31.01.2016 12:45
Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

List of what is not allowed in Sweden:

You can not kill anybody. You risk life imprisonment.

You can not push out your daughter or sister from a balcony. If she dies, you risk life imprisonment.

Do not cut your daughter in the genitals. You risk severe punishment.

You can not subject young girls, who are not escorted by a man, to sexual harassment, robbery or even rape. You risk being punished hard.

You can not beat your children under Swedish law. You may be punished if you do that.

All intercourse occurs without threats and violence. If you rape someone prison is waiting. Gang rape is aggravating and leads to longer prison time.

You must not kill or harass homosexuals.

In the swimming pool: You may not defecate in the shower, nor in the basin.


This list should be provided to every immigrant who wants to come into Sweden. It should be written in the most common immigrant languages. The immigrant should confirm that he understands and what the consequences are if he breaks the rules, before crossing the border.

All this is self-evident to Europeans. Among the non-European immigrants, this is not as obvious. Some commit these crimes during asylum time, while asking to asylum or citizenship. Those who can not obey our Swedish laws and adhere to our values ​​and traditions have nothing to gain in our country and should be deported.


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