The religion

09.12.2015 15:17

which should instead be regarded as a sect because it does not just decide on religious matters, but in all aspects of life for the members. Everybody that does not belong to the sect is regarded as an enemy and superstitious rituals take place daily. What to eat, how to dress, how to be sentenced in court, what you can say and think is determined by the sect. Everything is controlled by the sect members and the one who breaks any rule is severely punished, often by death. Anyone who wants to leave the sect will be punished by death.

Here are examples of what some people are doing within the sect:

Choping off the head of a person for imaginary offenses like witchcraft.

Choping off a hand and a foot for stealing.

Stones women for an illicit love affair.

Killing people who do not want to be in the sect.

Teach children to hate and kill joiners of other faiths.

Forcing girls of primary school age to marry.

Throwing homosexuals from roofs of high-rise buildings.

Restricts freedom of movement and freedom of choice for all women.

Allow men beat their wives.

Allow teachers to beat their students.

Allow men to marry four women.

Allow men to take people as slaves.

Let men inherit twice as much as women.

Admire superstition and despise science.

Tormenting animals at slaughter.

Can sentence a raped girl to marry the perpetrator.

Can judge a young woman to be gang-raped for a crime her brother conducted.