Stefan Lovén

24.10.2016 15:40

has traveled to Saudi Arabia along with weapons manufacturer Saab Chairman Marcus Wallenberg. He wants good relations with the country and wants to promote arms exports from Sweden.

In Saudi Arabia approximately one person every other day is executed.

People are whipped.

When Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to ten years in prison and 1000 lashes Foreign Minister Margot Wallström called the sentence medieval. She said: My view is that it is a medieval punishment. It is a medieval method that does not belong in a society that allows free media and allowing people to express their views.

People are hung. Sometimes with the head cut off.

Women are not allowed to drive, as only country.

They donate money to build mosques in the West and then send "hate preachers" to get Muslims hateful toward their new home countries.

They wage war in Yemen, one of the world's poorest countries.

They import domestic help, around 500 000,  from the world's poorest countries, African countries, India and Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia and the Philippines. These are treated as slaves. The Arabs believe that you own them you hired. They can not return home because their passport is taken away from them. Many are tortured and quite a few are sent home in coffins. Others commit suicide because of an intolerable situation. This is actually true!


Should Sweden have good relations with such a country? Should we sell weapons and all Western luxuries to them? We should boycott them and not buy oil from them. Every decent country should do that!