountered.

- He laughed and joked, like a normal person. He selected who could live. He said to some: "You must go," said a Tunisian witness to the British The Telegraph. The perpetrator must have thrown explosives like a bomb, and selected British and other European tourists as victims. The only reason that they died was because they were Christians.

Mediterranean and Middle East

Both Jews and Christians have become almost extinct. All northern Africa was Christian 1,500 years ago. Lots of Jews and Christians lived in the entire Middle East. Only rubble remains today.

The entire Middle East is extremely risky areas for Christians and Jews. In Syria, the Christian minorities  suffer from extremely brutal actions by the Islamist group IS. The men are beheaded, crucified and killed. Women and children are sold as sex slaves. Not that they did anything wrong, but simply because they are Christians.

Men being shot

Women sold as sex slaves

Yazidis fleeing



This country is one of the worst in the world for Christians. As the country has blasphemy laws, Christians have endured unprecedented atrocities. You only need to accuse a Christian of insulting Islam, the Koran or the Prophet to either get him/her many years of imprisonment or beaten or burned to death.


These are some of the persecutions that many Muslims think is the right treatment for Christians. If you turn the coin and thinks that a Christian man sold a Muslim girl as a sex slave, killed a Muslim boy in a Koran school, or cut the throat of a Muslim man it would probably get strong reactions from all over the Muslim world. We have seen that it was enough to draw derogatory images of the prophet to turn the Muslim world on fire. In all Muslim countries there is intolerance, injustice, hatred, and violence. This is aimed primarily against religious minorities. The only country in the Middle East where Muslims can participate in free and fair elections is ironically Israel. In all others, it is hard dictatorship or chaos.