In Uppsala

06.12.2016 14:32

Another victim of multiculturalism!

Five teens are accused, suspected of group rape of a boy in a grove of trees.

He was beaten, bitten and threatened with a knife, according to the lawsuit.

- The most important evidence is their own data and videos from the event from their mobile phones, prosecutors Johan Strömbäck said.

The teenagers, aged 16 to 17 years old, are prosecuted for aggravated rape of a child. One of them is also suspected of abuse of legal proceedings as well as child pornography.

The victim is a child under 15 years.

According to the indictment the assault took place in a grove of trees in Uppsala evening / night between October 24 and 25, 2016. The victim was first hit in the head and body. Then the suspects had taken hold of the injured boy, hands over his mouth and carried him into a forest where all five suspects have assaulted him. The boy was also bitten in the back.

Throughout the assault, the suspect threatened the victim with a knife. One of the teenagers said that the victim should be "injured and killed with a knife," reads the indictment.

According to the prosecution the assault has been planned and continued for at least one hour.

- They deny the crimes, yhe prosecutors Johan Strömbäck said.

The prosecutor's best evidence are video clips from the suspects' cell phones, as they filmed the assault.

One of the accused have threatened to put the videos on Facebook or other social media if the boy tells the police about the abuse.

But he did it anyway - and the five were arrested and detained.

- In three phones, we found material that is of interest to the investigation. Some of the offenders' faces are visible, says Johan Strömbäck.

The prosecutor has demanded deportation of all the defendants.