Intolerance, injustice and violence.

20.11.2014 16:09

In countries predominantly Muslim, intolerance is massive, from West Africa to Indonesia. If you deny Allah, the Koran or Mohammed, you write under your own death warrant. Followers of other religions risk harassment or even their lifes. Islamists believe this is supported in the Koran as they kill apostates and infidels. It says, for example, in the Koran that Mohammed killed 700 Jews in Medina and it also says that it is right to cut off the head of the infidels. This was written 1400 years ago in a cruel time by an intolerant person. That this would apply today in our modern, enlightened society it is hard to believe that anyone thinks. Critical thinking is not rewarded in Muslim countries.




Injustice is included in the legislation, in everyday life, especially among religious so-called Islamists who want to impose sharia law and enforce the introduction of a cruel interpretation of the Koran, where they can. In many Muslim countries the man inherits twice as much as the woman. A female testimony in court counts to have half the value of a man's. Laws allow women to be disadvantaged and men to benefit. Even as little girls, they have to serve their father and brothers at the table. Serve the food, clear the table and wash the dishes. Learning from a young age that she is inferior to her brothers and have to obey even them. Millions of little girls will be cut in the genitals, female circumcision, against their expressed wishes. The sexual pleasure that they might get in the future will be denied to them. Many are married off, sometimes as young as 8-12 years old, with a man their father chose, against their will. Men whose age sometimes is many times theirs. Girls who are still in primary school may thus be forced to be raped without being able to do anything about it. Girls are prevented from going to school. Sometimes girls are  killed by Islamists because they want to educate themselves. Women can not go outside the home without her husband or a male relative present. Women are forced to wear fully covered clothes outside the home. If a woman is hanging out with a man she is not related to, she can be sentenced to stoning. Half the body is buried in the ground and then men start throwing stones at her until she dies. Women who reject unwanted suitors or admirers can get acid thrown in the face with horrific effects.

All this affects women but not men! Is this not unfair?

A man has the right to reprimand his wife and beat her if she disobeys.
A woman who is raped can be sentenced to marry the perpetrator. Anything to minimize her shame!

Women who were born in Muslim countries sadly have drawn a blank in life´s lottery. Same blanks have been drawn by hundreds of millions of Muslim women. In their society, they are second-class citizens.




In the Muslim dictatorships the dictator keeps people in an iron grip and prevents groups from fighting each other. But then, there is the dictator's police, secret police and military, that stand for the violence and keep the population in check. If the dictator is overthrown there will not be peace, cooperation and democracy. The various Muslim groups will start fighting each other for power. Religious minorities must flee for their lives and risk being beheaded or taken as slaves. The violence is legitimized with quotations from the Koran: "Fight the unbelievers wherever you find them." "Cut the head of those who deny Allah." "Enslave prisoners of war." Wherever Muslims are plentiful violence is of great importance. They are fighting against infidels if there are such. In other cases, they are fighting against other Muslims who are not as radical as yourself. The violence never ends. There are always a few that you can consider as enemies. Who has heard of a peaceful Muslim society? The only functioning democracy in the Middle East is Israel.




Thus intolerance, injustice and violence characterize the Muslim world. It's their choice. The West can not do much about it. But Muslims with these values flood into Europe, America and Australia. The populations of these countries are becoming more adverse to the large Muslim immigration. But the leading politicians do not see this. They allow massive immigration. Sweden, Germany, England, Holland, France and Italy all have large Muslim populations. Honour killings, female circumcision, criminal gangs, gang rapes, stone throwing against emergency vehicles and fire brigade are increasingly common. They demand that their religious laws will apply and in immigrant suburbs they are pushing through the introduction of their own laws. Women now wear full body cover and self-appointed police officers patrolling the streets at night and threaten girls who are not dressed modestly. Many Muslims hate our religion and our western lifestyle. Yet, they come in the millions. Some young radicalized men travel to Middle East to fight with terrorist groups. The West can not change the Muslims. But we are in our full right to prevent them from coming and settle in our countries. We want tolerance, justice and peace. It's almost a genetic heritage since Western Europe in the 1700s embraced science, critical thinking, justice and democracy instead of superstition, authoritarianism and belief in violence as a problem solver.