Egypt shocked by photos of 6-year-old girl tortured, burned by father

12.12.2016 16:32

A man tortured his 6-year-old daughter in Egypt with a cigarette lighter as punishment for eating her younger brother’s food, leaving her with horrific burns to her hands.

The little girl was later found by neighbors - her fingers blackened and badly burned - crying hysterically in front of her house in the al-Mirmah neighborhood of Beni Suef province.

Police arrested the man, who is said to have grabbed the lighter and burned his daughter’s fingers, face and mouth as a punishment. After the attack the little girl fled the family home and tried to find her mother, but failed and was forced to return back where neighbors found her sitting outside crying.

Neighbors said the six-year-old was subjected to systematic torture by her father. The neighbors said the man also used to urinate on the girl and burn her body parts with hot spoons – although there was no mention of how long they had known, or if they had ever tried to stop the attacks, or report the man.

Further medical examinations revealed that the girl had suffered second and third-degree burns on various parts of her body.



This is just another example of Muslims wiev of others and treatment of girls. A Christian would never think of harming their own children, but in the Muslim world, this happens again and again. Muslim values are now spreading in Europe. Our politicians call it multiculturalism and does not seem to realize the danger.